After glass, Metal was another material that I was surprised to find sex toys made from. Metal Worx is a range of stainless steel toys produced by Pipedream, who also manufacture the Icicles range of Glass dildos.

I was recommended this particular toy by members of the Lovehoney community. I found this particular item on sale for just £20 from Simply Pleasure, and at that price, I couldn’t really say no. Unfortunately, it’s back up to it’s regular price – however, knowing what I know now – I wouldn’t hesitate to pay full price.

First Impressions

When this arrived, I couldn’t wait to get it open and have a feel. The packaging is both simple and incredibly funky. It’s designed to look like those airplane travel cases – it’s a metal case with a clasp that you unclip, and as you lift up the lid, the toy sits nestled in foam, to ensure it stays in perfect condition. The toy itself is a rather weighty beast and is double ended. One end is just smooth with a large rounded tip, and the other end is beaded, with 4 graduating size beads. It’s about 10 inches long, and at it’s widest point has a girth of just 3.5 inches – making this perfect for beginners and intermediates to anal play.

Steel, like glass, is extremely versatile and incredibly hygienic. It’s non-porous and compatible with almost any lube. And you can also experiment with temperature play – pop it in the fridge of a bowl of ice-cold water for something really cool, or warm it up in the bath for something a bit ‘hotter’. Essentially, this is two toys in one – it has the anal beads on one end, and the other end I would describe as being excellent for g-spot and p-spot stimulation – and the Curve is ‘curved’ in such a way to make pinpointing those sensitive spots really easy.

In Use

I was extremely excited to try this toy, especially as the extra weight will really help drive those sensations deep with each thrust. It also is pretty cold to the touch right out of the box, so I didn’t feel the need to do any extra cooling (and in actual fact, I think I much prefer the slightly colder sensations anyway). So after getting myself all showered and prepared, I got into bed to try out this beautiful bad boy. I started with the anal bead end first. After lubing up, I slowly inserted. Each tapered bead got bigger as I got deeper, until I was all in. It felt amazing just sliding it in and out, the beads providing an immense amount of pleasure to my hole. As I pushed it deeper, the curve finally found my prostate. As I thrust it, the tip began working it over, and the weight of the toy applied maximum pressure, meaning the sensations were intense and felt deeply – so much so, the whole lower half of my body was tingling. I began to masturbate as the beads did their thing, and as I approached orgasm, I slipped them out quickly, and it sent me over the edge. It was glorious.

After waiting for an hour or so, I decided to go again, this time using the alternative end. With some more lube, I managed to insert the round bulbous tip. The intention here was purely to work out the prostate – and it found it with ease. The larger surface area of this end, meant more came into contact with the prostate, and it didn’t take very long to reach a wonderful hands free orgasm. I lay there, for a second time, with a feeling of deep satisfaction.

Clean up and Maintenance

As this is a steel toy, clean up is simple. You just need to rinse with some water and a little bit of anti-bac toy cleaner, dry it off and simply pop it back in it’s case. Usually I would store these in little storage bags, but I absolutely adore the little case it comes in – would be a shame to throw it out! Although if you are fighting for space in your toy box, then it might be a good idea to store it in a little bag. But that’s up to you.


I can’t really find anything to fault with this toy. The length might dissuade some of the more beginner anal players, but in actual fact, it’s a lot less intimidating in the flesh than it is in the pictures – and with a widest girth of just 3.5″ – It’s ideal for those less experienced. For me, it’s the curve and feel of cold steel that really does it for me. And it’s nice and solid – and HEAVY – which is how I like it. As the only metal toy I own, it’s not difficult to see why it keeps me coming (pardon the pun) back for more.

This product has now been discontinued.

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