It’s been a little while, so figured it would be time for another Fleshjack review! I’m currently working on a few other reviews at the moment, but i’m aiming to try and keep content coming, so please bear with…

In the meantime, the Fleshlight QUICKSHOT was a surprise hit for me. It’s smaller size gave no indication of the immense amount of fun and pleasure it could provide. Whether that was solo or with a partner; the QUICKSHOT can easily lead to hours of fun. So naturally, when I discovered they were making a special edition, featuring the moulded mouth and butt hole of my first ever porn crush Brent Corrigan, I knew I had to buy it. It was a given.

We’ve only previously tried the Brent Corrigan dildo (it was also my first ever Silicone dildo, which spawned an obsession for both silicone dildos, and fleshjack dildos specifically). At some point, I will consider getting around to trying Brent’s signature sleeve (Bliss, apparently); but for now, this one will do. So how did we get on with it? Let’s find out…

First Impressions

Like the QUICKSHOT that came before (giggle), the Brent Corrigan edition is packaged pretty much the same way as the original. The only different here, is a picture of Brent in his underwear on the back; but everything else is pretty much as you would expect.

This pint-size little masturbator features a dual-entry design (mouth and butt) and features a clear superskin sleeve, inside a clear plastic case. This was my favourite thing about the original VANTAGE sleeve (but more on that later). Size wise, the complete unit stands at around 4.4 inches. with an penetrable canal length of 3.5 inches (roughly). The QUICKSHOT has caps at each end for ‘convenient storage’.

Like the Fleshjack Boys range, the BC QS (as I shall now refer to it) features Brent’s signature by his butt hole. Despite the lack of colour, the lips and butt hole feature ‘realistic’ wrinkles on the lips and on the butt. As always, it’s cute and compact.

In Use

Well much like the original QUICKSHOT, the sensation is… pretty much the same. The texture inside the sleeve, is a series of bumps around the central part of the sleeve. As you slip inside the mouth, there is a series of rings that gently caress the shaft as you slide past the lips. But as for the general sensation, it’s quite pleasant.

For me, the real draw for the QUICKSHOT isn’t the texture itself; it’s more about what you can do with it that’s the best part. For solo play, the BC QS is nice enough, and it’s a bit of a visual turn on, watching myself slide inside the clear sleeve, and watching the lips part and gently grip my penis. The butt orifice also gives a nice treat, and being able to watch all of the action through the case is just… that’s narcissistic, isn’t it? Ah who cares, it feels good.

The best action though, is when it’s used with someone else. You can use the BC QS during oral sex. The double-ended design means you can slip it over the penis, and as you stroke up and down, you can lick, tease and suck the exposed part. This really helps amp up the thrill of a blow job. Especially if you are prone to achy jaw; you can let the QS take over whilst you enjoy a little bit of a break!

Equally, the central part of the QS is quite wide, so we’ve been able to enjoy a bit of frottage play, by slipping in each end respectively. This can lead to all manner of amazingly hot scenarios.. it’s not really difficult to see why I like it so much?

Clean-up and Maintenance

Like it’s predecessors, the BC QS is probably one of the easiest Fleshjacks to care for. Remove from the casing, rinse with water thoroughly and then allow to air dry. It’s smaller size means it usually dries a lot quicker. Bear in mind, that because of the clear nature of the sleeve, it’s not treated with the usual ‘renewal’ powder, so if you want to keep it icy clear, then just pop it back into the case. Feel free to dust it, if you would prefer; but I would recommend rinsing it before your next use.


Well, by TBGR standards, that was a short and sweet review! I liked the original QS, so it’s not really too much of a stretch to say that I would like the BC QS as well. Personally, I think I do prefer the BC QS (porn crush, realistic orifices etc). Is it worth adding to the collection along WITH the original QS? Honestly, I would probably say no… if given the choice, the BC QS is the one that I would have personally chosen over the other. The textures are quite similar, so you aren’t really getting anything extra in the way of sensation.

But, if you are a fan of Brent, or you have his other products and you are a completist? Then sure, pop it in your basket the next time you go Fleshjack shopping. There are certainly worse things you could be spending money one….

Where to Buy

You can currently only order the Brent Corrigan QUICKSHOT through Fleshjack directly (where it retails normally retails for €69,95 [approx. £62]). For the month of October 2017, you can save 25% off all Brent Corrigan products (this reduces the price to €52,46 [£47]). 

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