We’re coming at you with something a little bit different today; we’ve been reviewing a lot of strokers lately so it’s a nice idea to shake things up a little bit. And I am also pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this weird little wonder. It’s not without it’s flaws but it was a lot of fun exploring… 

When I was browsing the extensive Lovehoney catalogue; I stopped on this rather quirky looking product. It looked like one of those ‘face rollers‘ that you can use to massage the face as part of your beauty routine. But this one harbours a little secret… the Joy Roller Vibrating Roller Massager doesn’t just have vibrating rollers… the shaft doubles up as an insertable g-spot vibrator! How delightfully sneaky… so I was curious to see if this could jump from a nice neck and shoulder massage, to a deep intense prostate massage. There was only going to be one way to find out.. so slap on some oil and let’s get down to it…

I would like to thank Lovehoney for sending us the Joy Roller Vibrating Roller Massager free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. 

First Impressions

As with all Lovehoney branded products; the packaging is simple and understated. It’s straight to the point. Inside the box, you’ll find the Joy Roller, the magnetic USB cable and an instruction manual. It’s important to note that the manual inside the box does not feature any English instructions; as they are printed on the outside of the packaging. This feels a little awkward because I tend to want to get rid of the boxes to save on space so having the manual on the box means I either have to keep it or just hope I never need to refer to them. Thankfully the operation of the toy is fairly intuitive but I still thought it was worth mentioning.

To the Joy Roller itself, it needs about a 90 minute charge before use which should give you about an hour of playtime. There are 3 speeds and 6 patterns of vibration at both ends of the device. It’s coated with smooth silicone and is splashproof, not waterproof; something that I didn’t pay attention to… more on that later. The vibrating handle has an insertable length of about 5 inches (this is before you cover up the buttons) and has a circumference at it’s widest point of 4.6 inches. At it’s narrowest, it’s about 3.5 inches. I was eager to give this a try; so let’s hop into the bedroom and find out what it can do.

In Use

With all multi-purpose items, I’ll look at it from it’s 2 main points of use and then we’ll come back and discuss it as a whole; so let’s start with…

Massage Rollers

There’s nothing myself and my husband enjoy more than a long massage session. He typically suffers from more chronic pain towards is neck and shoulder; whereas I seem to struggle more with lower back and leg pain. So a good, deep massage can really help us feel amazing. When it came to using the rollers, I started just rolling the Joy Roller across my muscles and letting the wheels do their thing. On it’s own, it creates a decent amount of pressure and sensation. It works wonders along the backs of the calves and thighs.

The shape of the rollers cups the neck very nicely and it trundles across the shoulders with absolute ease. Just by varying the amount of pressure I applied, it could really work out some of those knots and it really did feel like a deep tissue massage. On flatter areas, the wheels do struggle to turn just a little bit – so it really shined on the curves of the arms, legs and neck but not so much just down the back. It’s not the end of the world, but again just something worth mentioning.

Once you had the vibrations; it doesn’t add as much as I was hoping for, however the vibrations were decently strong for a vibrator of this size. They didn’t feel too buzzy, and I could certainly feel them penetrating my muscles; just nowhere near as intensely as a good massage wand would. However, the quieter noise certainly helped keep the mood nice and romantic (at least whilst the rollers are in contact with the skin). If you lift it up to move it, it makes a loud rattling noise which is a little unnerving; but not unexpected given how the rollers are constructed.

Can you handle this…

So the massage rollers had done a good job of getting me relaxed. Combined with other sources of stimulation; I was ready to see if the insertable end would be good for p-spot stimulation – especially as the shape leans itself to prostate play AND the roller end is definitely flared enough that I would classify it as anal safe. So I got myself into a comfortable position for insertion and slathered the handle with copious amounts of lubrication. I took a deep breath and started to slip it inside.

The modest girth was no challenge for myself; but for someone who’s still new to anal play may want to take a little more time to warm up first; as almost all of the girth is right at the tip. There’s no gradual easing in. Again, this isn’t a bad thing; I think if the handle was tapered any more than what it has – it would look weird. However once it was in, it gave me an appropriately satisfying ‘full’ sensation and the curve in the shaft allowed the handle to reach my prostate. Time to turn on the vibrations (which admittedly is a little difficult once inserted because they are quite small buttons which are now right about where my hole is).

Colour me quite impressed! These aren’t the strongest vibrations I’ve had up my butt; however they are pretty decent! They do have a really good rumble to them and there is a decent amount of power. It certainly had me feeling some type of way. The roller end was also the perfect grip to allow me to grab and thrust with wild abandon. Whilst it wasn’t enough to give me the elusive prostate-O; it still helped get me to an incredibly satisfying orgasm – something I was pleasantly surprised about. We love a dual purpose product!

What else can it do?

The last thought that came into my mind, was would it work well for penile massage. I noted how it rolled along the natural curves really well… I thought maybe it could somehow be used to spice up some oral play. So naturally had to give it a try. And yes, provided you have a decently girthy member (6″ circumference or more) then yes; it will roll along a penis! The vibrations then add an extra level of sensation and rolling the Joy Roller down the shaft whilst adding in some tongue and lip action. I was worried the rollers might ‘pinch’ but thankfully they don’t. So this might not work for everybody (and again, this is not a designated function of the toy) but you’ve got to experiment, right?

Clean-up and Maintenance

I mentioned earlier that the Joy Roller is splashproof and not waterproof. A detail that I wish I had paid attention to because we got a little bit of water into the rollers. Thankfully, with a lot of shaking, we were able to get rid of most, if not all of it. Everything still works as it should so I don’t think anything got into the electronics but erm, yeah. Read the box properly people. *facepalm*. So in order to keep your Joy Roller in tip top condition; I would using a damp cloth and some toy cleaner to shine it right up. You could probably rinse the fully insertable end – just don’t rinse/submerge the rollers and you should be fine. Would have loved a little storage bag but you can’t have it all…


I have to admit, this was going to be a bit of a gamble when it came to a review. But I’m open to try a lot of things, and I had convinced myself that this would be a great all rounder for not just massage and g-spot, but maybe P-spot and more. And I’m happy to say that genuinely, for the most part, I was right and I’m glad I took a chance on it.

The massage roller end does exactly what you would expect it to. It’s not faultless – every now and again, it would struggle and the rollers wouldn’t turn and it would drag on the skin; but 99% of the time, it works and works very well. The vibrations could be a bit stronger but that’s personal preference. As for the internal part; I think this is pretty much perfect as is. It’s got a great shape and size; and actually the vibrations internally were perfectly pleasant and the orgasms I got were top notch. Would I like it a bit stronger? Sure! But again, this is personal preference and I think there are plenty out there that would enjoy the vibrations as is.

Where to buy

You can pick up the Joy Roller Vibrating Roller Massager from Lovehoney for £69.99. (At the time of publication, it is on sale for £59.49)

Not your ‘vibe’? Don’t forget to check out the newest releases! Don’t forget you can use code BIGGAYREV15 to take 15% off your order (full price items only).

I would like to thank Lovehoney for sending us the Joy Roller Vibrating Roller Massager free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. If you wish to help support the blog, please consider making your purchases through these links. Alternatively, please share this with someone you think might find it interesting! Thank you for your support! 

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