A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to win this toy in a giveaway that was hosted by the delightful Apricot Creams.

In an effort to appeal to the more budget conscious, Fun Factory have created this small line up of smartVIBES – simple battery operated vibes that offer a sense of luxury at a much lower price. We have the Joupie, the Jam and the Jazzie – all fabulous names if you ask me.  As excited as I was, I was starting to question whether this would even be a suitable toy for me, as it’s marketed as a g-spot toy. It’s also a battery powered, single speed vibrator (and you know how much I love my power).

But ever the one to plunder the depths of the unknown for the sake of getting my jollies, I gave it ago, and I’m happy to report that actually, for a bloke, there’s quite a lot of fun that can be had with this rather cute, dinky little vibrator.

First Impressions

Like all the products in the Fun Factory range, the packaging is just as cute, and good quality as the actual toys they produce. I’ve yet to find fault with the general manufacturing standards of this delightful german-based toy company. The outer packaging consists of the standard gold box, and inside is a shiny red insert which you pull out, revealing the Joupie (which is in a gorgeous bright red colour – it feels very christmassy!).

The Joupie is coated in luxurious skin-safe silicone, which has a slight matte feel, so you will need to use plenty of lube to ensure it doesn’t ‘drag’. The shaft has an insertable length of 6″ (6.5″ if you include the curved tip) and a circumference of 3.25″ – making it a great beginners vibe, as it’s not at all intimidating. The shaft is solid all the way through, up until the last inch or so, which is then just soft, squishy silicone, and has a narrow ‘tip’ which flutters ever so gently during operation.

The Joupie is single speed and operated by a twist cap at the bottom. You will need 2 AA batteries (which are not included) – and to insert, simply twist off the base, being careful not to remove the rolled up piece of card – I did that initially and the Joupie refused to work! Make sure you screw the cap back on nice and tight, as the Joupie is waterproof for aquatic play.

In Use

DISCLAIMER: So let’s make it clear – this is technically marketed as a g-spot toy – however, as I’m sure many of you have come to see, that a lot of the ‘g-spot’ toys are a similar shape to p-spot toys – so in theory, this should be a great little vibe for anal stimulation, right? This toy has not been rated for anal use as it doesn’t have a flared base. You should exercise extra care if you intend to use this product anally – consider purchasing Flared Base Toy Adapters

OK, now the safety bit is out the way, on to how it feels. As I mentioned earlier, this is just a single speed toy. When the Joupie buzzes into life, I’m pleased to report that it’s a nice, rumbly vibration (rather than a high pitched buzz) and it travels through every single part of the vibe nicely. When it vibrates, the tip ‘flutters’ ever so slightly – which was great for delicately teasing the hole – it certainly had me asking for more.

As this is a slim vibe, insertion is extremely easy, and as you can feel the vibrations up and down the entire length, as I was inserting, it was tickling the sphincter and it felt like someone was humming against my asshole – a unique sensation, but not at all unpleasant. Although, if my husband is reading this – please don’t start humming against my ass.

As it was inserted deeper, I was waiting for it to start tickling the prostate – and eventually, just as I was about to lose the vibe up my ass, it hit the spot. Now it wasn’t as intense as the vibrations from say the Rosa or the rotations from the Revo, but something just felt – right. Now I can say for a fact that just the vibrations from this toy alone, would not have helped me reach orgasm. It’s nice, but the girth and the power are just not enough. However when combined with external stimulation elsewhere, it actually led up to a fairly satisfying orgasm, enhanced just ever so slightly by those tickles round my bum.

I did try seeing if it would be useful as a toy to stimulate the frenulum, due to the fluttering tip. I think if you are new to experiencing vibrations on your penis, you might enjoy it. For me, whilst it didn’t feel horrible, it just wasn’t strong enough to really illicit a major reaction from either me or my penis. I tried, but I’m not going to mark it down for that – it’s not been designed for that stimulation, so it’s unfair – but I thought it would be worth a shot.

Clean-up and Maintenance

As the Joupie is waterproof, you can happily wash it with some water and toy cleaner. You can also sterilise it with a 10% bleach solution (I wouldn’t advise boiling or using the dishwasher as this is an electrical item). Once clean, just carefully dry with a lint free cloth and then store away. As this is a small, unimposing vibe, I’m quite happy to store it in it’s little box, ready for the next time.


Will there be a next time? I think so. It’s a very basic vibe that doesn’t do much in terms of function, but what it does do, it does well, and I think if you are looking for a luxury style vibe on a budget, then I definitely think these could be the way to go. In fact, those who maybe a bit sensitive to vibrations might get a kick out of this one, as it’s certainly much gentler than the more expensive options, but that doesn’t mean it’s a complete wimp – I think it can hold it’s own. If you do choose to use this anally, do be careful – it can be a little difficult to keep hold off once you have lubey hands – hence why I’m investing in those flared base adapters!

UPDATE: Since this review, I have finally gotten hold of the vibrator flared base adaptors and have now made the Joupie completely anal safe – and it makes all the difference

I’ll talk about the vibrator enhancer’s at a later date, but they are 100% silicone and completely safe to use with any toy. The middle ring sits snugly on the Joupie – I even get the faintest of tickles externally too. 

Where to buy

NOTE: This product has been discontinued.

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