Sometimes, you can be really spoilt for choice when it comes to sex toys. There are so many different things you can play with! It can make it extremely difficult to decide what I want to use. Do I want a butt plug? Do I want a prostate massage? I just don’t know!

Well, it’s as almost as if somebody was wire-tapping my thoughts (I should probably take a look at my microwave) and created the Xchange – an interchangeable, rechargeable vibrator. For those days when you JUST CAN’T DECIDE! It’s very rare these days that I am genuinely intrigued and excited by a product. When I saw the Xchange for the first time in the XBIZ online magazine, I knew that one day I would try it out. Bless, the good people over at Rocks-Off were kind enough to send me the Xchange for review.

When we reviewed the Fuzion RISE masturbator, I had commented that it would have been awesome to see some insertable toys made using a similar motor. And after testing the Xchange out a few times, I am split 50/50 over how I feel about it. So without further ado, let’s just jump right in and try to make heads/tails out of everything…

The Fuzion Xchange was sent to me free of charge in (e)xchange for an honest review (boom boom!) by Rocks-off Ltd

First Impressions

The packaging for the Xchange is pretty much identical to the RISE. A smooth matte black slip hides the main case, with it’s magnetic flip lid. As you lift up the lid, you’ll find the Xchange nestled in a padded bed, along with a charger. There is an instruction manual in a little pocket, on the lid. So far, so good. So what is the Xchange?

The Xchange is made up 3 parts. There is the main motor along with 2 interchangeable, insertable attachments. The first is your regular ‘prostate massager’ style attachment. The second is your typical butt plug shape. There is also a remote control included, allowing you (or someone else) to control the action for you, with ease. It’s made from a combination of silicone and ABS plastic, making it completely body safe.

As I mentioned, the Xchange is rechargeable, and 1 hours charge should provide around 2 hours of play time (dependent on settings used). It’s also waterproof, allowing for easy clean-up and bathtime adventures. There are 10 modes of vibrations (3 speeds and 7 patterns) and is fairly quiet (44dB apparently).

The 2 attachments are of varying sizes. The Curve (or prostate attachment) has an insertable length of 5 inches, and a circumference of 4.5 inches around it’s widest point. The Oval (or butt plug) has an insertable length of 3.5 inches, and a circumference of 4.75 inches around it’s widest point. This should make it fairly accessible to beginner/intermediate players (with a little warm up). Each attachment holds a motor, which then works in tandem with the base unit.

Setting up the Xchange

Getting the Xchange ready is simple. When it arrives, the ‘Curve’ or prostate style attachment is already attached. But in order to charge, simply twist the two parts, and they will separate. The charging port is in the small section that makes up the base of the Xchange. Simply insert the supplied USB cable into the port to begin charging. The included remote will also need to be charged as well. There is a small, sealed port on the base of the remote.

To pair the remote with the Xchange, simply holding down the button on the base of the toy for 3 seconds. A little red light should start to blink. This means it is now paired with the remote, and a quick press of the button should spring the Xchange into action. To turn off, press and hold the button on the remote until the vibrations stop. Then press and hold the button on the main unit until the red light turns off.

In Use

As soon as I knew this was coming, my anticipation levels were pretty high. As soon as it arrived, it was straight out of the packaging and straight onto charge. The mechanism to change the attachment is smooth, and simple but still feels incredibly sturdy. The Xchange has a decent amount of weight to it, as well. It feels like a solid, well made product. As the Xchange arrives with the Curve already attached, this was the first one that I looked at.


The Curve (or prostate) attachment looks like your typical prostate massager toy. The shaft has a pronounced curve, designed to place pleasure on the prostate, whilst delivering stimulating vibrations. There is a small bulge towards the base, to act as a sort of ‘anchor’, whilst the base motor rests up against the perineum, to massage the prostate externally.

