The second of our Lumunu reviews focuses on a gorgeous little steel plug, that certainly left a strong impression. I hadn’t realised how many bum toys I had chosen, so basically, the next few days, it’s going to be all about the butt. But hey, butt stuff is fun, so I’m sure you won’t mind. If I can, I’ll try and throw in a masturbator or two.

So we’ve reviewed 2 steel plugs in the past – one by the master of jewelled butt plugs Julian Snelling, and we also looked at a slightly ‘cheaper’ alternative that scored very highly. This plug is probably more like the latter, but is also the ‘next stage’ up – and I will explain why in a moment.

First Impressions

Like all other Lumunu products (at least, what I’ve seen from what I was sent) this arrived in a white box with the Lumunu Branding – with no idea what was inside. Although judging by the weight of the box, I had a good idea. After ripping off the cellophane (which should provide peace of mind that your product has arrived untouched), I opened the box, and out plopped a little bubblewrap package. It landed on the coffee table with an enormous THUD. I carefully opened the bubble wrap and pulled out my new plug.

The first thing that got me, was the weight. It’s HEAVY. It weighs in at staggering 440g – making it almost 100g heavier than the Precious Metalz plug we reviewed. The plug is 3.75″ long, with a circumference of 5″ around the widest part. The stem of the plug has a circumference of 2.5″ – which is wider than both the Snelling and Precious plugs. The base features a ‘crystal’ detail, but is more like the detailing on the base of the L’Amourose Rosa, than a ‘crystal’. It has a rather pointy tip – it almost feels quite sharp – so I was very intimidated to stick this somewhere so delicate and sensitive. You also get a storage bag and a sachet of lube as well.

In Use

After my experiences with the Precious Metalz plug, I was a bit more aware and ready to deal with the sensations that I was expecting to receive from this plug – that popping sensation I got the last time really freaked me out, but I was ready this time. Using the sachet of water-based lube provided, I lubed up the plug and myself, in the hope that I could slip it in and then carry on with my regular activities.

My initial concern about the ‘sharp tip’ were not wholly unfounded – upon initial insertion, it did feel a little ‘stabby’ but the deeper I inserted, the less the feeling was, until I was at the point where everything was about to get intense. I’d just about reached the widest point, and any second now, I was going to experience that slightly unnerving, yet oddly titillating popping sensation. And there it is… although it felt slightly lessened due to the fact the stem at the base of this plug is a whole inch wider than the previous plug – but it still stifled my breath for a few moments as I settled down.

No soon as I had gotten myself relaxed, I was fast becoming a victim to gravity – the extra weight of the plug was something I was not used too, and I am sorry to say that on my first attempt, the plug shot out of my ass so damn fast, and crashed on the bathroom floor with such ferocity that it scared the dog, scared me – and for a brief moment, I thought the world was ending. OK, so before we get cocky and start trying to walk around with this thing, let’s just get used to having it inside first. So I took myself to the bedroom, slipped it back in and just practiced clenching, ensuring I gripped it tightly with my ass muscles. It’s certainly the heaviest plug I have tried, and my ass was like “Dude, You gotta warn me first?”.

To cut out a long series of tests, we eventually got to a point where I could insert the plug from a standing position and it would stay in. Making sure I had my tightest pair of pants on as well (just as a precaution) – I carried on with my regular day. Needless to say, the extra weight did make doing the laundry and vacuuming a slightly more arousing task then usual. However it was cut short every now and again… that bloody point. When my body was in a certain position (usually bending over) – that sharp point on the plug was jabbing me in places I do not wanted to be jabbed – at least not like that.

It’s a real shame because lying down, the plug fills me up nicely, and the weight feels delightful. But when it comes to moving around (which most people would do), I have to admit, I found it a little uncomfortable – I certainly wouldn’t be able to wear it for any extended period of time. Now, if the tapered tip had been a bit softer (like the JS or PM plug) then I think it’d be a completely different story – but here, no – that point was just too much for me.

Clean-up and Maintenance

As it’s stainless steel, you can whack it in the dishwasher or just clean it with good old fashioned soap/water or toy cleaner. You get a nice little storage bag included, so once it’s all clean, you can dry it off and pop it away for safe keeping.


I had so desperately wanted to love this plug, especially as I have really thoroughly enjoyed the other steel plugs that I have tried. This plug has me going round in circles. On the the one hand, it’s a good size for intermediate/advanced anal players, has a really tremendous weight to it – so when you are lying down, it feels incredibly filling and hits all the right spots. On the other hand, that sharper tip makes wearing this plug for a long time, whilst moving around, undesirable. Perhaps if you like a little bit of pain, then you might enjoy this – but for me, considering where it’s going, I’d rather not be stabbed, if it’s all the same with you.

As a steel plug, it looks pretty well made, my only other negative comment would be the ‘crystal’ detailing. Solid black plastic doesn’t really say ‘crystal’ to me – and it makes it look really cheap. I would much prefer it if it was clear, or a semi-translucent colour, rather than the solid black.

Where To Buy

You can order this direct from Lumunu for €29.99 (which is approx £22.11 at today’s conversion) Please Note: When I looked at this on the website, the product images don’t match yet the product video does show this plug – so I’m unsure now if they’ve stopped selling this particular plug already or what… I will speak to Lumunu and find out. 

This item was sent to me by Lumunu in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion or experiences with the product in anyway. All experiences and opinions reported here are 100% my own.  Affiliate Links have not been used within this post. 

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