Oh my lord, it’s been an absolute ETERNITY since we last reviewed anything by Tantus. Like, far too long. It’s been like, a year; and in blogging terms, that’s an absolute lifetime. So I was thrilled when I found out Tantus were gearing up for a long line of releases.

Tantus have gone back through their back catalogue, picked a few of their favourite dildos and turned them into ‘super soft’ versions. The first in the new line up is the infamous Vamp! The original Vamp was a sort of pale flesh colour, that sparkled. Like the love stake of a fabled glittery monster. I picked up a couple of Vamps about 2 years ago in the grab bag section of the site. I got a gorgeous purple Vamp, along with a jet black Vamp which had a cavity for a vibrator. They were made with a much firmer silicone, and for a long while, they were a bit of a challenge for me.

We’re a good few dildos further down the line, and now they aren’t so much of an issue. Still, the silicone is still quite firm, and now i’ve experienced the deliciousness that dual density offers, I was craving something a little softer. And that’s where the Super Soft comes in. The new Vamp is available in 2 eye-watering colours; the delicious copper that will be featuring in this review, and a dusky midnight purple. So let’s not waste any time, and jump straight in?

I would like to thank Tantus for sending this product to use free of charge in exchange for an honest review. 

First Impressions

It may have been almost a year since we last looked at a Tantus product, but in terms of packaging, nothing has changed. It’s still simple, bright and colourful. What more could you really ask for? Inside, the Vamp Super Soft is nestled in a plastic clamshell tray, to keep it nice and safe. Like all Tantus products, the Vamp Super Soft is made from 100% platinum cure silicone, so is completely body safe.

The Vamp Super Soft has an insertable length of 7 inches. Around the widest point at the tip, it has a circumference of 5.25 inches. The shaft has a circumference of 4.75 inches. The original (or grab bag) Vamp I have is slightly different. That one has a tip circumference of 5.5 inches, and a shaft circumference of 5 inches. Visually, when placed side by side, they look fairly similar (the Super Soft looks shorter, but only because the base isn’t as thick as the grab bag).

The Super Soft really does live up to it’s name. This thing is soft, flexible and extremely bendy. I was a little concerned that it might actually be a little *too* bendy for anal use. But of course, there was only going to be one way to find out. The flared base makes it safe for anal use, and suitable for use with harnesses.

In Use

The Vamp is quite an understated dildo. It’s very straight, with only a hint of a curve towards the tip of the shaft. It features a modestly pronounced glans, and what look like vein detail (but it’s very subtle). Visually speaking, it’s certainly one of the more simple designs in my collection. But that’s not always a bad thing; sometimes less is more. But would that be the case here?

In the past, I could never take the original Vamp without a warm up first; because of the firmer nature of the silicone, it often felt a lot bigger than it was. The head and ridge was far more pronounced, so could be a bit much. It was always something I was happy to finish one, once I was comfortable. As the new Super Soft Vamp is, well, soft; I felt I could give this one a try without a warm up. There is certainly a lot more ‘give’ and ‘squish’. I had hoped this would make insertion easier.

And to some extent, it was. On the other hand, it made it a little bit trickier. Where it was so soft, there is not a lot of resistance, so it tended to want to crumple like a wet bit of spaghetti. But with a little perseverance, we succeeded, and the Vamp was fully inside without any issue. Because of the softness, it wasn’t giving me a completely stretched out feeling, but there was enough there to be worth it. Because of the flexible nature of the shaft, it bends and shifts with you, making penetration far more comfortable.

The original Vamp tended to feel a bit more ‘stabby’, and it’s rigid shaft meant I couldn’t quite angle it to hit my prostate. The super soft Vamp works with you, and so it can be angled to reach those spots. The downside is, where it’s a softer silicone, it doesn’t quite exert as much pressure. However, the overall experience with the super soft Vamp is far more pleasurable. Strapping it to the LoveArc and just riding it hard is certainly a good way of spending a wet, miserable afternoon. I feel I can really let go and ride it roughly; providing I use a TONNE of lube, so it stays completely slippery; otherwise if I pull it out too far, it crumples again.

On the plus side, for days when i’m not feeling so great, the super soft Vamp makes an excellent stress relief toy. I can sit at my desk and just squeeze that shaft, and all my tension is gone. The copper is also surprisingly beautiful. I still think I prefer their dual density toys; they provide a good combination of squish and firmness that hits all the right spots. Things like the Flurry / Cush / Sam are still personal favourites of mine. But the Super Soft Vamp will sit along nicely with things like the Alan / Gary. But i’m happy to see super soft versions, especially as i’m hoping it might make taking some of the larger toys a bit less intimidating.

Clean-up and Maintenance

Like all Tantus silicone, the Super Soft Vamp can be boiled, bleached, washed with soap and water… however you choose to sanitise your silicone toys, you can do the same with the Vamp. The silicone used here has a slightly matte feel, which does tend to hold onto dust and hairs a bit more than usual; however when you are living in a house with 2 pugs, EVERYTHING holds on to hair more than usual. It’s a never-ending cycle. Ah well… It’s safe to store with other silicone products too, but might recommend a little rinse before each use.


The Super Soft Vamp is cute. It’s soft, squishy and flexible and feels like a penis-shaped marshmallow. It can be a little tricky to use anally, as it is indeed very flexible; but with a good liberal coating of lube (like Sliquid Sassy), it does insert comfortably, and it doesn’t feel as big as it is. So those who are still quite new, or are perhaps looking for something a bit softer for pegging, might be interested in the Super soft Vamp.

I also wonder whether it might be a good ‘packing’ dildo, as it does seem to fold quite nicely, and it has a pretty realistic shape, if a terribly unrealistic colour. If you want a softer, straighter, but still somewhat realistic dildo; then the Super Soft Vamp might be right your alley. For me, it’s certainly something I will be working into a warm up routine, and this will see a bit more play when used in a harness.

Where to Buy

You can order your Super Soft Vamp directly from Tantus for $69.99 (£53.96 as of 17.5.17. Be aware that shipping and customs fees will need to be considered before purchase). You can now also pick this up in the UK from Clonezone.

We would like to thank Tantus for sending us the Super Soft Vamp free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our experience or opinion of this or any other product we receive for review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. Please consider supporting the blog and making any purchases through these links. Thanks! 

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