If you don’t follow me on Twitter (and you totally should, by the way) – you may not have seen that i’ve decided to revisit the #30DayChallenge. We attempted this last year and it sadly did not go very well…

If you weren’t following us back then; let me catch you up. The #30DayChallenge was something I conceived last year as a way of allowing my husband and I to reconnect. At the time, we were both extremely busy with work and other things going on with our lives; that we weren’t really taking the time to just spend some time with each other. I had hoped this would be a way to encourage us to always find a little bit of time together; regardless of how short – the main goal was it had to be ‘us’ time.

So I crafted a series of challenges; ranging from the simple and romantic, to things a little bit more on the ‘steamy’ side. These would all then go into a ‘Jar of Mysteries’ and then each day, we would take it turns picking a challenge out, with the goal to complete it before the end of the day. Simple? Well, unfortunately on day one, I was involved in a car accident. My car was side-swiped on a roundabout, and my car was completely written off. Thankfully I escaped with no physical injuries; but mentally I was very shaken. As the month progressed, it really became difficult to keep up. We were fast approaching Christmas, I was working longer hours and we were falling behind. In the end, before the month was up, I wrote it off as a failure. But in the 2 weeks that we did it, we did learn a lot about each other; and whilst we weren’t able to see it through – going forward, we had learned to always find a little bit of time for each other. So that’s good, right?

August 2018

The blog has been going through a bit of a lull recently. Due to various spouts of ill health, stress at work, hospital visits and family health troubles; sexy things had taken a bit of a vacation. Thinking about how I can ensure a quick injection of regular content; I decided that it might be a good time to revisit the #30DayChallenge. Our wedding anniversary was coming up AND we both had a week off work; this would really allow us to kick back and get the challenge off with a bang. And so, the 1st September was chosen as the start date. I turned to twitter for some challenge suggestions (some of which were included) but we sat down together and drew up a selection of tasks. Will we be more successful this year?

Week 1 (and a bit)

As the 1st September was a Saturday, I decided that for the first update, I would wait til the following Monday. Day One started off with a simple challenge:

Shower Time! Enjoy a steamy make out session in the shower! No Limits!

This was going to be easy. Truthfully, we do actually shower together a lot of the time. From a logistical point of view, it’s always nice to have someone on hand to give your back a good scrubbing. But also, getting freaky in the shower is definitely a huge turn-on for me. I guess it could be because one of my ultimate fantasies involves being taken roughly, out in the open in the middle of the pouring rain. And as we have yet to try this, the shower is the closest I can get to emulating the feeling of cascading rains soaking my skin, whilst we grind against each other. On this occasion; things got pretty steamy and we soon needed to dry off and head into the bedroom.

Day Two was our 6th wedding anniversary. I cannot believe how quickly the time has flown by since we walked down the aisle together. As it was a Sunday, the day was spent mostly playing Xbox together (yes, we’re both hopelessly addicted to Fortnite) before we headed out for dinner that evening. As we were sat at the table, awaiting our food; today’s challenge was rolling through my mind:

Just a little tease! Kiss, Lick and Stroke the others genitals through their clothes for 5 minutes.

After we had both enjoyed our meals; we headed back to the car. As we got in, I reached over to him and placed my hand on his knee, before working my hand up his thigh and into his crotch. There was a twitch as I gently squeezed. Once we arrived home, I led him into the downstairs bathroom and immediately got down on my knees. He was wearing thick, blue jeans; but I could still feel him through the material. Where his jeans bulged out, I ran my tongue over the rough surface, and felt a gentle ‘nudge’. His breathing indicated he was dying for a release; and so I carefully undid his belt, pulled apart the fastenings of his jeans and freed him…

Monday morning was a little lazy; it was technically the first day of our holiday; we didn’t need to be up at our usual times. So the morning was spent snuggled up in bed, with the pugs (who were also not complaining about the lie-in). When we eventually rose; it was time to dive into the ‘Jar of Mysteries’ to see what Day Three would have in store for us:

Slippery Nipples! Throw down a sheet and cover the other in lashings of oil for a sensual massage.

Massage does play a big part in a lot of our bedroom activities. For me, it’s the ideal foreplay. It helps me feel relaxed and free; until he starts massaging my butt, at which point it sends me into a wild, animalistic frenzy. I honestly, do not know how he does it; but he has a way with his hands, that as soon as he places them on my butt, i’m ready to explode. Of course, today’s session was a ‘sensual’ massage; so started out nice and slow with lots of long, lingering strokes down the back, arms and legs. We made good use of the Kama Sutra oil that I have been obsessed with since it was sent to us. It was only after half an hour of drawn out bliss did he turn his attention to my hot zones. He’s definitely been watching some videos; because he’s become quite adept at genital massage. This ain’t no ordinary hand job but jeez… in the words of Oliver, ‘Please sir, I want some more‘.

Day Four was my turn to choose; and I was really excited about the challenge that I had picked out:

The Feelings Mutual! Enjoy a spot of mutual masturbation (you can use toys if you want!)

