This will most likely be the shortest review I’ve written for the blog.

Myself and my husband had been fans of the TENGA Egg masturbation sleeves so I would be lying if I said I wasn’t just a tiny bit curious when I came across these Zolo Pocket toys. However, as the old saying goes “Curiosity Killed the Cat” – I certainly wish I hadn’t bothered. So rather than prattle on, let’s just get straight to it.

First Impressions

It’s apparent right from the start, that this isn’t going to be as good as a TENGA egg – the packaging feels a lot flimsier and cheaper. Once you open the plastic case, you are greeted by the sleeve which is made from a very similar material to the TENGA eggs (TPE). The similarities between the Zolo and the TENGA doesn’t end there.

Like the TENGA, you’ll find a plastic tube inside the sleeve which helps the sleeve keep it’s shape, and inside the tube is a small packet of water-based lubricant.

The sleeve is very stretchy, so it’s going to be suitable for anyone with any size penis – and the texture inside this particular sleeve was a series of ‘rainbows’ – in fact, I had a very similar pattern artexed into my ceilings when I used to live with my parents.

How to Use

The Zolo is very simple to use – simply squeeze a little bit of lube inside the sleeve (and a little on to yourself) and then place the sleeve over the penis. There are a couple of things that you can do with this Zolo (at least according to the leaflet anyway). Firstly, you can just use the sleeve to stimulate the glans by twisting the Zolo around (like you’re trying to juice a lemon). Secondly, you can use the sleeve to stroke the whole length as the material will stretch fairly comfortably.

The other 2 uses left me feeling rather confused. In fact, let me just show you what Zolo say and see if you can work it out:


Do you get it?

OK, so in the name of science, I tried to investigate a bit further and see if I could work out what it was referring to. So first, the hand – Now I assumed that if you turned the sleeve inside out so the texture was on the outside you would either use it to masturbate with (which just felt awkward and didn’t really work at all) OR you use it for ‘internal stimulation’ by using your now textured finger to stimulate vaginally/anally. I never went as far as testing it because it didn’t feel safe. I felt certain that this could easily get ‘lost’ if you weren’t careful.

For the ‘toy’ mode, I assumed again this meant turning the sleeve inside out and rolling it down the toy like a condom, so when used internally, it adds an extra level of sensation – again, I never went this far because there is absolutely nothing stopping this from getting ‘lost’ – you might be able to ‘secure’ it in place with a well placed cock ring, perhaps – but what a load of hassle – and considering most of my insertable toys are textured already, this just seems incredibly stupid. No, best stick to using it the way it was intended.

In terms of using it as a stroker – I was very underwhelmed with this toy. I had noted when I first opened the Zolo that the material felt a lot thinner than the TENGA eggs, and I was worried that this would have a negative effect on how the textures were felt – and I was right. During use, I could barely feel any of the texture at all – so this felt like nothing remarkable. In fact, a standard hand-job would have been more pleasurable than this.

Clean-up and Maintenance

Technically, the Zolo cup is meant to be a ‘one use’ toy – so when finished, I simply rinse to remove anything too ‘icky’ then put everything back inside the plastic shell and put it in the bin. However, like the TENGA eggs (which are also supposed to be single use) – with a gentle cleanse with some warm water and toy cleaner, you can get more than one use out of these. Just ensure it’s good and dry before you store it back in the shell (use the little plastic inner tube to help try and keep it’s shape).

You will probably only get maybe 1 or 2 extra uses out of it, as the material does stretch and lose it’s shape very easily, and it doesn’t take much force to tear it.


I was really quite disappointed with this toy. If they had concentrated on just making this a good stroker, rather than trying to make it a ‘versatile’ toy – then it might have been better. But as it stands, as a texture sleeve, it felt totally useless – and sod trying to use that in any of the other ways it suggested – I don’t fancy having to take a trip to A&E to explain how or why that got stuck ‘up there’.

If I have to write anything positive – I will say that they are cheaper than the TENGA eggs, and the general concept of the toy means that they are suitable for perhaps taking away with you (away on business?) as you can dispose of them before you come back.

I can safely say that I won’t be checking out any of the other Zolo masturbators, and will quite happily just stick to my TENGA eggs.

I bought my Zolo from Bondara for £6.99. If you want to give one of these a try, you can order one here.

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