This project has been the biggest undertaking in the blogs 7 year history. I knew when I agreed to review a life size sex doll, that it wasn’t going to be your typical review. There is so much ground to cover; and I want to make sure we are covering all the bases – especially as this is a product that will set you back a couple of grand.

We are very close to getting our final review put together; but over on Twitter and Instagram, I asked for you to submit some questions; all the things you would possibly want to know about owning a synthetic playmate. And today, we are going to go through and answer some of the ones we have received so far. If the response to this article is good; and you have more burning questions – drop me an email or leave a comment and maybe we’ll do a second round of Q&A. Let me know! Don’t forget to go and check out Doll Training (who very kindly provided us with Sven to review, and document our experience with).

But without further a-do, let’s get into the some questions!

Q: How compact can it become for storage?

A: In short, not very. Sven is almost 6 foot tall; he takes up a lot of space. This is something to be carefully considered when choosing a sex doll. We are fortunate enough to have a fairly large bedroom with a little alcove in it. We can keep Sven in the box that he arrived in, and he’s tucked away in the corner; waiting til we need him again. It does come with a hanging hook; so it can potentially be stored away in a wardrobe or closet – however we haven’t tested this as our wardrobes are not the sturdiest (or emptiest). But it’s an option we are considering for the future.

Q: I get the impression that ‘female’ sex dolls are just for penetrating. Are male sex dolls the same?

A: The particular style of doll we have, made by WMDolls has 2 penetrable orifices (mouth and butt). It also came with 2 different penis attachments, which can be swapped out as and when you so desire. One is slightly smaller, one is slightly larger; but both are relatively narrow when it comes to girth. They have a metal rod inside that allows you to ‘pose’ the penis into your preferred position. So you can either be the giver or the receiver – the choice is yours! There are loads of options; you can check them out over on

Q: Are they cold? Does it feel substantially different to using a Fleshlight?

A: When initially taking Sven out of the box, he was extremely cold. But he had been travelling and he was delivered in February; it was pretty cold out there! Now he’s living in the comfort of our bedroom; it’s definitely warmer. It doesn’t feel any colder than, a fleshlight. And it did come with a ‘hole’ warmer, so you can warm up your chosen orifice before use (and the warmth seems to stay for a decent amount of time). As for warming up the body, yes – he can feel a little ‘clammy’ to the touch; but it doesn’t bother me too much. I’ve read you can wrap it in a heated blanket to give it a more life-like body temperature; but I don’t own one, so haven’t tried.

In terms of sensation, yes, it does feel substantially different to using a fleshlight. At least, mentally. The actual feeling of the orifices feel pretty standard; but visually and mentally; it’s completely different. We’ll cover this in more detail in our final review.

Q: What kind of clothes/outfits do you dress your sex doll in? Is having a life-size doll to dress up as fun as it sounds, or is it harder than it looks?

A: When Sven arrived, he arrived naked but for a small child’s vest to give him some modesty. I did go on to purchase a few items of clothing from Wish because a) i didn’t really want to spend too much money dressing up this doll and b) the sizing was tricky because he’s tall but very slim and narrow so I figured if I spent £2 on a top on wish and it didn’t fit, it wasn’t the end of the world. Thankfully, the top and underwear I bought fit perfectly. We did order him a cute pair of shorts; but alas, they never arrived. And as yet, I haven’t gotten round to finding him something else.

But he seems happy enough with his outfit at the moment. In terms of actually dressing Sven – it’s a little awkward but not impossible. Because of the nature of the TPE material, the fabric ‘drags’ on the skin, so it doesn’t quite glide over the ‘skin’ the way it would over real skin. It can take a bit of effort, but once it’s done, it does enhance the ‘illusion’.

Q: Does it feel like having just another sex toy in the house, or having a roommate?

A: Short answer, both! When Sven is tucked away in the box; it’s just another ‘thing’ that sits in the corner, along with a cabinet full of dildos, butt plugs and goodness knows what else. However when it’s out of the box, and it’s sitting on the bed, there is a definite physical presence that feels ‘human’. It becomes more than just a ‘thing’. I’ve subconsciously found myself ensuring it’s ‘comfortable’ when i’ve taken it out of it’s box. More than just being ‘careful’ as per the manufacturers guidelines. It’s stuff like ‘putting a pillow under its head’ and silly things like that – things that I would do for my husband to ensure he was comfortable. We’ll cover this more in our final review.

Q: Will there be a video of it being used?

A: No. And I think it’s kind of disturbing how many times this gets asked, either in DM or by email.

Q: How on earth do you clean it? Isn’t it awkward?

A: Oh god yes, it’s terribly awkward – but only because he’s so heavy. The actual cleaning process is quite simple. You obviously don’t want to submerge the doll in water, and i’m not wrestling it into the shower; so clean-up is a simple (but multistage) process.

Firstly, you want to ‘sluice’ out the orifices. A bulb douche and a towel underneath to catch the run off is your best bet here. We then follow that with an alcohol based cleansing wipe that we jam inside and give a good wipe around. For the services, a soft damp cloth will remove any surface mess and fluids – we also use the alcohol wipes afterwards as well. You’ll need to ensure the orifices are completely dry before storing away; so get back up in there with a lint-free cloth to take away any excess moisture.

Once the surface is dry, a dusting of cornflour over the skin brings back it’s silky smooth texture (for no real reason, I dust it on using a very large fluffy powder make-up brush. Then once it’s powdered, it’s ready to be stored away for the next time. Again, we’ll cover the cleaning process in more detail during our final review.

Got any more questions?

I think we’ll leave it there for now. Thank you to everyone who has submitted questions! Don’t forget, if you have any other questions you want to see answered in our final review, then drop them in the comments, DM me on Twitter or even send me an email. If I get enough of them, we’ll do a part 2 Q&A.

Also; make sure you check out Part One and Part Two of the Doll Diaries series; and a huge thank you to Ben from DollTraining for providing us with the doll, and being so patient whilst we navigate through life and a pandemic with our new playmate.

Until the next time…

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