I’m going to start this review by saying that this toy made me create noises that I never thought were humanly possible. It was relentless in it’s pursuit of making me orgasm, and it left me in a state of shock. Quite literally.

If you have never had the chance to experience electro-stimulation, it’s definitely something I would put on your bedroom bucket list. I admit, it’s not for everybody, but I definitely think it’s one of those things everyone should try. Even if it’s just the once. But honestly, the whole idea of electrocuting my junk initially terrified the living hell out of me. But now that I have tried it, i’m wondering why on earth I waited so long.

When we launched The Big Gay Review 2.0 last year, we opened with our review of the ElectraStim Flick Duo. It was probably one of the most exciting reviews I had written for a long time, and it was great because it was one of those rare products that both myself and my husband were able to enjoy at the same time. And it also allowed me to get really creative with some photos! I was very intrigued to see what new and exciting things ElectraStim would deliver in 2016.

And I didn’t have to wait that long. Jump to the beginning of February, when I was contacted by Hella from ElectraStim, who told me I was being sent a brand new exclusive product – and a world first – an ElectroSex masturbator. I was SO excited. After a slight hiccup with the delivery going walkabouts, it arrived and it was in my hands. And I couldn’t wait to play. So how did we get on with it? Well let’s dive right in and find out.

First Impressions

The Jack Socket is the worlds first electro-sex stroker. The packaging for the JS (as I shall now on refer to it) is the same as other products in the ElectraStim range – a simple black and white box with a glossy (life size) photo of the toy on the front. As you lift open the lid, you’ll see the ElectraStim conductive gel and lube embedded in a foam cube, wrapped in cellophane. This means you know for definite that no one has handled your JS before you get your hands on it.

Inside the box, is the JS stroker, a 60ml tube of ElectraStim conductive gel, a sample sachet of ID Water-based lubricant and an instruction booklet. You will need to ensure you have a compatible ElectraStim unit to use. The manual recommends the Flick and Flick Duo as being perfect for use with the JS (we reviewed the JS with the Flick Duo EM80-E).

The JS measures in at 4.5 inches in length overall, with a penetrable length of 4 inches. At the opening, it has a diameter of 1.75 inches and has a hand held circumference of between 8 to 11 inches. The inner sleeve is made from a real-feel TPE material, that is completely odour free. The material will be porous, so good care and maintenance will be required to keep it in tip-top condition. The body of the JS is made from firm but malleable silicone, allowing you to squeeze the JS to increase/enhance sensation. For easy storage, the JS has a cap for both the top and bottom to ensure the inside of the sleeve stays nice and clean.

You will need to use both conductive gel and water-based lube for the best and more comfortable experience. Thankfully, ElectraStim provide you with a generous tube of conductive gel and a sachet of water-based lube to get you started.

In Use

I really couldn’t wait to give this a try. I have used electro butt plugs and prostate toys, and all were very enjoyable experiences. I was curious to see how electro-stimulation could improve and enhance masturbation. So I grabbed my Flick Duo, made sure it was properly charged up and then got myself ready for some fun. Do take a few moments to read the enclosed instruction manual to make sure that you set it up correctly – the last thing you want to happen is for you to injure yourself (we are playing with electricity in our sensitive spots, people!)

Set Up

To get yourself set up, you’ll need to have your JS, your stimulator unit, a 2mm pin input cable, the conductive gel and your water-based lube. If you want to, you can remove the textured sleeve and warm it in hot water before use, but please make sure it is completely dry before you put it back into the case and plug in your electrodes!

At the base of the JS, remove the bottom cap and you should see 2 tiny holes in the silicone, next to sleeve – this is where you will want to plug in your electrodes. Once they are secured firmly, you can plug it in to the output on your stimulator device. Do NOT turn on the device, or put the JS anywhere near your junk until you have properly lubed up.

On the side of the JS, towards the top, you’ll see 2 caps either side of the case. If you pull on the toggle to pull them out, you’ll see 2 large holes – this is where you want to apply your conductive gel. Inside the sleeve, there are 4 tiny holes towards the top – you’ll want to ensure that the conductive gel comes through these holes. Once you’ve applied it through both gel ports, you can then apply your water-based lube to both the inside of the sleeve, and yourself.

Once you are good to go, you can then slip the sleeve over your erect penis. At this point, you can just stroke with the JS like a regular stroker, but let’s be honest, at this point we’ve been there, done that. We want to crank it up a notch! When you are ready to go, you can switch on your stimulator. It’s important to make sure that you are inside the sleeve before you switch it on (and also make sure that you turn it off before you remove). Unless you REALLY do like to feel pain. You’ll want to start low, and make sure that most of the JS is over the glans, as this is the most sensitive area, and will allow you to gauge which setting is going to be the best for you.