I already knew in my head what we were going to do. The evening started out with… you guessed it… another shower! I’m just a water baby deep down; I just love being wet… Anyway, we retired to the dimly lit bedroom and lay on the bed. Things started out nice and slow with each of us at a different end of the bed, our legs entangled as we watched each other jerk off. I had laid out a couple of toys to use, if it took our fancy. After a while of watching his hand glide up and down his shaft, the sound of our breathing that was almost in sync… I reached for the first toy I could lay my hands on. Oddly enough, it was the banana. Yes, that’s right. Still, I popped off the caps and added a liberal coating of lube. I slipped inside and watched him increase his momentum; he loves nothing more than watching me fucking our variety of masturbators. I got into a kneeling position and beckoned him forward.

Holding the sleeve between us, he entered through the second hole; where our dicks met in the middle. I held onto him tightly, as we both thrust into the toy. Our dicks slid over each other, whilst the textured sleeve stimulated everything else. Our bodies were pressed together, our fingers digging deep into each others backs. Before long, we both shuddered as we orgasmed, in time. We collapsed onto the bed, in a tangled, heaving sweaty mess. That was better than I remembered.

Day Five was… well, it didn’t quite go to plan. Unfortunately, the night before, despite our energetic efforts, I ended up not sleeping very well, so I started the day pretty tired. But a new challenge was waiting:

Good Vibrations! 2 Doxy’s. No Limits. GO!

Now, I love my Doxy. It’s served me well these past few years. I’m lucky enough to own 3 different Doxy’s. It’s never failed to get me off. Until this day. We started out taking our respective Doxy’s and teased ourselves, teased each other… it was all fun. We then decided it might be fun to each take a different masturbation cup and just enjoy the sensations. We lay next to each other, our weapons of masturbation in hand and away we went.

For some reason, nothing. I was getting frustrated. This always works. Why is it not working now? After what seemed like an eternity, I had to admit defeat. I’m just not feeling it. Maybe it’s because I was tired. I don’t know. Either way, this was the first time the Doxy had failed me.

The next day, a little delivery from Amazon arrived…

… I know, right? Why couldn’t this have arrived the day before. Or why couldn’t we have picked that out of the today? Thankfully, the Doxy would get it’s chance at retribution; for Day Six was a wild card!

Wild Card! The picker can choose to either re-do a previous challenge OR anything else they desire…

So of course, I wanted to re-do the challenge from the night before. Well, sort off. Because we didn’t need the 2 Doxy’s. Just one. And holy shit, it worked. One Doxy, 2 cocks and a whole lot of moaning and squirming later; I orgasmed first. Completely overwhelmed with sensation. A few moments later, he finished too. As I took the new masturbation cup into the bathroom to be cleaned, I turned to him and shouted defiantly ‘THAT’S HOW YOU DO IT!’.

Day Seven saw us pull out another steamy make out session in the shower challenge. We put a couple of challenges in twice because, well they are nice, easy challenges that we absolutely almost always have time for. The difference this time round, is I discovered i’m not the best at giving blow jobs in the shower. Too much water went up my nose. Not good. But I’m game to try again…

When we were preparing for our challenges, I had spent some time going through our toy collection, and discovered a few toys that we had bought but NEVER used. One of those was a Neon Wand kit, that I bought from sextoys.co.uk a LONG time ago. So with that in mind when writing the challenges, it looked like Day Eight would be the day the Neon Wand was finally tested:

Great Scott! Get the sparks flying with an electro toy of your choosing…

In hindsight, the Neon Wand was probably not the best choice for this challenge. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I just wasn’t really digging the sensation. It’s not painful, it’s not horrible… but it just didn’t do anything for me. It kind of left me feeling a bit… ‘meh’. If anyone has any useful suggestions on how to put a Neon Wand to good use, then let me know.

And finally, we’re up to Day Nine, and this one was nice and simple:

A Naked Quickie! Get undressed and snuggle under the duvet together from 10 minutes (at least!).

We showered, and I climbed into bed first. Afterwards, he slid in beside me, and pressed himself against me. His body was still slightly damp and cool from the shower. He wrapped his arms around me and held me tight. I flashed back to years ago; many a morning romp started with one of us getting up, and then sliding back into bed naked, pressing firmly against the other. We hadn’t really experienced that since we got our doggos; as they both like to sleep on the bed with us. I do miss how it used to be; but I also wouldn’t give up Elphie or Ludo for anything.

He soon whispered to me that he wanted to be the little spoon, so we switched positions. As we lay, I could feel him arch his back, forcing his butt harder into my crotch. I ran my hands down his side, over his thigh and over his groin, and I could feel him twitching. I pressed against him harder. As things got heated, the duvet was thrown off and we fucked. It was a glorious end to the first week of challenges.

On to Week 2

And so, that brings us too.. today! The start of week 2. I’m going to be very interested to see how things progress, now that we are both back at work; as this was where it all feel down last year. But i’m hopeful and positive… Day Ten is a doozy…

It’s all gone dark! Seclude yourself together in a completely dark room… and let your minds wander.

Until next time…

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