So a little while ago, I posted my ‘beginners guide’ to bondage play – and now it will make sense as to why I chose to write it – because today’s review comes courtesy of those purveyors of bedroom kink UberKinky. And I figured in order for this to not look like it just came out of left-field, I’ll break you in gently with my newbies guide.

Now before we get into the review, a disclaimer first! Before attempting any kind of impact play, make sure you have read up on how to play safely! UberKinky take safety very seriously, and have created a Beginner’s Guide to Flogging to make sure that everything is safe and pleasant.

Now that’s out of the way, we can get on with the review. So whilst me and the husband have dabbled with a bit of spanking and flogging here and there, the UberKinky Rounded Handle Leather Flogger is definitely not a beginners flogger. However, with a bit of practice, we were ready to give it a go – and in the name of science, I put my back (and my bum) on the line…

First Impressions

Ok, so full disclosure – when I selected this to review, I didn’t pay attention to the size – so when it arrived, and I unwrapped it, the first words out of my mouth where “Oh Fuck”. You see, up until this point, myself and my other half had only used one other flogger before and there was a bit of a size difference…


Yeah. Also, the little flogger is just soft suede – the UberKinky flogger is much harder, firmer leather! I was a little.. anxious shall we say – but at the same time, I was also really excited to give it a try.

So, when the flogger arrives, there is pretty much zero packaging apart from a basic plastic bag on the outside to keep it clean. The flogger has a total length of about 28 inches – the handle is 7 inches and the falls are 21 inches. There is also a loop on the handle, which if you have petite hands, you can slip through and this will help provide additional security when wielding this little stingy beast.

There is a delicious leather smell that is somewhat arousing, and the steel handle has a good weight to it. Generally, it’s an imposing but impressive looking piece of kit. The falls have been snipped at an angle, giving them a point which will provide additional ‘bite’ when the falls come into contact with the skin. I happily put myself forward as the guinea pig and after a nice, relaxing shower and a quick safety briefing (yes, we really did this), my husband proceeded to blindfold me, and restrain me face down on the bed…

“…the first words out of my mouth where ‘Oh Fuck'”

In Use

Prior to being strapped down, I layed out a few implements for him to use, as I lay face down, helpless and unable to move. These included a paddle, the smaller flogger, a pinwheel and of course, the new flogger. After the blindfold was placed over my face, I was led to the bed, pushed face down and was then restrained. I lay on my stomach in a spreadeagled position – unsure of what was about to happen – for the first time, I wasn’t in control. I was both incredibly aroused and unnerved.

After warming me up with the other instruments, as I lay there in a state of heightened bliss, there was a sudden sting right across the buttocks. Holy Crap! I thought. The pain was gone almost instantly and breathed deeply into the bed. Pain and pleasure go together hand in hand. He really had me on edge as he alternated between just brushing the falls over my skin, and tickling my sensitive spots before suddenly bring the falls down quickly across my buttocks. I wince in pain initially and then melt as a sense of euphoria pulses through my body. All I can think of is how I want more.

The heavy handle really helps with control, and the falls themselves can create so many different sensations – the softer suede side is great when just dragged over the skin – and then the hard leather side provides a delicious ‘bite’ when brought down upon the skin.

As I mentioned earlier, this is definitely not a flogger I would recommend to someone who has never used anything like this before – and if you are moving up a level, then I would also recommend a few practice swings before using it with someone. Those who are more advanced will get on with this really easily.

Clean-up and Maintenance

As the falls are made from leather and suede, I would be careful of the flogger coming into contact with any liquids as they have the potential to ruin the suede (if you’ve ever gotten a pair of suede shoes wet, you’ll know what I mean!). In order to keep the falls at their best, I would recommend that this is stored hanging up on a hook or something, wherever possible. It’s very well made, and with care, should last a long time!


This flogger is crafted to be both beautiful and deadly. The steel handle has a great weight to it, and can be used during play too – just place the cold steel against the skin after a thrash – trust me, it’s not only appreciated but also plays into sensation play too. The intoxicating leather smell is also divine and as I lay there, unable to move or see… it all worked to help overload my senses and leave me in a completely heightened state of arousal. But it’s definitely not for a beginner or those who are feint of heart!

I was sent this item by UberKinky in exchange for an honest review. If you would like to, you can order your UberKinky Rounded Handle Leather Flogger here.

Are you looking for something different? UberKinky stock a wide range of Floggers. You should check them out!

I was sent this flogger free of charge in exchange for an honest review by UberKinky. This in no way affects or sways my thoughts or opinions on a product. Any thoughts, opinions and experiences portrayed in this review are 100% genuine and my own. Affiliate links have been used within this post. 

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