I will hold my hand up and be the first to admit, that I am easily distracted. In a world of Smartphones, iPads, Netflix and Xbox, it’s easy for me to while away too many hours on… well, nothing insanely important.

The downside to this, is, well, I guess I just don’t make as much effort to spend quality time with my husband. And I think he would agree it works the other way as well; i’ve seen him spend most evenings with his iPhone in his face (whilst I also have my face glued to YouTube…)

I think back to when we first met, things were definitely a lot more… simple. The iPhone wouldn’t be available for another 4 years, so whenever we were with each other, our time would be spent chatting, or going out for the day or, you know… having sex. Not even just sex. Like, fooling around whenever we got the chance (lord, those days were HOT!). For some people, the spark never really goes away. And for us, I certainly don’t think the spark has completely gone (I guess running a sex blog does allow for the embers of the passion flame to keep burning). But I do think that we are starting to neglect our intimate and emotional needs, and I think it’s time to make a change.

Of course, sometimes things are easier said than done; but this is something I feel that is going to be both extremely beneficial, but also exciting. So I came up with the #30DayChallenge. I sourced the fanciest little jar I had in the house (an old left over chocolate truffle jar) and filled it with 30 romantic/sexual ‘challenges’ and tasks. Each day, over the course of November, we will take it in turns drawing a task from the jar. The goal is to complete the slip before the day is over.

I’m hoping that this will allow us to see, that we can make time for each other, and understand that it doesn’t even need to be a grand gesture or anything to intense. The challenges range from simple things like ‘share a make-out session’ to ‘lie next to each other blindfolded, and listen to each other masturbate’. Things that I would hope would encourage us to be more impulsive and adventurous in the future.

I’m thinking of doing a weekly check in (or at least a check in every 7 challenges), and there will be the #30DayChallenge tag that you can follow on Twitter as well. I’m doing this, really for us, but I thought that there may be some of you who are interested in following us through this ‘journey’ as well. Of course, reviews will still be coming between all of this as well, so if that’s all you follow us for, then never fear. Content will still be coming.

We are just a few days away from starting, and I am so excited to see what happens, and how this will affect our intimate relationship; especially given I know there are several things happening in November that could cause problems… so it’s definitely going to be a challenge. But i’m hoping this is going to be a fulfilling and eye-opening journey.

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