Long time readers of the blog will know that the Doxy is one of my all time favourite sex toys. In fact, it’s one of my desert island toys. But one of the problems I face using things like the Doxy, is that a lot of the attachments available to use with them, are not made from safe materials.

Most magic wand attachments are made from jelly rubber or TPE; very few silicone options exist. So when Doxy announced they were making a smaller Doxy that was being designed with specific silicone attachments… I was excited. The Doxy Number 3 came first, and I for the most part, loved it. But the attachments that they were working on were still a little way off. Then towards the end of last year, Doxy released 4 attachments, in partnership with Nexus (who are known for their array of prostate devices). The best news? They were all silicone! Hurrah!

I was thrilled to receive the Masturbator Sleeve attachment, along with the Prostate Massager attachment for review a few weeks back. Unfortunately, my excitement would give away to frustration and disappointment. So let’s dive in, and find out what went wrong…

The Nexus Masturbator Sleeve Attachment was sent to use free of charge in exchange for an honest review by Doxy.

First Impressions

The attachment I was truly most excited for, was the Masturbator Sleeve. Back when I first got into using Magic Wand vibrators, the ‘Hummer‘ sleeve was my ultimate favourite, and never failed to induce a toe-curling orgasm in record time. I was really hopeful that this sleeve would produce similar results.

The packaging is a simple cardboard affair, and the sleeve is nestled in a basic plastic tray. The attachment itself is made from dual-density silicone, and has a noticeable weight to it. The tunnel is completely opaque, and has a slight ‘granite’ appearance too it; it’s like a deep dark blue with a teal shimmer running all the way through it. Like, I can’t lie, it does look absolutely gorgeous… for a masturbation tube.

The silicone has a small amount of stretch to it, but for the most part, it’s a modestly tight affair, enhanced by the texture that runs all the way through the inner circumference. There is a series of little ribs and dots all the way through the entire length of the internal canal. The attachment measures at around 4.5 inches of internal length, and a canal diameter of 1.5 inches. As I said, there is a little stretch, but not much – so i’m not sure how well this will do for those who are on the more girthier side. I can confirm that it’s comfortable for my husband who has a circumference of 6 inches.

In Use

Setting up the attachment is easy; the Doxy 3 has been designed with these removable caps; so simply remove the normal head from your Doxy 3 and then screw on the Masturbator Attachment. It’s a bit fiddly, as our attachment wouldn’t quite screw on properly. Because there isn’t like a natural stopping point where you can’t actually screw it any tighter, it’s hard to tell when it’s actually completely on. This means you do run the risk of potentially separating the sleeve from the metal screw cap. Something to bear in mind.

The first time I tried out the attachment, was pretty much the day I received it. I was at home alone (well, with the dogs) and immediately after it had been delivered, I stole myself way to give it a try. I got myself ‘in the mood’ and with a liberal coating of lube, I slipped myself inside. The texture inside the canal was firm, but pleasant. I expected those little nodules to be instrumental in delivering the powerful vibrations of the Doxy where they were needed. Before I turned it own, I just stroked the sleeve up and down, just to really get a feel for the texture, and if I was to just use this on it’s own as just a basic sleeve, it’s pretty nice! So things were looking promising.

Unfortunately for me, things started to fall apart as soon as I switched on the Doxy. I was expecting an explosion of vibration, and for my cock to be rattled to a symphony of sensation. When the Doxy shook into life, I was laying there like… erm, hello? vibration? sensation? Where are you? There was the faintest of tickles through the sleeve. It was.. alright, I suppose. Compared to the sensation you get from a full sized wand and sleeve, this was maybe a 2 on the Dick-ter scale. I turned the Doxy up to full and if anything, the sensation got even more feint. What on earth was going on?

I got pretty much the same response from my husband when I used it on him. He said the sleeve felt nice and when just used like a regular stroker, was nicely stimulating. But when used on the Doxy, it just… it just didn’t work. And we spent AGES discussing what we thought was the issue with the attachment (as like me, he enjoys using the similar attachments we have for the full size Doxy). We both tried and failed to achieve an orgasm with this attachment. After much deliberation, we narrowed it down to a couple of things.

Firstly, weight. Now silicone is my preferred material, as it’s non-porous, body-safe and much easier to look after than their TPE/TPR counterparts. The downside is, this does mean that the attachments can be a little heavier, and that makes it a little more difficult for those vibrations to really get their way through the slightly denser material.

The second issue we noted, was that this sleeve is separated from the actual tip of the wand by a thick flexible ‘neck’. This seems to be hindering the vibrations reaching the sleeve, so when you turn it on, the vibrations are super powerful around the actual head of the wand, and in the neck of the attachment… but not so much anywhere else. Compared to how other attachments are designed/work; the TPE/TPR is a lot lighter, and there is no separation between the head of the wand and the actual sleeve part, so the vibrations travel around the sleeve much better.

Clean-up and Maintenance

Clean up is generally an easy affair, a good rinse with warm soapy water is good enough to get the sleeve nice and clean. The texture inside can hold onto lube, so make sure you really work your fingers into every nook and cranny! As for storage, this silicone attachment can be stored safely with any other silicone toys; and I have to admit, the silicone here doesn’t seem to attract too much in the way of dust and hair, which is a bonus.


I honestly am so gutted that this attachment just didn’t live up to it’s expectations. The idea of having a selection of silicone attachments for a device like the Doxy has been the dream for a long time. I’m just not sure that the Doxy 3 was really the best candidate. Whilst it is still a fairly powerful device, it’s not completely matched by it’s larger, original counterpart. If these were made for the older style Doxy, then we might have a different story. Might. At the moment, this Masturbator Sleeve attachment just didn’t work for me, and after several frustrating attempts to try and get something out of it, i’m afraid it’s going into the sex toy graveyard (aka the attic). Hopefully, the other attachment I have is better… we’ll just have to wait and see.

Where to Buy

If you have a Doxy 3 and want to give this attachment a try for yourself, you can pick it up from the following places:


I would like to thank Doxy for sending us the Nexus Masturbator Sleeve Attachment free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our thoughts or experiences with this or any other product we receive for review. Affiliate links have been used in this post.