I never thought I would be the sort of person that would actually enjoy fantasy dildos. Not that there is anything wrong with that at all, it’s just – I always thought my tastes in dildos was pretty, well… vanilla.

But when you run a sex toy blog, you get to have your eyes opened to new and interesting things, and early on this year, I took a step outside of my regular comfort zone and reviewed my first fantasy dildo. And I have to say, my initial misgivings were completely unfounded and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Who knows what else I might like, if I just give it a try?

With that said, I’ve been looking for my next fantasy dildo, and the decision on what toy to get next has never been more difficult. There are SO MANY OPTIONS. But then one day, I saw a tweet from a fellow blogger that included a photo of a dildo that right there and then, I knew I had to get hold of it. That was Cortez the Anthro Avian by Twin Tail Creations. TTC (as I will refer to them from now on) are a brand new fantasy company and they were already causing a little bit of a buzz in the community. There’s nothing I love more than a brand new company, and I was completely besotted with their designs.


I wanted to review one, but I also know as a new company, it’s not always possible to start sending out freebies – but I was so enthralled by this dildo that I decided to take a leap and purchase one. And I’m glad I did.

First Impressions

My Cortez the Anthro Avian arrived in a discreet brown box, wrapped in a little plastic bag with the Twin Tail’s logo on a sticker. It’s very minimalist packaging and betrays the genuine quality of the product that’s inside. When I spoke to Twin Tail about purchasing a toy, I thought it would be great to have a toy that sort of matched our blog colours – White, Pink and Purple. I envisioned a white shaft fading into the pink with the base a solid purple colour.

TTC were certainly up for the challenge and after 2 weeks of waiting patiently, my custom toy finally arrived. The Anthro Avian is very traditionally phallic shaped, but with an insane amount of texture. The shaft looks sort of ‘twisted’ and has all these deep bumps all over its length. The tip is tapered, and has this scalloped design where the coronal ridge would be.

The tip was white, which immediately descended into this pastel pink, which became more vibrant towards the base. I chose the Anthro Avian in the ‘Small’ size. This gives it a height of 7 inches, with an insertable length of 6 inches. Around the thickest part of the shaft, it has a circumference of 6.5 inches. The tip is it’s narrowest at around 4.25 inches. So even in the smaller size, it’s still a chunky toy.

All of TTC’s toys are made from 100% platinum cure silicone, and like similarly themed stores, off their toys in various sizes and colour configurations. You can even choose the firmness of the silicone as well, allowing you to completely customize your dildo. My Cortez was built as follows:

Size: Small

Shaft: Medium

Base: Firm

Colour: Split Fade (custom)

In Use

Cortez is definitely something I need to work up to. Even in it’s smallest form, it’s still pretty intimidating. The texture, as beautiful as it is to look at and hold in your hand, makes it feel ENORMOUS. I have to admit that once it arrived, I held it in my hand and thought “Oh… I may not have thought this through…”

But the words ‘patience’ and ‘practice’ swam into the front of my mind. I would just have to take it slow and keep trying. And it has taken a few weeks of trying to conquer Cortez. But I’ve done it, and it’s certainly been an eventful ride.

My first few days with the Cortez were spent just looking at it, fondling it and generally wondering how the hell I was going to take it. To set the bar, I tried to go for it right off the bat. I got as far as the first inch and ‘NOPED’ out of there. Yeah, this was going to require a significant warm up. So over the next few days, I laid out a little regime for myself – a series of dildos that would stretch me and warm me up. All so I could take on this small but also large at the same time dildo. I had to believe in myself. I knew I could do it.

After one particularly tiring warm up session, it was time to give the Cortez another try. At the time, I had to lie on my side, as the Cortez does not have a suction cup base. With a liberal coating (half a bottle) of lube, I began the insertion. The initial entry is smooth as the tip is tapered, but it quickly gives way to the wide, textured shaft almost instantly. Even with the medium shaft, the texture is still very obvious – but in an extremely nice way. As I inched (well, millimeter’d) the Cortez in, the bumps and ridges in the shaft were teasing my sphincter something crazy. I could feel each and every one of them.

