I’m generally a pretty open-minded guy, and will try almost anything once. All within reason, of course. One thing I’ve always been slightly curious about, if a little bit terrified, is wax play.

I’ve read about it, and most people who have indulged in wax play have said it’s extremely fun, sensual and exciting. I for one, couldn’t really see the appeal. That, and I’m a massive wuss and pain generally is not something I want to experience. However, with the recent acquisition of various floggers and spankers, I’m certainly opening up to it a lot more.

At ETO recently, I had a sit down with the lovely folk behind KinkCraft and we sat and made a flogger and had a lovely chat. I’d noticed that they had candles on display and I had mentioned I was curious to try out candle/wax play – but was slightly nervous. Pixie had informed me that the candles they created were designed for beginners, and would we be interested in trying them out. It was an offer that was too good to refuse. It also meant that we could also work with Sheets of San Francisco as well (review for the sheet coming later). But enough of that, I’ve kept them waiting long enough for the review…

First Impressions

This will be the second product from KinkCraft we have reviewed, after the gorgeous cuffs they sent us a few months back. Much like the cuffs, the candles when they arrive are packaged in a similar sort of way. Here, they are packed into a plain black box with the logo on top, sealed with a little sticker. Inside, the candles are wrapped in tissue paper. It’s the little touches like that, that really make opening something like this a bit more exciting.

There are 2 different candle styles available – regular ‘pillar’ style candles (which come in a variety of colours) and the slightly ‘posher’ wax play jug (a candle that has been set inside a little steel jug). We were sent a pink jug along with purple and turquoise candles. They are made from EcoSoy wax, which is produced from sustainable soy crops. The candles are coloured using paraffin based candle dyes, but are unscented, making them safer to those who suffer from scent-based allergies. They melt at a lower temperature (40 degrees celcius) which makes them an ideal starting point for beginners (as other candles produce hotter wax). That said, I was still slightly nervous, but onwards we went…

In Use

Our first experiences with the candles were purely exploratory. There was less pressure, because we were just having fun with the candles, and testing each other’s thresholds. And what a lot of fun it was. Before you get started with the candles, you’ll want to make sure that you have prepared your play area in order to prevent the wax from going places you don’t want it too. For us, we were using it in the bedroom and we covered our bed with the Sheets of San Francisco fluid proof sheet for protection.

Whilst we were doing that, I lit the wick in the jug, to allow it time to start melting. In order to get a decent amount of wax, I had to let it burn for about 10 minutes – which was fine, as it allowed us to ‘warm up’, so to speak. When the candle had sufficiently melted, it was time to decide who would go first. Of course, I piped up and went ‘oh I’ll go first…’ and lay face down on the bed. I thought starting on the back (where i’m least hairy) would be a good place to ‘test’ it out first.

At this point, I realised that by not being able to see where he was about to drip the wax, it heightened my sense of anticipation, so when the warm wax eventually started to drip over my back, I jumped. It was an interesting sensation, but not at all unpleasant. It’s difficult trying to describe the sensation but to me, it felt like warm little prickles. Like someone was gently poking me with lots of hot little needles. But it felt oddly nice and almost soothing.

I should point out, that even though these are low temperature, the wax does still get quite warm, so when starting out, it’s best to start from a good height, as this allows the wax a little longer to cool before it hits the skin, so the sensation is less intense. As I got used to the sensation, we could move the jug closer the skin, allowing for stronger, more intense feelings.

We moved on the candles next, starting with the purple. As this one is not in the jug, you can simply light this and just hold it over the body and it will drip. One thing I wasn’t expecting was for this wax to feel hotter. Even being held at the same height as the jug, it still provided a slightly warmer sensation. It still felt nice, but certainly caught me off guard. The intensity changes dependent on where the wax is dripped as well. So over the backs of my legs, it was very mild. As we moved closer to the thighs/buttocks – things got a bit more noticeable. On the lower back, it was extremely intense, before mellowing out again towards the shoulders.

When it came to use the turquoise candle, I noted that yet again, this one seemed to be hotter still, to the point it left red marks on the skin. And yet, it still didn’t feel horrible, but it was a considerably more intense sensation. The Mr was having a good old time, dropping bits of wax here, there and everywhere. I was beginning to suspect that my back was looking like a Jackson Pollock painting. So I said it was time to switch, and for him to try it all out.

He started out laying on his front and whilst he’d been experimenting with the loose candles, the jug had melted significantly, so I went for it. I started trickling it all over his back and buttocks. He jumped, he wriggled and he laughed. But he was enjoying it. The temptation to pour it in his arse crack was incredibly high. But I didn’t. At least not this time…

As we moved onto the other candles, he also agreed there was a difference in temperature between the three. We decided in the end that this was indeed a good thing, As it meant we could just focus on the jug if we were taking it slow, but could then mix in the other candles every now and again. By the time we were finished, there was wax spattered over everything. The sheet was well and truly covered and his back and arse were a technicolour mess of molten wax goodness. It was truly a beautiful sight.

Clean-up and Maintenance

Clean up is surprisingly easy, providing you’ve taken the right steps. The wax actually peeled off the waterproof sheet easily. And residue left behind would be taken care of in the wash. As for cleaning the wax off of us, again this was easy provided you had the tools you need at hand. The wax melted quite easily between the fingers, so you could peel it off. However it does leave behind a mild residue. So we hopped in the shower, and the warmth soon allowed us to remove the wax easily, and with a bit of a scrub with the shower scrunchie, it was all gone.

After we’d finished, it looked like we’d gone through about half of the jug, and just over a quarter of the two candles. So potentially, you can get a few sessions out of the loose candles and a couple out of the jug.


I can definitely see where wax play sits in the BDSM repertoire. When used effectively, it can create a truly pleasurable and exciting experience. We’d also noted a slight difference in sensation when you could see the wax being dripped versus when you couldn’t. So combining the candles with other styles of sensation play is ideal.

I’m really happy we tried this, and it’s definitely something we’ll be doing again. It really was the perfect introduction – and that’s what KinkCraft is all about. Trying something new. Wax play is not going to be for everybody, but I definitely think it’s something that will feature regularly in our play sessions, and this has certainly encouraged me to explore further, to see how else we can utilize wax during our sessions. I’m also just so in love with the little jugs. I want all my candles in jugs like that.

Look for further wax play adventures to feature on the blog soon…

Where To Buy

The candles are available to buy directly from KinkCraft.

The Wax Play Candles are £3.00 each and come in the following colours: Green, Turquoise, Yellow, Black, Purple and Red.

The Wax Play Jugs are £8.00 and come in the following colours: Fuschia, Light Pink, Black and Blue.


I would like to thank KinkCraft for sending out the Wax Play Candles and Wax Play jug free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our opinion or experience of this, or any other product we review. All experiences here are 100% genuine and our own.

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