Whilst using a good quality anal safe lube (Sassy by Sliquid is my current lube of choice), the Curve slipped inside extremely easily and was surprisingly comfortable. The remote control has a long silicone tail attached to it, which actually functions as a wrist strap, allowing you to attach the remote to yourself so it doesn’t get lost when things heat up. This was a nice little touch. Although the remote itself does look slightly… well, odd. It sort of looks like, well, a little lipstick or mascara. Like, it’s an odd shape for a remote. But, it’s small and comfortable to hold. So, not really an issue, I guess.

Once I was comfortable and ready to go, I pressed the single button on the remote, and the Xchange started buzzing away. Buzzing, being the important word here. The vibrations from the Xchange are indeed on the buzzier end of the spectrum. This, I have to be completely honest, was quite disappointing. The vibrations felt quite shallow, and I couldn’t really feel any distinct ‘power’.

I also noted, that whilst I was lying down, it was a little tricky to actually keep the toy in place. I put this down to the fact that the ‘neck’ of the toy is rather small. There isn’t really a noticeable difference between the base and the bulge of the toy. It just wants to pop out. If you sit on it, however, then it does stay in place, and it is quite comfortable. The base unit doesn’t feel too bulky between the cheeks. This does slightly improve on the vibrations. It allows them to make more contact internally. Unfortunately thought, it wasn’t enough to lead me to the big ‘O’ by itself.


The Oval (or butt plug) faced a similar issue. It’s smaller size meant it wasn’t really providing any major prostate stimulation. The higher-pitched vibrations as well only really provided me with a gentle tickle inside. It’s not a wholly unpleasant feeling, to be honest. But it wasn’t really doing much for me either. I definitely now know that when it comes to internal vibrations, I need all the rumbles. I need FULL ON, deep and THUDDY vibrations.

However, if I popped the oval in, sat back and watched a bit of porn and had a good old fashioned stroke, then it did help provide some additional stimulus during masturbation. The orgasms weren’t earth shattering, but they were a vast improvement over just flying solo. However, the Oval also suffers from a similar issue of not being able to keep hold of it properly – the stem is just not pronounced enough for me to really erm, latch on to.

Clean-up and Maintenance

Thanks to the waterproof nature of the Xchange, clean-up is an absolute breeze. You can give it a good thorough rinse with some water and toy cleaner (or an anti-bacterial soap, according to the manual). You’ll want to pay attention to the join where the 2 pieces of the Xchange meet, as sometimes (if you’ve gone a bit overboard with the lube) you might find little remnants in the crack. Just ensure it’s thoroughly rinsed off before you store it away, or try to charge it again. I’m currently storing mine in the original box, because I’m too much of a sucker for a nice box and didn’t want to throw it away.


These reviews are probably the hardest ones to write, because the Xchange is not an inherently bad product. It’s really not. It’s really well made, and I like the remote control, and the fact you can switch up the attachments dependent on your mood. The thing that let’s down the Xchange (FOR ME) is the vibrations. Whilst they have a certain feel of power when you hold it in your hand, because they are quite shallow and high-pitched, they are lost as soon as they are inside.

If the Xchange had motors similar to, let’s say the Backdoor Rabbit or even the HUGO, then this would definitely be a different story. I think there needs to be some sort of adjustment on the necks of the Xchange as well, to ensure a better and more secure anchor point, as I didn’t really feel I could use it hands free, unless I sat on it – and I don’t always want to be doing that.

My other issue is the price. It has a RRP of £160. If you consider the Xchange to be 2 toys, then that means each one would work out at £80. That’s a LOT of money, especially you can pick up the previously mentioned toys that pack a lot more power, for less. So who would really like the Xchange? Well, if you’ve tried any of the regular Rocks-Off prostate toys (with the removable bullets) and enjoyed those, then you will definitely enjoy this. Comparatively speaking, this does pack a more significant punch than the battery powered bullet toys. It’s just lacking the power that I like, no, NEED.

Where to Buy

NOTE: This product has been discontinued.


The Fuzion Xchange was sent to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review by Rocks-Off Ltd. This does not affect my opinion or this or any other product that we review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. Please consider supporting the blog and making your sex toy purchases through these links. 

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