Make sure you keep the conductive gel and extra water-based lube handy, as you will want to reapply to keep things as slick and comfortable as possible. But for the most part, you can now just kick back and experiment with different stroking and twisting sensations, whilst the electro-stimulator teases your shaft with it’s prickly sensations. Admittedly, it’s a lot of effort to put together for a quick masturbation session, but the sensations you feel are totally worth it.

On the Flick Duo, the first setting is just a very gentle prickle. Admittedly, I wasn’t able to get very far up through the 25 intensity levels. On my first go out of the gate, I was able to take it up to about a 9 before the prickly feeling became less pleasurable and slightly more painful. Not that that’s a really bad thing – it feels painful in a, good sort of way… but for me, it was pushing it to my boundary. As you stroke, the surge of electricity creates an odd pulsing sensation through the entire length of my penis. Things got far more interesting as I cycled through the different patterns.

Pattern 2 on the Flick Duo is a sort of on/off style pulse, which literally had me twitching, with each surge of the stimulator. Squeezing the sides of the JS created a stronger, and more intense feeling – with the combination of the stimulating nubs in the inside of the sleeve, and the electricity as it courses through your member. One of the fun ways that I have really enjoyed us the JS is with the special ‘flick’ mode. If you read my review for the Sirius Noir, I attempted something similar. The idea is that when you shake and flick the stimulator, it increases (or decreases) the intensity. Using an elastic band, I strapped the stimulator to my hand that I was stroking with and begin to pump. The slower I stroked, the less intense the sensations where. And then, as I increased my strokes, so did the electricity – it’s what i’ve nicknamed ‘Responsive Masturbation’. No, Apple – it was MY idea.

Secondary attempts with the JS, I was able to push the intensity a little bit higher each time. But it’s important to ensure that you consistently have a good mix of the conductive gel and the water-based lube. As things start to dry out, it becomes less “Oooh” prickly and becomes more “AAAARGH!” prickly. On my first attempt with the JS, it took a good 15/20 minutes to find the right rhythm and the setting that felt the most pleasurable, but when I did, it didn’t take long for the fireworks to begin.

As I lay there, my husband watched with a child like glee as my body started to twitch and shiver. There was a new feeling down below that I had never felt before and before I even knew what was going on, I was crying out, making a truly odd noise as I orgasmed. Hard. The odd thing is, I didn’t even feel it coming (pardon the pun). It sort of, just caught me by surprise. My other half sat there with a look of both admiration and disbelief as I lay there, frantically clutching at the sheets, trying to catch my breath whilst also scrabbling for the controller box so I could turn it off. I felt like I was about to go through the roof.

And that’s how it is each time that i’ve used the JS. Much like a magic wand, the JS has the power to leech an orgasm from me, with barely any effort at all. It’s come to the point where I now start using the JS without the electro-stimulation first so I can enjoy the sleeve and the texture on it’s own, and then when I want things to move along, then I can switch on the electro, and then i’m soon riding the waves into orgasm town. And it’s definitely a place I will be visiting a lot over the coming year.

Clean-up and Maintenance

For your utter convenience, the JS breaks down into 8 individual components for easy cleaning. I have to say, it does require a little effort as all the individual pieces need to be thoroughly cleaned – especially the removable gel port channels – as conductive gel gets EVERYWHERE. You can then leave it all to dry before putting it all back together and storing it away.

To keep the sleeve in best condition, you can lightly powder the sleeve with renewal (cornflour) powder. There is a cap for each end to ensure that the internal part stays dust and hair free (although honestly, in this house, I am fighting a constant losing battle with pug hair). The silicone on the outside however does attract dust so easily so a rinse before use is entirely up to you – however just ensure it’s all completely dry before you start plugging in.


For the most part, I am totally in love with this ingenious toy. I’ve been waiting a VERY long time for someone to come along and create something that completely changes the way that I look at (and enjoy) masturbation. The JS combined with the Flick Duo can create some incredibly intense sensations, not for the feint of heart. If you are lucky to have the ability to connect to bi-polar toys to the stimulator, try using something like the electro butt plug as well as the Jack Socket. I really don’t want to spoil it, but trust me. That shit is GOOD.

I have a few minor niggles (and they are minor). On my JS – the bottom cap doesn’t stay on very well so has the tendency to just fall off as soon as I pick it up. Also, the mix of conductive gel and water-based lube leaves me VERY sticky – the point I have to actually shower to clean it all off, hence why I most likely won’t be pulling out the JS for a quick session on the fly. However, if you mix it into a well planned session, especially if you have someone tied up and blind-folded – you can take control of the stimulator and have them weak at the knees in no time.

Where To Buy

If you want to get your hands on the Jack Socket Electro Sex Stroker, you can order one from ElectraStim today.


The ElectraStim Jack Socket Electro Sex Stroker was kindly sent to me free of charge by ElectraStim in exchange for an honest review. This does not sway my experiences or opinions on this product or anything product we review. All thoughts and experiences presented in this review are 100% genuine and my own. Affiliate links have been used within this post.

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