I am always up for a product that claims to be multi-purpose. However, sometimes I really wish companies would re-think the names of their products. Issues with the name aside, the overall concept here seemed interesting so was prepared to forgive the name, provided it actually lived up to expectations.

This newest line-up to the Doc Johnson line, the ‘Mangina‘ (yes, I told you it was a dodgy name) aims to be three products in one – it’s a Masturbator, a Dildo and a Cock Enhancer. I’d tried something similar before, and it was a disaster. However, I generally don’t have an issue with Doc Johnson products, so was still looking forward to giving this a try. I grabbed this from ETO award-winning UberKinky a few months back.

First Impressions

The ‘Mangina’ is packaged in a simple cardboard box, with a quirky retro-inspired Mix & Match typography design. It feels almost 1920’s ‘Circus’ like… i’m not sure if i’ve explained that right, but when you see pictures of the box, hopefully you’ll know what I mean. Inside, the toy is placed inside a clear plastic bag, along side a sachet of renewal powder (cornflour). The ‘Mangina’ (I really do hate that name) is made from Doc Johnson’s UR3 material, giving it an soft, flesh-like feel. There is a slight odour on the toy, but I have to admit, it’s not an unpleasant odour, and it does dissipate after a couple of washes, but it almost smells sweet… like an off-key vanilla. It’s only really noticeable when you hold it up close.

The ‘Mangina’ measures 9 inches in total length, with 7.5″ of insertable (dildo) length. The actual masturbator is 4.5 inches of penetrable length, and features a series of ribs along the first few inches, which then narrows to a tight, bumpy end. The shaft has a soft, flexible feel, and feels almost dual density – the outer layer is soft and pliable with a firmer centre, making it feel incredibly real. It has a maximum circumference of 5.65″. There is a series of textured veins for sensation and added visual realism.

In Use

When using it like a masturbator, the ‘Mangina’ is pretty pleasant, if challenging. You’ll want to make sure you use a good quality water-based lube (as silicone/oil based could degrade the material). The entry to the masturbator is ‘butt’ shaped and features a tight entry hole that widens to 1.8 inches in diameter on the inside. Once both myself and the ‘Mangina’ were sufficiently lubed, I began to slide myself inside.

The opening is very accommodating, yet still gripped me nice and tightly. As you reach the end of the penetrable section, the canal tightens and becomes harder, firmer and features a series of bumps designed to stimulate and massage the glans. There is no air-hole designed to expel trapped air, however this doesn’t appear to cause too much of an issue, and creates a strong amount of suction to further enhance the ribbing and pleasure bumps.

Providing you slide in as much as you can, you can create a unique sensation just by tugging at the shaft, rather than relying on sliding the masturbator up and down like you would usually. There’s also that added visual element of you stroking a cock that’s much bigger than your own normally looks. And for those who just like to watch in general, again, there is voyeuristic element that seemed to draw a smile or two.

I’ve only used the product as a dildo twice. I would normally never use a product like this as a dildo due to the porous nature of the material. Whilst I don’t believe this particular material/product is toxic – it will be impossible to sanitise, so should you choose to use a product like this as a dildo, I would thoroughly recommend using a condom in order to help reduce potential odours being transmitted. Of course, this is not fool proof and your mileage may vary dependent on what type of condoms you use with it. For the record, i’ve been using these non-latex condoms and have so far not encountered any problems.

So how does it feel as a dildo? Well i’m not going to lie, it does actually feel pretty pleasant – the dual-density like feel of the dildo feels firm enough to provide a filling sensation, whilst soft enough that it feels pretty realistic – it’s especially helpful if you can warm it up in some warm water before hand for added thrill. The veins provided a small amount of texture, but it’s not too much – so those who might be sensitive to texture shouldn’t have an issue here. The glans of the dildo is incredibly soft and squishy, and feels similar to the squishiness of the O2 dual density by Tantus, perhaps a little softer.

Of course, you are limited as to how you use it – the bottom half of the dildo is hollow and extremely floppy so getting a good grip on it can be tricky, especially with slippery hands and fingers. Which is why I’ve not really used it as a dildo all that often (that, and I don’t normally have condoms lying around all the time).

The third use is supposedly as a ‘cock enhancer’ – so you can use it like a sleeve to enhance length and girth. Unfortunately, i’ve found that it just doesn’t quite work that way. I’ve been unable to get it to ‘stay’ on that way, you really do need to ‘hold’ it in place, which kind of defeats the point, and even then, I find it just wanting to slip straight off. It’s best purpose here, really is as a masturbator, and it does it fairly well, with each orgasm being pretty good. But is that enough?

Clean-up and Maintenance

With a product made from UR3, theres very little that you can do to clean and sanitise the product (especially as it will never be sanitised). But to prolong it’s life, the best thing to do is wash with mild soap and warm water (an antibacterial toy cleaner would be better) and then allow it to completely air dry (or pat it dry with a lint-free cloth). Only when it’s fully dry, should you then give it a light dusting of UR3 Renewal Powder (cornflour) to retain it’s soft, silky texture – then you can store it. I would recommend keeping it in it’s original box, and make sure it doesn’t come into contact with any other toys, especially if they are made from the same material. Only use water-based lube with the toy.


So here we are. We’ve finally reviewed the ‘Mangina’. As much as I absolutely detest the name, it’s not as bad as the hybrid lubricant we reviewed recently – and I have to admit, I don’t understand why we feel the need to come up with names like this. It’s a trend i’ve seen in a lot of gay pornography – where rough, dominant tops like to refer to their bottoms asses as ‘Mancunts’ or ‘Boy Pussies’ etc – and I just don’t get it. I don’t find it a turn on. It’s a fucking ASS OK?

But enough of that… is it worth spending some money on? Well… as much as it pains me to admit it, if you are someone who is looking for toys but can’t really have a chest of toys floating around, well this one toy potentially does the job of three – and at just £34.99 – it’s kind of a bargain. Of course, there are a few caveats…

Firstly, those who are incredibly well endowed (so we’re talking either more than 7 inches in length or 6 inches in girth) may find the short, tight canal frustrating. If you are interested in using it as a dildo, then as I said, I would thoroughly recommend using a condom, and where possible, try to use non-latex alternatives as there is still a potential risk of the condoms deteriorating – have a look at this article by Dangerous Lilly on condoms and sex toy usage.

Lastly, as a girth/length enhancer – it’s a bit hit and miss as to whether it will actually work for you and it’s just too fiddly to be honest, and it can kill the mood quite quickly. In future, I’d love it if Doc Johnson could re-make this using their new TruSkyn dual density silicone (I have some dildo reviews coming up) and I think that this would put this toy on another level, if we could ensure it was totally body safe and could be sanitised. It would definitely see regular use that way.

Where to Buy

I grabbed my Mangina from UberKinky for £34.99.

Doc Johnson The Mangina

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