The original PULSE was the first electronic masturbation aid that I tried, and completely fell in love with. Discovering how wonderful vibrations felt on my shaft is a moment I wish I could relive again and again.

The team behind the successful ‘Guybrator‘ are back with the 4th model, and this time, we’ve gone pocket-sized! The aptly named Pocket Pulse features all of the technology that made the original Pulse successful, but have crammed it into a unit that is less than half of the size of the original. But is smaller better? As soon as I saw the design of the PPR (Pocket Pulse Remote), I was intrigued. Would it still be able to deliver the same intense sensations the full size unit could?

I didn’t have too long to wait; before christmas, a slightly battered package arrived containing my PPR and I was eager to give it a try. Would it live up to my expectations? Is it a worthwhile investment over the full size Pulse units? All of these questions and more are about to be explored, so sit back; relax and get the kettle on… it’s time to check out the Pocket Pulse Remote!

First Impressions

Apart from the size, not much as really changed re: packaging for the PPR. It looks and feels exactly the same as the old packaging, just smaller. The box is bold and brassy, with product information printed around the sides, and a tattooed dude pictured on the lid. At this point, I wish Hot Octopuss would switch up the packaging; when this one arrived battered (at no fault of Hot Octopuss, by the way), it sort of made everything feel a little cheaper. I would love to see these packaged in some more sturdy boxes; enhance the overall luxury nature of the product. But that’s just a small aesthetic niggle of mine.

As for the actual product, it’s so adorable. It’s roughly the same shape as the original PULSE, just smaller. The biggest design change, is the addition of the ‘arm’ which curls around the device. This allows the PPR to ‘hold’ onto the shaft when it’s full erect, allowing for ‘hands-free’ play. The PPR features dual motors to deliver powerful vibrations. It’s waterproof, rechargeable and made from ABS plastic and silicone, making it completely body safe. It features 5 speeds, but not patterns this time round. The PPR needs around 3 hours to charge, and should give around an hour of play time.

In Use

So how does the PPR feel? Well, generally, pretty good. If you’ve used any of the previous models of the Pulse, you’ll kind of know what to expect. The sensations provided aren’t massively different compared to what has been before. What was better, was overall size and shape; the small compact size combined with the new ‘grip’ arm makes it so much easier to hold and use. This meant that I can now lube up and slide the PPR up and down my shaft with ease, something I haven’t really been able to do with the larger units.

The ‘arm’ that curves around, also allows for the vibrations to be felt all around the penis; when positioned correctly, the pulse plate is working on the frenulum, and that arm is resting on the coronal ridge on the glans, which is also just as sensitive as the frenulum. It feels incredible (at least, it does for me, but I really do dig vibrations on my penis, so that’s not surprising).

The PPR is able to draw out an orgasm from me with relative ease. You can use the PPR flaccid or erect; which has been the biggest selling point of these toys; they are great for those with ED or have limited mobility – It can induce an orgasm without an erection. However, unlike the previous versions, for me, it can take a little bit longer to reach orgasm. See, my only real problem with the PPR, actually comes down to it’s smaller size. Now, the vibrations inside the PPR are definitely on the strong side, and are comparable to the output of the original Pulse toys (perhaps maybe even just a tad stronger?) which on paper, sounds amazing.

But, what I noticed, was that all of that power in such a small unit, meant that my hands and wrists were getting a lot of vibrations too; and they were strong enough to make my hands go numb after prolonged use. Now, for some people, that might be a plus; because ultimately you can use the PPR for some long drawn out edging sessions; once things get too numb you can switch off, and just take a few moments before carrying on. But for me, sometimes I need the efficiency, and the PPR is not something I can use if I want a quick ‘Wham Bam, Thank You, Have a nice Day’ kind of moment. Again, that’s not necessarily a bad thing; but truth be told, I am a lazy masturbator, and I just want the job done so I can get on with other things. Is this a side effect of getting older? Who knows…

My other half also agreed that the PPR feels as good as the original, perhaps even slightly better because the vibrations are really focused on all the right spots, but he too found the excess vibrations buzzing through his hands a little off-putting. But ultimately, this is going to be a personal preference. Wand massagers also make my hands numb, but they get me off in mere seconds, so it’s not a huge issue here. But with the PPR, I do feel I need to work a little harder to combat that numbing feeling.

Like the Pulse II and III, the PPR comes in two versions. The Pocket Pulse and the Pocket Pulse Remote. The PP is exactly the same as the PPR; it just doesn’t have the remote. The PPR can be controlled using the buttons on the side, the remote just allows for slightly more adventurous play. You can place the PPR on the penis and just layback, and use the remote to increase/decrease speed; or you can hand the remote over to a partner, and let them control the vibrations.

Clean-up and Maintenance

The PPR is completely waterproof, so clean-up is as simple as giving it a thorough rinse with some warm water, and then drying it off. Inside the box, you do also get a little storage bag, which is enough to hold the PPR, the remote and the cable, allowing everything to stay together.


In some respects, I think I do prefer the PPR over the regular size Pulse toys. The ergonomic shape is far more comfortable to hold, easier to use and it’s smaller size allows those vibrations to work in all the right places. That, and the fact it’s waterproof, rechargeable and made from body-safe materials should make it a no-brainer.

My only real issue is with the vibration transfer through my hands during use. Whilst this was present in the older Pulse’s, I never really noticed it as much as I do here, and I am purely putting that down to the fact the PPR is extremely powerful, but much smaller. If numb hands isn’t an issue, than I definitely think that you will enjoy the PPR; even if you already own a regular Pulse unit; the PPR is refined, sturdy, powerful and further proves why the Pulse is one of the best electronic toys for the penis ever.

Where to Buy

You can pick up the Pocket Pulse Remote directly from Hot Octopuss.

I would like to thank Hot Octopuss for sending us the Pocket Pulse Remote free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our experiences or opinions of this or any other product we receive for review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. 

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