Every now and again, a product comes along that makes me go ‘I wish I was there in the room when someone suggested this’. Of all the things I could have guessed I would at some point put my dick in, a novelty banana was not something that would have ranked highly on my list of guesses.

And yet, here we are. Looking like the wet dream of Donkey Kong, the Pleasurenana (yes, that is it’s name) is a dual-ended masturbation cup that looks like a banana. A giant banana. When I received the email asking if I would review it, I naturally said yes right away, because.. well it’s a FUCKING BANANA. Literally. If that doesn’t raise a smile, then I don’t know what will.

When it arrived, I hurriedly tore into the box to take a look at the weirdness inside. There it was. A banana I could bone. Cue loads of puns about getting your 5 a day etc etc. I on the other hand, had other things on my mind…

I had very low expectations, because this is a product that’s currently only available to buy through Amazon, and it retails for less than $30. Still, i’m game for a laugh; how bad could it possibly be?

IMTOY sent us the Forbidden Fruit Pleasurenana free of charge in exchange for an honest review. 

First Impressions

The packaging is cheap and inelegant; just a simple blister pack with very minimal branding and writing. It’s fitting with the product inside, which on first glance (and touch) also feels quite cheap. Still, never judge a book by it’s cover. The toy itself is a standard design for a masturbation cup. It’s a TPE sleeve encased by an ABS plastic shell. It’s dual ended, featuring two entry points which, according to the blurb, is supposed to replicate vaginal and anal sex. Personally, both ends look like butts to me, and that’s fine.

On end is slightly wider in term of the entry point, and the other is a little tighter, but both entry points flexible and seem to be accommodating to most ‘average’ sized penises. There is some serious bulky texture going on inside the sleeve, so I was curious to see how it would actually feel. The sleeve can be removed from the casing as well, meaning it could be suitable for larger girths, as without the casing around it, the sleeve has more room to stretch and expand.

I did note that my sleeve appeared to have suffered some damage; it looks like during transit, the sleeve inside had sort of got squashed inside the case, and there were some indents in the sleeve because of this. It didn’t affect the performance of the joy, just perhaps the visual aesthetic.

In Use

I’m going to say it right now. I fucking LOVED this product. If you get past the fact that it’s shaped like a banana, it is in fact a surprisingly good little sleeve. The TPE sleeve is soft, spongy and feels very comfortable against the skin. There is no stickiness or tackiness, even after it’s been washed. There is no detectable odour coming from the sleeve either. I have to say, considering it’s cheap price point, I was impressed with the general quality of the Pleasurenana.

In use, it does feel pretty good. The ‘vaginal’ end (identified by the slight ‘oval’ shape to the orifice) has a series of bumps around entry point that massage the glans as you slip inside. As you plunge deeper, it get’s tighter as the sleeve merges into the ‘anal’ end. As you slip inside from the other end, the entry point is tighter from the get go, and then loosens as you go deeper. The texture is nothing special really; but what texture it does have, you can feel, despite the softness of the sleeve.

You can create an element of suction by keeping the cap on one end during use, and there is a little hole that you can cover. The suction is a bit hit and miss, but for me, it’s not an issue as I am more about the texture than I am suction. Still, the option is there should you wish.

Naturally, as this was a double-ended toy, you know me and my husband were going to try and tag team the banana; get us both inside and see what it was about. Naturally, I wouldn’t recommend sharing TPE masturbators, unless you are fluid-bonded with the other person. But we had to try it, and it did work.. sort of. Obviously we couldn’t both slip all the way in, but we could touch tips and there was some definite frottage action going on in the middle, which was awesome.

Ultimately, I pulled the sleeve out of the case, gave a few more strokes and gave the MR a visual treat as I poked through the other orifice… and then orgasm. Delightful orgasm. The Pleasurenana is a simple but effective hit.

Clean-up and Maintenance

TPE is something that cannot every be fully sanitised, as it is porous. So bacteria can (and will) harbour inside the sleeve, even after cleaning. However, you can minimise this by ensuring once used, you give it a thorough rinse out with water (and avoid using soap or high alcohol content cleaners) and ensure it is completely dry before storing it away. It won’t last for ever, but you’ll get plenty of uses out of it before you would need to replace it.

As always, keep it stored on it’s own (thankfully the case does make it easy to store) and away from direct sunlight, as this could deteriorate the sleeve quicker. Be on the look out for changes in colour/smell of the sleeve, and if you see any black dots, get rid.


In short, I love the banana. It’s not innovative, good looking or sexy in anyway (unless you do have a fruit fetish, in which case YKINMK but good on you) and yet; it does the job and I can’t argue with results. It’s a novelty masturbator (and a fun one at that) and for the price point, it’s fairly good quality as well. That’s really all there is to it.

Where To Buy

Currently, it’s only available through Amazon.com (not sure why) but if and when any retailers do pick it up for sale, i’ll update the links here accordingly.

I would like to thank IMTOY for sending us the Forbidden Fruit Pleasurenana Masturbation Cup free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have not been used in this post.

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