You don’t need to always spend silly amounts of money on toys and games to spice up things in the bedroom – sometimes, it’s just the smaller, simpler things that can be incredibly fun.

Last year, whilst some major renovations were taking place in our home, we decided that would get away for the week (and as it was also my Mr’s birthday) – I put together a ‘dirty weekend’ bag, full of various toys and games that I figured would be fun to play in our cabin as we consumed copious amounts of wine around the log burner.

We also took the board game Monogamy along with us, and these dice proved to be a valuable asset with that game, as well as being down right fun on their own. And the best thing? They’re under a fiver! Bargain.

First Impressions

As this is a Lovehoney own-brand product, then you know the packaging is going to be simple, but tasteful – and it doesn’t disappoint here. The purple and silver colour scheme is gorgeous and somewhat elegant and it looks quite fancy for something that’s in reality, dead cheap!

You get 3 dice in the pack – one action dice and 2 ‘body part’ dice. The action dice contain your typical ‘Lick’, ‘Blow’, ‘Massage’ etc. It also includes a question mark (?) that will allow you to use your imagination and choose what you do. The 2 ‘body’ part dice come in to different ‘levels’ – the Pink dice is the ‘tamer’ of the 2, featuring things like ‘Lips’, ‘Back’ and ‘Fingertips’ – whilst the Red dice is definitely the dirtier one and includes ‘Nipples’, ‘Inner Thigh’ and of course, the naughty bits.

In Use

The concept is so ridiculously simple, you just roll the dice and then do what the dice say – it’s like a kinky ‘Simon Says’ only this time, you get to set the rules. How you go about completing the action is entirely up to you – your only limit is your imagination. You can also choose to start things off slowly and just use the pink dice, and then progress on to the red dice. Or use all 3 for extra naughtiness. You can literally do whatever you want!

Aside from using them the ‘obvious’ way, we found they actually came in handy during a game of Monogamy. Whenever we picked a task that was either not logistically possible (because despite the game saying it was suitable for ALL couples, occasionally we would come across a task that would require one of us to have a vagina), or perhaps we were just a little too shy about (despite my best efforts, my husband would NOT dance for me *sad face*) – we would instead roll the dice and would have to complete that action – and we imposed a time limit which got longer, the more we played. Like the Monogamy game, we started off with the softer dice before switching it up to the hotter dice and the game progressed and things got VERY steamy indeed.

Every now and again, a role of the dice would reduce me into a fit of hysterics – despite trying my damned hardest, there are something that you just can’t do sexily (or just don’t feel very sexy) – ‘BLOW FINGERTIPS’, ‘SUCK LIPS’, ‘SUCK BACK’ etc. But you know what? It was still damn fun trying! And that’s the main thing. It doesn’t have to be serious all the time – just let your inhibitions go and just have fun with it.


So yes, I never knew 3 small cubes of plastic could bring so much fun – If you are looking for a really quick, simple and above all, cheap way to make things more fun and interesting in the bedroom – you can’t really go wrong with these. And they are so small and inconspicuous, that you can just leave them in your bedside cabinet and whip them out as and when you want! Did I mentioned they were under a fiver too? I did? Well nevermind – it’s still a good (and valid) point! Every couple should have something like this on hand. You won’t be sorry.

Where to Buy

UPDATE: Since writing this review, these dice have been re-branded to the Lovehoney Oh! Roll Play Foreplay Dice. The concept is exactly the same, just different packaging.

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