Butt Plugs. They are just simply awesome, and so versatile. Whether you are using them solo, or spicing up a shopping trip by using one with a partner; they can fit into almost anyones sexual repertoire without a second thought…

I, personally, adore having things vibrate in my butt. So a vibrating butt plug will already have my interest piqued. Make it rechargeable, remote controlled and SELF HEATING and I will literally be throwing my money at you. In this case, however, the lovely people over at Harmony Store were kind enough to send me this particular product for review: the Svakom PRIMO Heated Rechargeable Butt Plug. I am genuinely quite excited.

Svakom is not a brand that I am overly familiar with, so I didn’t really know what to expect in terms of quality, but the premise of the product sounded far too interesting for me to ignore, so I had to try it out. The last ‘self-heating’ toy I tried, was the ROSA Rouge; and whilst I loved it, the heating element was… OK. Would the PRIMO be able to change my mind about that? Well read on and find out…

First Impressions

Now y’all know that I adore fancy packaging. Or even just a well put together package. And right off the bat, the PRIMO does not disappoint. It’s packaged in a cute matte black hinged box, which features a simple slip cover over the top. As you lift the lid, you’ll find the Primo and the remote control resting inside a little foam bed. Lift up the foam inserts, and you will find: Instruction Manual, USB Charging Cable, Storage bag AND a SPARE battery for the remote. That’s right, a SPARE. Things like that, are a nice touch; especially with CR2032 batteries are not normally something I have lying around the house.

The plug is very cute, and almost petite. It’s certainly a lot smaller and thinner than I was expecting. It measures in at 4 inches of insertable length, and a circumference of 3 inches around it’s widest point at the tip. It features an appropriately flared base and is coated in smooth black body-safe silicone. It’s waterproof (allowing for easy cleaning and water play), and is USB rechargeable. The PRIMO features 5 different vibration modes, at 5 different intensity levels. It also houses a heating element in the tip. All in all, it was shaping up to be a cute little plug, that seems suited for most people.

In Use

Thanks to it’s slimline design, the PRIMO inserts swiftly and beautifully, with no warm up required. Of course, if you are still new to anal play, then I would still strongly recommend taking it slow, but I myself needed to additional preparation. Just a small coating of lube and away I went!

To operate, you just need to switch the PRIMO on via the button on the base of the plug. This will pop it straight onto the middle intensity of the first vibrating pattern. You can then take control using the remote control; no complicated bluetooth pairing or anything like that; just a simple control. Via the remote, you can control the pattern (via the middle button), the intensity (the bottom) and turn on the heating element (the top). The remote is quite small, so for someone with large hands (like myself) it’s often a little fiddly, but not impossible to use.

The vibrations are pretty strong, but they are more on the buzzy side, than the good strong rumbly vibrations that I really like. But make no mistake, on the highest intensity, the PRIMO does indeed pack a fairly strong punch. It’s quite surprising considering it’s size. But I cannot deny the fact, they are heavily buzzy, so at this point, I was unsure about how much I was going to like this (if at all). But we must continue; for the sake of sexual freedom!

The plug is fairly comfortable in use, despite being quite firm, which for a plug, is OK; although it does feel very similar to the LUX 3+. But once it was inserted, I did not have any worry about the plug slipping out or anything like that. It seemed to stay in place, even as I was moving around. As it was time to switch it on, I grabbed the remote and it buzzed the PRIMO into life. On the initial setting (which is actually intensity level 3), I cannot deny that the tickling sensation emanating from my butt hole wasn’t nice. It was surprisingly pleasurable. Not ‘OH MY GOD’ levels of pleasurable, but more like… ‘Yeah, OK… you can keep doing that’. Switching it up to the higher speeds, I was certainly starting to feel something.

Due to the straightness of the shaft, getting the tip to come into contact with the prostate is tricky, and requires manual movement. Whilst it’s possible, like the LUX 3+, it feels… nice; but the vibrations alone are not really going to get me off. And that’s fine, that’s not REALLY what plugs are for; it’s just a nice added bonus, if you can find it. For me, it’s a simple case of being able to do a load of laundry and a spot of housework, whilst it gently vibrates away inside me. You know, just for a little thrill. Or even just to spice up a masturbation session. It just about hits the spot…

Oh my goodness, I almost forgot to talk about the heating element… that’s because I almost forgot it was there. When the plug is in heating mode, a little LED on the base of the PRIMO will flash red. According to the manual, it’s supposed to warm up to 38 degrees. Considering normal body temperature is around that, I was not the least but surprised when I felt… nothing. I have no way of accurately being able to record what the temperature was; but internally, I didn’t really feel anything. No major difference between the heating being off or on. I gave it a good 30 minutes, to allow it ample time to warm up and… nothing. In hand, the tip felt ‘slightly’ warmer than the rest of the shaft, but that’s about it.

My biggest problem with the PRIMO is that as soon as you start to put a little distance between the plug and the remote, it becomes VERY slow to respond. It still does respond, but it takes a good 5/6 button clicks in order for it to work. That’s not really an issue if you are using it solo on your bed; but taking it out and about, or even just letting someone else take control, it can be very hit or miss as to whether it works. It even struggled through clothing, let alone distance; so this is something you should be aware of, if you are looking for a remote plug that you can potentially use out and about.

Clean-up and Maintenance

The PRIMO is completely waterproof, so clean-up of the plug is nice and simple. I would always express caution with the remote, so I would recommend a mildly damp cloth to help remove any sticky lube marks; I wouldn’t want to risk any water getting inside the battery compartment. When you are finished, you can store it away in the cute little storage pouch. When it’s time to charge, the PRIMO takes around an hour to charge, which should give a round 3 hours of playtime.


So let’s keep it real. I both hate and kind of like this plug. Let’s start with the good first. It’s slimline size makes it super easy to use, so it has wide appeal, especially for beginners; I think this could be a good ‘training’ tool. The vibrations, whilst buzzy, are fairly strong (and I know there are plenty of people out there who aren’t concerned with buzzy vs rumbly). It’s waterproof making it easy to look after and the remote control (when it’s not being a temperamental arse) is quite handy.

However, for me, the shaft is too stiff, meaning I can’t really get it into a position for optimal pleasure. The vibrations are just too buzzy for me, and the heating element may as well not even be a thing. Take that out, drop the price by about £30 and I would probably be OK recommending this sort of plug.

Where to Buy

You can pick up the PRIMO at Harmony Store, where it’s currently on sale for £62.99.

I would like to thank Harmony Store for sending us the Svakom PRIMO Heated Rechargeable Butt Plug free of charge, in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our experiences and opinions of this, or any other product we receive for review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. 

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