It’s been a while since I’ve posted a review – I am in the process of trying to rectify it – I promise!

Anyway, this past week, I was beyond thrilled when sent me a few items for review, and was even more thrilled when one of those items was manufactured by Tantus. If you don’t know who Tantus are, they are an american company who specialise in producing premium body-safe toys. All of their dildo’s and plugs are made from 100% medical grade silicone. They are also delightfully squishy. I mean, like, proper squishy. But I’ll get onto that later…

I have been coveting Tantus products for a little while now, and now I’ve had a taste, it’s safe to say my appetite has now grown immensely. So without further ado, let’s crack on, shall we?

First Impressions

For some reason, even though I knew the measurements of this plug, when I actually got it out of the box, it felt smaller than I thought it would be (and I think the twist in the silicone might be responsible) but this is indeed one of the more petite butt plugs I have. The Twist is made from 100% medical grade silicone and it feels truly divine in the hand. It’s so satiny soft. And squishy. Oh dear god, it’s so squishy. I could easily waste a day just sat here poking and squeezing it. It’s got a good amount of flexibility and squish factor, but it’s still got the right amount of firmness (does that makes sense? It’s squishy, but firm..)

The Twist has an insertable length of 4″ (10cm) and at it’s widest point, has a girth of approx 4.5″ (11cm). There is a soft T-Bar base at the bottom which has been designed with contours allowing it to fit perfectly between the butt cheeks, ensuring maximum comfort during use.

As you can see, the packaging it nice and simple too – basic cardboard box with a plastic insert holding the plug – but it’s bright, colourful and still looks fun and friendly.

In Use

First of all, we need to get it out of the way – this is a severely textured plug, so if you are not a massive fan of textured toys, then this won’t be for you. If deep, intense textures get your knees trembling (in a good way), then continue onward…

The first time I tried this, I was in the bath. I had decided I needed to relax, and thought that I could kill 2 birds with 1 stone (it’s an expression). So I grabbed my towel, my Twist and my lube and headed for the tub. With a generous helping of lube round the Twist (and some more on me) I began to insert. As the Twist enters, those deep ridges caused by the twist in the silicone ‘pops’ as it goes deeper. It’s an odd sensation, but totally pleasant. I can’t really describe it in any other way. Thanks to it’s relatively short length, insertion is relatively quick and easy. The stem of the plug has a girth of 2.5″ (6.5cm) which is easy and comfortable to grip hold of. The T-Bar is really soft and flexible and sit’s quite happily between the cheeks with little to no discomfort at all.

So after I was all ready, I got in the bath and carried on with my regular bathing routine. Every now and again, I would clench and the plug would move about a little. I was feeling nicely full, and carried on relaxing in the bath. I was wearing the plug for about an hour before I needed to remove and reapply lube. In fact, after about half an hour of just chilling in the bath, I completely forgot it was there – I was THAT relaxed and happy.

The next time I used the plug, was during a masturbation session. This allowed me to experiment with the plug even more. After inserting and getting comfortable, I actually twisted the plug inside me. Oh that was interesting… I pulled the plug out a little so I could feel the textured shaft, and twisted again. Those deep ridges sent wave after wave of pleasure coursing through my whole body. It felt pretty damn good! As the silicone is completely flexible, when fully inserted, I can move around without a problem – and the T-Bar is so comfortable that I do forget it’s actually there.

Clean-up and Maintenance

Silicone toys are a joy to look after, as there is so much that you can do with them. You can wash them with toy cleaner, you can boil them, you can sterilise them in a 10% bleach solution… you can even dishwasher them (unless there is electrical parts, in which case – don’t do that!). This Twist plug is no exception.

As this is pure silicone, you can store this with other silicone/glass/steel products and it will be perfectly happy. The soft silicone does attract a little bit of dust, so you’ll want to make sure you give it a bit of a wipe before use each time. But I have to admit, I was surprised that this little plug didn’t attract as much dust as some of the other silicone toys I have. I personally store mine in the box it came in – but I’m anal like that. I don’t really like random bags everywhere (although I am totally running out of space in the bedroom…)


I absolutely love this little plug. It’s got a good enough size so that beginners and intermediates could easily get on with it, however, the twist texture might be a bit too intense for some. But once inserted, it is really comfortable to wear for extended periods (just remember to re-lube every 45 mins or so) and does leave me feeling comfortably full. The popping during insertion and removal feels really bizaare, but I really like that! And it’s so squishy! Did I mention that?

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This toy was kindly sent to me from in exchange for an honest review. This does not in any way affect the final decision I come to on any product I review. All reviews are 100% my honest thoughts and feedback, regardless of the manufacturer or retailer. Affiliate links have been used within this post. 

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