We all have our little fantasies. Some of us will act them out, others will just keep them buried. My fantasy is a very common. And not very exciting. But it took playing this stupid Pokémon GO game to realise how badly I wanted to fulfill mine.

That’s right. We’ve been suckered into this ridiculous augmented reality game and you know what, we’re having fun. At least when the damn thing works. The dogs love it as well, because they get all these extra walks as we chase down these virtual creatures all over the place.

It’s late (well, it’s 10:30pm which is early for me, but late for some) and I turn to David and say “Shall we do one last jaunt around the block? See if we can find anything else?” The dogs were fast asleep on the couch following their earlier walk and I didn’t want to disturb them. We wouldn’t be too long, anyway. So we set off around our little estate, getting frustrated when a rare Pokémon would appear, and then the app would subsequently crash out when we tried to capture it… I’ve never seen one game cause so much anger and frustration, and yet you keep playing.

Our hunt sees us heading down towards the hospital, and realizing we’ve gone too far, decide to turn back, and will cut through the little field to get to our nearest PokéStop. To get through to the field, there is a little pathway hidden by some trees. My initial reaction was “Oh shit, we’re going to get murdered…” as it was absolutely pitch black. “Oh we’ll be fine, come on” David says to me. So we stumble through in the complete darkness, faces still glued to the screen.

Suddenly my mind starts racing. It’s dark. There is absolutely no one around. It’s silent. All sorts of dirty, filthy images flooded the front of my brain. I can feel myself getting aroused just from thinking… so I instinctively reach out and grab his crotch. “Oh…” he says, and stops moving. I unzip his fly and reach inside and start rubbing his cock through his boxers. It feels incredibly naughty, dangerous even… and yet at that moment, I didn’t care. I wanted him. No, I NEEDED him.

I wish I could really explain why this appeals to me so much. I don’t know if it’s the fact that we were outside, and things would be a bit more rough and ready… or whether it’s just the fact it’s something a little bit naughty. It could even be as simple as wanting to break the mundane routine of keeping our carnal activities to the confines of the bedroom. We have come very close to fulfilling this fantasy for a while. However, we’ve always stopped short of it being in a public place. When we first started living together, we had an amazingly hot session in the front seat of his car, parked in our garage after coming back from the cinema. On a holiday to Cyprus once, we started making out in the pool, before things got decidedly hot and heavy and we fucked on the patio, under the sun, as the scent of the orange and lemon trees filled the air. But here I felt free… I wouldn’t have had to worry about shutting up the dogs and making sure they were calm and quiet whilst we stole ourselves away for a while.

Unfortunately, at that point, a snapping twig somewhere behind us soon brought us to our senses and I panicked. We kept moving, and said no more about it until we were home. It had been a particularly warm day, so I headed up to the shower before bed. As I’m lathering up, he slides in the shower behind me and we enjoy a mutual shower, and it’s lovely.

As we lay on the bed, the memory of our ‘almost’ encounter comes back, and then I reach down and begin to stroke him, as I begin to tell him exactly how that scenario should have panned out. The more I speak, the harder he becomes. I can see his skin prickle with goose bumps, and it doesn’t take long for his body to quake under orgasm. I’m rock hard, but do nothing about it. I want to save myself… because inevitably, we will be going out again, and this time, I will be prepared.


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