Getting messy in the bedroom is always loads of fun. The clean-up afterwards, however, is not something I really enjoy. There is nothing worse than spilt lube and bodily fluids on your nice new bedding.

But thankfully, those woes are a thing of the past. But first, I need to preface this review with a bit of an apology. So when I agreed to review the Funsheet Plus, I requested a King Size sheet as that’s the size of bed we had at the time. Shortly after, we bought ourselves a new bed (Super King because we wanted more room) and well… yes. The sheet didn’t fit anymore. BUT… Luckily I did have a King Size inflatable bed to hand (for guests). So whilst most of the testing was conducted in the proper location… the photos, well I hadn’t had a chance to take them on the old bed… so I apologise that they may not be as good as usual.

Anyway, back at ETO we had discussed with KinkCraft about reviewing their wax play candles, and we had the bright idea of using it as an opportunity to work with Sheets of San Francisco and their amazing ‘fluidproof’ sheets that are perfect for wax play (and so much more). And so here we are…

First Impressions

The Sheets of San Francisco (or SOSF as I will refer from now on) Fluidproof Funsheet comes packaged like any other regular fitted sheet for your bed. It’s available in Double, King, Superking, EU Double and EU King (the difference between the EU and regular Double/King as an extra 10cm in height). The sheet is black and made from a combination of polyester and polyurethane. The top layer has a distinct rubbery feel to it, but it’s still quite smooth. The underside has more ‘material’ like.

When we had our King size bed, the sheet fitted the bed snuggly, like any other sheets we had for the bed. You could, if you wanted to, lay it over the sheets you already have on the bed as well, especially if you want to get down to play as quickly as possible (which we did) – although I would still recommend moving the duvet out of the way for the perfect fit.

In Use

When you first fit the sheet and lay on it, it suddenly made me aware of how sweaty I actually was – as soon as I stood up, there was almost a perfect outline of my body in sweat. And I didn’t even feel that hot! The first big test for the SOSF Funsheet was the wax play test.

Of course, we weren’t intentionally trying to get wax on the sheet, but of course, I did need to test how well the sheet could deal with the wax. So as the MR. was dropping wax all over me, he was careful to also drip it all over the sheet as well. And when we swapped over, I made sure I gave the sheet a thorough covering with wax too. We finished our wax play session and then left the sheet overnight. In the morning, the wax on the sheet was completely solid and we were able to just simply peel it off, leaving only the smallest residue of wax behind.

Naturally the sheet was COMPLETELY covered, so I decided I wasn’t going to sit there and peel it ALL off… knowing that the wax melted at temperatures as low as 40 degrees Celsius, I took the sheet off the bed and put it in the wash (yes, the sheet is designed to be just washed like your regular sheets in the washing machine). Once it was finished, I took it out and placed it on the line to dry. As I inspected the sheet, I could see no trace of the wax. No residue, no stains… nothing! It was as good as new. The sheet on our bed was also completely clean as well, so the sheet had done it’s job at protecting our sheets underneath.

It made light work of the various lubes and lotions we use – no longer is a spillage of massage oil a complete disaster. The ‘wet’ patch is a thing of the past. Silicone lube, water-based lube, hybrid lube and bodily fluids… not a single bit got through the sheet, and it all washes off with no problem. We could finally be as messy as the hell we wanted, and no one then had to worry about going to bed in a puddle. It also means any little ‘accidents’ that can sometimes happen are also no big deal. It’s a real confidence booster.

But is there a downside to all this amazingness? Well, yes – but it’s nothing to do with the actual product itself. It’s just the price. They are quite expensive (the King sheet is £139 alone. I’ll need to invest in a Superking (which is an extra £10) BUT… I honestly do think it’s worth it.

Clean-up and Maintenance

The SOSF Funsheet is so easy to look after. It simply washes at 40 degrees celcius (I used the ‘Synthetics’ setting on my machine) and can be tumble dried at LOW temperature. For best results, just hang it on the line (if you can) where it dried out in no time. For us, we will most likely store it in it’s box in the draw under the bed, so we can get to it easily enough for the next session.

However, I can totally see some people using it as a permanent replacement. The sheet is not all that uncomfortable to just lie on – although as I pointed out earlier, in this heat, you will be leaving lots of sweaty prints all over it! (but at least everything else will be dry).



The sheet is incredible. It does exactly what it’s supposed to, and allows for a whole new range of fun activities to occur in the bedroom, without fear of creating too much mess or ruining your favourite bedding. If the fitted sheet is not you’re thing, or perhaps you just prefer to take your carnal activites outside of the bedroom – there is the Flat Sheet which you can use to drape over the table, or sofa, or just spread out on the floor… the choice is yours! The only limit is your imagination.

If you are the kind of people that enjoy long massages with lots of oil, or just generally want to make a bit more of a mess in bed (whatever kink you are into) then a SOSF FunSheet is definitely worth having. Granted there are much cheaper alternatives… none of them come close to matching the comfort and breathability of these sheets. They are also extremely lightweight as well, so the next time we go away, the sheet will be coming with us.

So… sploshing anyone?

Where To Buy

You can buy the Funsheet Plus direct from Sheets of San Francisco, starting at £129 for a double. Also available in King, Superking, EU Double and EU King. You can also order from Uberkinky.

Compliment the look with matching Pillow Cases starting at £36.00.

Fancy the Flat Sheet? You can pick one up for some messy fun anywhere for £129.00

Screenshot-2016-08-28-14.47 I would like to thank Sheets of San Francisco for sending us the Funsheet Plus free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affects our thoughts or experiences with the product, or anything else we review for the blog. Some affiliate links have been used in this post.

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