I was also feeling very stretched as we reached the halfway point. Here, I had to stop, as it all got a bit overwhelming. Even with all my prep, I’m still 100% certain that this was the widest toy I’ve ever tried. It’s only half an inch more, but you really can feel the difference, especially as the texture makes it feel bigger than it is. After around 20 minutes of deep breathing, I was able to continue further.

As you get passed the middle, the shaft starts to narrow down again towards the base. This makes it much easier to take it all in. When I felt the base come into contact with my cheeks, I’m positive that I make have given out a small ‘yelp’ of joy. I had succeeded. Pat on the back for me, eh? Then came the tricky part – thrusting.

Thrusting with the Avian is possible, but I had to take it much slower than I would with say, a smooth shafted toy. The texture is definitely on the more intense side. The thick base is an excellent anchor point, so I could grab hold if it nice and firmly, and begin to work the shaft in small, but deliberate thrusts. The shaft is long enough to reach my sensitive spots on the inside, and the curve in the shaft ensures that with each deep thrust, the prostate is firmly massaged.

The lack of suction cup does mean that my fun with the Cortez is limited. At least it was, until LoveArc came through with the goods and sent me some harnesses that would allow me to use the Cortez hands free. Interestingly enough, having it strapped to the LoveArc made insertion much easier. It was held firmly in place, allowing me to slowly lower myself onto it. Thrusting also became much easier and far more pleasurable when I could ‘ride’ it.

As a company, TTC have been very vocal in the community – actively engaging with their customers/potential customers. They kept me in the loop with what was going on with my order (which was slightly delayed because of issues getting the silicone to fade) but they were honest and I appreciated them taking the time to update me.

Clean-up and Maintenance

As I mentioned earlier, all of TTC’s toys are made from platinum cure silicone, so looking after them is incredibly simple. Personally I enjoy whacking everything in the dishwasher (just make sure last nights crockery is removed first) and give it a cycle (with no detergent). But you can also just rinse with water/toy cleaner, bleach it (10% solution) or boil them. The silicone here is a slight dust magnet so I would suggest either a little storage bag to try and reduce it; or just make sure you give it a quick rinse before each use.

360 Degree Product View



    So I really do like the Cortez. As someone who is still not massively experienced when it comes to the girthier toys, it’s not something that will be seeing regular play because frankly, the warm up to it is pretty tiring. My butt is pretty sensitive and doesn’t appreciate being stretched all the time. But if you are an absolute fan of the larger, more textured toys – then I can thoroughly recommend the Avian. The large size goes up to 8 inches in circumference – small fry for some, mammoth for others. I am definitely a long way from ever taking anything THAT big.

    TTC are still in their infancy, so their offerings are few – they currently offer models – the Avian, Dante (which is your more canine style) and Atlas (typical Equine style). Dildos start from $60 and the price will change dependent on size, colour, firmness etc. My Avian came in at $85 (around £69 as of 24.10.2016). Factor in shipping; it set me back $133 (£108). This is comparable in price to other mythical creature based manufacturers.

    I’m excited to see where TTC go. I know they are already working on new models, and I predict we’ll start to see penetrable toys before long. I would definitely say that if you are a fan of fantasy dildos, TTC are definitely worth checking out. If you have been curious, I think the Avian is a good place to start – it’s shape is a quirky mix of the ‘typical’ cock shape, mixed with the fantasy elements.

    Where To Buy

    You can buy direct from Twin Tail Creations.

    UPDATE: Since our review went live, Twin Tail have announced they are now making a ‘mini’ version of the Cortez, in effort to make sizes approachable to everyone, regardless of their experience. The Mini starts at $55 dollars and can be customised the same way as any other TTC toy (now including Suction Cups!)

    Please bear in mind; if you are ordering from outside of the US, you may incur customs/import fees. I was charged around £13 so you should factor this into your costs when choosing.

    Don’t forget to follow them on Twitter!