I have to admit, cock rings are not something I really use all that often. Well actually, I mean, I don’t use ‘vibrating’ rings all that often. Considering most vibrating cock rings are designed with female stimulation in mind, I rarely see the point in using them.

However, I am also up at trying to break down ‘gender’ barriers, and see if I can utilise a toy in a different way, enabling almost anyone to use it. I did that recently with my review of the We-Vibe Touch – a toy that was designed with ladies in mind, but on application, it’s a pretty good toy for us men too.

So when Tantus sent me their new Vibrating C-Ring, I got my thinking cap on to see how I could best review it, baring in mind that both myself and my husband are missing the main reason why vibrating rings were made in the first place. So without further ado, let’s jump in and see how we did.

First Impressions

Last year, we reviewed the original Super Soft C-Ring, which was sent to me kindly by sextoys.co.uk. It also scored very highly. Like the original, the Vibrating C-Ring is packaged in exactly the same why – it’s cute, simple and colourful. The ring is available in 3 colours – we have the Purple and Red as seen here, and it’s also available in black.

Like the original C-Ring, it has an un-stretched diameter of 1.5 inches, and a maximum stretched diameter of around 4.75 inches – again, making it comfortable for most men. It’s made from the same, super silky silicone that Tantus are renowned for.

Atop the ring, is the quirkily shaped bullet vibrator. This takes 2 x LR44 batteries (included) and is a single speed bullet. To activate, simply slide the bullet out, unscrew the cap, remove the paper disc and then screw it back up and then insert it back into the sleeve. Getting the batteries out to replace them is a little tricky, so I used some tweezers to help tease them out. When you are ready to go, press the ‘soft’ button and it will buzz into life.

In Use

So like the original C-Ring, it fits just snugly around the shaft, with the bullet resting on top. It provides a decent amount of support. As before, it doesn’t offer the best results, but for those with much thicker shafts, may find this OK (with a girth of 5.5 inches here, it was definitely leaving me wanting a little bit more. Before I switched it up to going all the way round the testicles, I switched the ring round, so the bullet was now resting on my testicles. With the bullet buzzing away happily, I could feel a gentle but pleasant tickling sensation. It was enough to be a little on the exciting side, but not so much that it was uncomfortable (as us men all know, the testicles are a delicate, sensitive area).

With a great amount of care (and a good slosh of lube on the inside of the ring), it will stretch to go around both the shaft and the testicles. If you have someone to assist, it’s always good to have a little bit of help. Once it was in place, the difference it makes is incredible. I don’t want to say that my penis looked ‘angry’ but he certainly looked like you didn’t want to say the wrong thing around it, or it might ‘have a go’. Reassuring him that I wasn’t here for trouble, I carried on. When used the traditional way, the bullet on me doesn’t really provide me with much pleasure – the ring itself is doing that on it’s own – the vibrations here are clearly for the other person.

When on the receiving end, when the bullet comes into contact with the perineum, again, it provides a nice gentle tickle – combined with sensual grinds and thrusts, it’s generally quite pleasant. The vibrations aren’t going to knock my socks off, but considering the circumstances, i’m not sure that’s a bad thing – either way, it results in a nice orgasm at the end.

If you are the wearer of the ring, another thing to try is to do a similar thing to what I did when I just wore it on the shaft, and that’s just to turn the ring around, so the bullet is now resting just being the testicles, and onto the perineum. Again, it’s providing a nice gentle sensation which when combined with a good masturbation session, or a vigorous sex session, it adds a little something extra, without taking you away from everything else that’s going on. It’s not a dominant sensation at all, but you know what, I don’t mind that here. It’s just enough to keep things interesting, especially when a cock ring isn’t really the ‘main attraction’ when you are getting down ‘n’ dirty.

Now, it’s not perfect. There are just a couple of little niggles that are stopping me from going “OH THIS IS AMAZING” and granted they are small things. The first thing is the button. It’s extremely difficult to press, which means in the heat of the moment, it can be a little bit of a mood killer – which is why I have to remove the bullet, turn it on, insert it back into the sleeve and then get on with it. But even so, the button could do with being a bit softer, and a bit more responsive – squeezing it with just my fingers got the ring to buzz into life, but it wasn’t enough pressure to keep it turned on. The only way I could turn it on was by pressing the button against the bedside table. This also meant it was a slight pain to turn off as well.

Lastly, a couple of speed options, or maybe even patterns would have been nice. Don’t get me wrong, the vibrations these tiny bullet puts out are pretty good, and surprisingly rumbly (I half expected them to be really buzzy) – I just wish there was at least a second speed or at least a pattern to spice things up. However, when I take into account how fiddly the button is, then it’s probably a good thing it’s not multi-speed.

Clean-up and Maintenance

The bullet is waterproof, so you can just give the whole thing a quick rinse and all is good. I prefer to remove the bullet and just wipe it with a lightly damp cloth, rather than submerge it (just to be on the safe side). The ring, however can be boiled/bleached/rinsed with water and toy cleaner and you’re good to go again. Storage wise, i’ve left mine in the pack for now as I don’t have any spare storage bags, but as it’s silicone, it’s good to store as is – it won’t react with other toys – just bear in mind, when you next come to use it, it might have a little coating of dust – nothing a quick rinse won’t solve.


As before, the ring itself is a great little boner enhancer – things definitely feel harder, stronger and a bit more ‘ripply’ (in a good way). The vibrating bullet here is a nice addition, although whether it’s one I will use frequently – I don’t know – purely because we are limited to what we can do with a vibrating bullet, and as a creature of texture and patterns, i’m not sure the single speed would satisfy me for long. That said, it is still a good little ring, and it’s decent quality as well, you can do so much worse.

If you would like to try out the Vibrating Super Soft C-Ring, you can pick one up directly from Tantus for $38.00 (£24.07 at today’s exchange rate).


I would like to thank the wonderful peeps over at Tantus for sending this out to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review! All thoughts, opinions and experiences expressed here are 100% genuine and my own. Affiliate links have been used within this post. 

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