When we launched the blog last year, I had no idea our review of the REVO Stealth was going to become our most popular post. Even 12 months later, it’s still our highest viewed review – so naturally it seemed right to share the review of the REVO Intense on the anniversary.

I was lucky enough to pick this up when I visited the ETO Show in Birmingham back in June. I had a lovely conversation with the folks running the Nexus stand, and they kindly gave me a REVO Intense to take home and to review, as I had mentioned I was curious as to how they compare. So let’s just get straight down to it and see how it compares.

First Impressions

The REVO Intense is packaged exactly the same as the Stealth – it comes in a sleek black box with just the logo on the front. No crass imagery or anything here. As you slide off the outer slip and lift the lid, you’ll find the Intense resting in a tray. Underneath the tray is the USB magnetic charging cable and a storage pouch (this is always a nice touch) as well as the instruction manual.

Before you can use the Intense, you’ll need to give it a full charge – simply connect the magnetic charger to the base and either plug it in to your computer or into a USB wall plug. Charging time is approximately 3.5 hours, and should give around 10 hours of playtime.

It has an insertable length of 3.5 inches, and a circumference of 3.8 inches at it’s widest point. The shaft is coated in soft, silky silicone and has a bulbous tip, and a slightly bulging shaft which narrows towards the base. There are 2 different vibration settings in the base – continuous and pulsing. There are 2 speeds of rotation – 25 RPM or 35 RPM and overall there are 6 different ‘settings’:

  1. Slow Rotation / No Vibration
  2. Slow Rotation / Continuous Vibration
  3. Slow Rotation / Pulsing Vibration
  4. Fast Rotation / No Vibration
  5. Fast Rotation / Continuous Vibration
  6. Fast Rotation / Pulsing Vibration

In Use

The REVO Intense has taken the existing REVO design and made a few changes, with the goal of providing a more intense ride. For starters, the actual shaft of the Intense now has a forward curve, whilst the base of the Intense is now flat (compared to the Stealth which has a straighter shaft but a curve, angled base). The new design is supposed to conform with the bodies natural shape and stimulate the prostate and perineum at the same time. Unlike the Stealth, you can operate the Intense without vibrations, but not without rotations. When they say intense, they really mean it!

So after following the instructions recommended preparations before use (they suggest a good bowel movement, followed by a light cleanse) I got myself comfortable and ready to go. You’ll want to ensure you use a good dose of water-based lube. Like the Stealth, insertion was moderately easy, and required very little warm up – you just need to take your time. I’ve found the easiest approach with this was to lie on my side with my knees up towards my chest. With a few deeps breaths it was in. I knew at that very moment this was going to be a rough ride!

my knees trembled, my body shook and I had a truly explosive orgasm

As soon as I got into position on my back, I could feel the tip of the Intense resting against my prostate already. It didn’t take too long to get used to the ‘full’ feeling, and so, with utmost trepidation – I reached round and turned it on. Now unlike the Stealth, which provides a firm, but gentle ‘fingering’ feeling – like someone has reached in and is circling your prostate with their finger – the Intense really lives up to it’s name. It felt like I was being fingered by a giant, like it had my prostate between it’s big fingers and was rolling it around. And that was just setting one.

At this point, I thought that perhaps I had inserted it just a bit too far, so I tried to adjust position slightly, but no matter what position I was in, it ultimately worked it’s way back into kneading my prostate into submission. The vibrations in the base added a nice touch, but at this point, it felt almost unnecessary – as the rotations were enough.

On the second rotation speed, things started to get just a little uncomfortable, at least initially. As soon as I switched on the faster rotations, a warmth spread throughout my lower mid section and I had the oddest sensation of wanting to pee. At this point, I knew something was happening. As soon as I reached down to take matters into my own hands, my knees trembled, my body shook and I had a truly explosive orgasm. My body suddenly became hyper-sensitive, and I had to very quickly remove the Intense as it suddenly became quite uncomfortable. As I finally relaxed again, I felt mildly satisfied, but at the same time, I felt ‘OVER’ stimulated. Is that a bad thing? Who knows.

Clean-up and Maintenance

Like the Stealth, the Intense is only splash proof, so do be careful to not submerge the unit. You will need to clean it with a warm damp cloth and a good anti-bacterial toy cleaner. Once clean, you can dry it and then store it away in the soft little drawstring bag provided. This will keep it nice and clean, ready for next time.


So, in short – the REVO Intense is a great product. Is it better than the Stealth? Well that really depends on what you like. Personally, the Intense really does live up to it’s name, and I find that actually, it is just ‘too’ much for me. Whilst it can induce a strong orgasm, it doesn’t feel overly satisfying.

If you’ve tried the original REVO or Stealth, and have found that you’ve still wanted just a bit more, than the Intense will probably be all you’ve been looking for. For me, when it comes to prostate massage, I like to take my time, and the Stealth allows me to do that. The Intense is kind of like the ‘Magic Wand’ or prostate massagers. Both can pull out an orgasm in quick time, but ultimately can leave you feeling slightly unfulfilled and almost ‘robbed’. But if you have been struggling with other prostate toys to achieve a prostate orgasm, then this might be what you have been waiting for.

Where to buy

Nexus / Lovehoney UK

The Nexus REVO Intense was kindly given to me, free of charge by Nexus in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affects my opinions or experiences with this product or with any other product that we review. All experiences are 100% honest and my own. Affiliate links have been used within this post. 

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