I haven’t reviewed a lube on the blog yet, but as the kind folk over at Sextoys.co.uk were kind enough to send me a bottle of lube, I thought I would break the habit of a lifetime and actually do a short write-up.

This lube is manufactured by Give Pleasure, a uk based company who have produced a variety of lubes and bedroom pleasure potions, everything from oral sex gels to intimate hygiene products. I was sent the Maxi Lubetube water-based sex lube, so this meant I had A LOT of testing to do… so how did I get on? Well let’s find out.

First Impressions

The packaging is very basic – a plain screw top bottle in black with a very basic label – it doesn’t look anything special, but it’s whats inside that’s important. The lube is made with Aloe Vera for extra softness. The squeeze bottle allows for controlled administration (I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve had a lube-based accident when it’s come gushing out of the bottle) and has been designed for both him and her, and is completely compatible with condoms and sex toys. OK, that’s the basics out of the way, lets get on to how it feels!

Using with Sex Toys

As this is a water-based lube, it’s compatible with all kinds of sex toys. When applied to silicone dildo’s, it reduced the drag a lot, and they were inserted as if they were made of silk. When used with masturbators, they glided over the penis so swiftly, and pleasantly. The lube has a thick consistency, so applying to toys was easy, and relatively drip-free – and as it’s thicker, it stays where it should (I’ve often had lubes that start to drip off as soon as it’s been applied to a toy). When it came to cleaning the toy, it was washed off easily with a good spritz of toy cleaner, and didn’t leave behind any greasy residue.

Using during Sex/Masturbation

When used during masturbation, the lube helped keep things nice and slick for a while. I got a good 15 minutes going with just a pea sized blob before I felt I needed to perhaps reapply a little. And I’ll be honest, it’s rare that once things really heat up to a point lube is required, that’s about as long as I can last anyway, so it’s not an issue for me. Those that like much longer, drawn out sessions will definitely need to reapply. I’ve yet to find many lubes (especially water-based ones) that don’t leave my hands feeling sticky/greasy once it’s started to dry out. Unfortunately, this is not the one to change that. However, it’s not the end of the world – it does wash off really easily and quickly without too much fuss. But the point is, it stayed slick enough for me to enjoy myself before it got too dry/sticky.

When used during sex, again, it makes penetration nice and easy as it makes everything pleasantly slippery – and again, after 15 minutes or so of good hard thrusting, you may want to reapply a little. Whilst I do generally prefer to use thicker, anal lubricants for sex, this all purpose lube does the job very well – it has a much thicker consistency than most water-based lubes, which I think helps here.


I think this is one of the reasons I find it so annoyingly difficult to write reviews for products like Lube – there’s never a huge amount to say! But I think I’ve covered the basics – it’s a good quality water-based lube that would be suitable for most people due to it being PH-Optimised and Glycerin and Paraben-free. It’s completely safe to use with toys and condoms, and it comes in a nice robust bottle that’s easy to use, even in the heat of the moment (provided you’ve left the screw cap off – which shouldn’t be a problem due to the way the bottle is designed – it won’t just start pouring out if you’ve accidentally knocked it on it’s side). It stays nice and slick for a decent amount of time, but you will need to reapply and some point, and it can get a little sticky/greasy as it dries out, but it’s easily cleaned off – it’s not such an issue for me.

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I was sent this lube in exchange for an honest review by sextoys.co.uk. This in no way affects my opinions on this product, or any other product I am sent. All opinions and experiences expressed in these reviews is my own. Affiliate links are used within this post. 

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