It’s a glorious Bank Holiday here in the land of Tea and Crumpets; but there’s absolutely no rest for the wicked; there are reviews to be finished! Today we’re bringing you the second review for BVibe and todays item is something I haven’t reviewed in a VERY long time…

Our last review for Bvibe saw me gushing over their amazing Trio Plug; and it’s been a long time since a plug made me gush in all sense of the word. So to say that I was incredibly excited to see if the Cinco Remote Control Beads would have the same effect, is an understatement. However as I just mentioned; I’ve not reviewed anything like this in a long-ass time; in fact the last time I had anything bead-like up my as was…*checks* notes*… 2015. This was when we reviewed the Vibrating Progressive Beads. Back then, I wasn’t overly keen on how *deep* things got. But a lot has changed over the last 8 years… so will the Cinco beads bring me around? Only one way to find out…

I would like to thank Bvibe for sending us the Cinco Remote Control Beads free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used int his post. 

First Impressions

The packaging for the Cinco is pretty much the same as the Trio so I’m not going to go on too much about it. Inside the box; you get your Cinco beads, remote control, magnetic charging cable, instructions and… yes, another storage bag! It’s always a good day when a storage bag is involved.

The Cinco beads are made from smooth black silicone; and like the Trio plug – there are 3 vibrating motors. These are all situated in the lowest 3 of the 5 beads. There are 6 vibration levels and 15 vibration patterns. To use, you’ll need to charge the Cinco for about 2 hours and this will give you about an hour of play time. In terms of size, it has an insertable length of 7.5 inches and features a comfortably contoured anchor-style base. As with most beads like this, it starts relatively small and gets larger as you move deeper. The first bead is 2.5 inches in circumference and progresses to 4.25 inches on the largest bead.

In Use

Much like the Trio plug, the Cinco can be controlled via the included remote and once again, the responsiveness is pretty spot on. All anal toys should come with a remote as standard, if I’m being honest. But if you don’t like using remotes, you can still control the toy using the button on the base. After our delightful experience with the Trio plug, I was eager to see what the Cinco could do. Thanks to it’s relatively modest size, I didn’t need to do too much preparation in order to get the beads inserted. The one things I do love about the beads; is that you do get to experience that lovely little ‘popping’ sensation as each of the beads make their way deeper inside.

For some, I can understand this is a bit overwhelming; but if you take it slow – it can feel very pleasant. When we reviewed the previous beads; I mentioned I didn’t necessarily enjoy how deep they went. To be fair, they were 11 inches long… that’s quite deep for someone who (at the time) wasn’t as experienced with anal toys that length. The Cinco is a much more enjoyable length; it gave me enough ‘depth’ without giving me the ‘stabby’ feeling that the other beads did. I have discovered over the years that I am definitely someone who prefers to keep their anal insertions to a smaller size (for various reasons). This is just at the cusp of the maximum depth I would go.

With the beads fully inserted, and the anchor bar resting comfortable between my cheeks; I reached for the remote to begin exploring the vibrations. Here’s were things got a little disappointing. I am pretty certain that these are the same motors as in the Trio; however here – the vibrations just didn’t feel as ‘popping’ as they were in the Trio plug. Sure it felt nice, however they just feel slightly more muted here.  They still have a decent power but I would say they feel far more buzzier than they do in the plug. It still feels nice but it definitely had me aching for just a bit more… oomph!

The beads do have a nice amount of flex to them, so I could move around with ease. It was quite nice to sit and rock with the beads; the additional depth compared to the plug ensured all my sensitive spots were given a good seeing too. For a little extra sensation, I could lay back and very carefully ‘thrust’ with the beads; carefully sliding them out and then pop, pop, popping them back in… one bead at a time. This is never going to get me to orgasm on it’s own; but when used as a masturbatory aid – it works surprisingly well.

Clean-up and Maintenance

The clean-up routine is pretty much the same as the Trio; the Cinco is splash-proof and shower-friendly but should never be submerged fully in water (so rinsing it clean under the tap is fine). Once you’re all nice and clean; you can pop your beads and charging cable in the bag and store it away.


If you are new to the concept of anal beads, I think this could actually be a great way of introducing them into your sexual repertoire; they have an approachable size that can appeal to both beginners and more advanced anal adventurers. My only issue is more of a personal preference; rather than a fault of the product – and that’s the vibrations. They don’t quite hit the same way as they did in the Trio – and I enjoyed that sensation a lot more.

I do wish they were fully waterproof as well; but again this is more of a personal preference. But I think if you are someone still exploring what they like when it comes to anal pleasure; I think these are certainly a decent option – I’m just looking for just a little more than what the Cinco can offer me.

Where to Buy

You can order your Cinco Remote Control Beads directly from Bvibe.

You can also order them from the following retailers:

SheVibe / Peepshow Toys

I would like to thank Bvibe for sending us the Cinco Remote Control Beads free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used int his post. If you wish to help support the blog – please consider making your purchases through these links. Alternatively please share this with someone you think would find it interesting! Thank you so much! 🙂

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