I’ve reviewed my fair share of prostate toys, and I think my husband was starting to get a bit jealous of all the fun I was having – but he’s definitely not ready to go to the level I’m on at the moment – so we’ve got to start it slow and small.

After trying out the Rocks Off O-Boy, this did seem to spark something inside my husbands head, and now he’s starting to crave more power like I am. So naturally, when we were approached by our favourite retailer Lovehoney to review, of course we said yes!

The Black Pearl is produced by Vibratex – the company that first introduced the world to the Rabbit Vibrator, when it appeared in Sex and the City all those years ago. So I was already thinking that this was going to be an exceptional toy. So did it take us to paradise, or were we left adrift with no hope of rescue…

First Impressions

For me, packaging makes up a huge part of the experience, and to some extent, can leave me feeling less excited about using a toy for the first time. I think it’s just as important, and showing care and thought into making the packaging as good as what’s on the inside, just shows that a company is prepared to make sure that the whole experience is a pleasurable one.

Can I just say, I absolutely LOVE how this was packaged. It arrives in a very discreet looking ‘Travel Bag’ – and aside from the Label on the outside (which is removable) – it just looks like a very masculine toiletry bag. This is genius! It’s so simple, yet extremely elegant as well – I would have no hesitation leaving this on my bedside table, or taking it away with me, stowed away with all my other toiletries – if only more companies took a bit more of an initiative when designing packaging for toys! The case is made from faux leather, but it feels really nice – it almost feels like real leather, but sadly doesn’t have that ‘real leather’ smell (according to the stamp on the inside of the case, it’s made from ‘Authentic Duratex’ – whatever the hell that is!).

Inside the bag, you get the Black Pearl, a USB Cable, an instruction booklet and a sadly redundant (if you live in the UK) Wall Adapter for the USB cable (it’s redundant because it’s clearly designed for US outlets) – which is a shame, as it’s not just a generic adapter either – some real thought has gone into the design of the plug – which sadly means that you are paying just that little bit extra for something that you aren’t going to use. However our friends across the pond will appreciate this extra touch (although as we’re an Apple household, their are USB plugs all over the house, so it’s not an issue for us).

The Black Pearl is a rigid toy (absolute ZERO flex) and is coated in high quality, seam-free silicone. The charge point at the bottom is covered by a seal but the Black Pearl is only splash/shower proof – do not submerge in water. It feels really light in the hand, and has an insertable length of approximately 4 inches, and has a girth of approx. 3 inches at it’s widest point – making it suitable for not just the more advanced players – it’s the perfect size for beginners too.

In Use

The Black Pearl is just a one button operation – click it once to turn it on – where it will then cycle through 3 different speeds and then 4 different patterns. To turn it off, simply cycle through and it will turn it off OR you can just hold the button down for 2 seconds and it will turn off.

The Black Pearl is so named because of the tip at the top of the toy. This slightly elongated oval shaped tip is supposed to provide direct stimulation to the prostate. The large T-Bar base at the bottom helps prevent unwanted travel, and it narrows towards the base to ensure it stays in place.

The vibrations are strong. For a toy this size, I was really impressed with how strong they were – and they were felt ALL through the toy – there was not a single part of the Black Pearl where I couldn’t feel vibrations. Of course, they were strongest in the tip, but it was also pretty strong all down the shaft and through the T-Bar.

My initial concern was that the vibrations were quite ‘high’ – I’m personally more used to the deep, rumbly sort of vibrations – when I turned the Black Pearl on – I was reminded of the vibrations my Sonic air toothbrush makes. I just kept thinking that this is going to be all a bit too much, especially as even on its lowest setting, it seemed REALLY quite strong!

Of course, in the name of science, we have to give things a try. After getting him ‘in the mood’ (which surprisingly didn’t take too long), I lubed up both him and the Black Pearl and inserted. For the best results, we found it was easier to lie on the side with knees up to the chest to insert. But saying that, with plenty of lube, it went in really easily. This isn’t a toy designed to be girthy or give you that nice, full feeling – it’s all about the prostate and the vibrations. Still, you should always take it nice and slowly, so your body can get used to the sensations. Once he was comfortable, I turned it on. He jumped as it first sprung into life – he said he could literally feel the vibrations through the whole of his body.

I left him to experiment with the different settings, find one that he liked (turned out to be the ‘pulsing’ pattern) and just watched as he lay there, writhing around as the Black Pearl did its thing. He sat up and rocked back and forth gently, to which point he turned around and said “I can feel that vibrating in my teeth!”. As he moved around, he noted that it was actually quite tricky to stop it from just slipping out – he feels that the base just isn’t the right shape to really allow you to keep a good ‘grip’ on it – however when he was lying down, it wasn’t a problem.

The intense vibrations really got him good and turned on, and it led to a full on amazing session, which ended VERY well, I can tell you. He confirmed that even though the Black Pearl was not flexible, at no point did it ever feel uncomfortable, or feel like this was an issue. He’s usually not one to hide his feelings about something, so I trust him!

Clean-up and Maintenance

A quick spritz with some toy cleaner and a damp cloth should be all you need to clean this – DO NOT submerge it! Pop it back in its little storage bag and you’re ready for next time. The Black Pearl takes around 40-60 minutes to charge, and should get you around about an hours worth of play time.


Well my husband really liked it. He said that the vibrations, though high, weren’t uncomfortable, and said it felt extremely pleasurable, especially on the pulsing patterns. He said that it could be tricky to hold on to, when moving around but this was only a minor annoyance. For me, I think it’s useless to have the wall adapter in there – I know it comes as part of the package, but for UK users, it’s redundant (unless you travel to the states regularly…).

It’s definitely a luxury vibrator, and comes at a luxury price, although not as expensive as some, and I certainly think it has the potential to give some of the more expensive luxury prostate vibes a run for their money. It’s safe to say, there is definitely no curse on this Black Pearl. (*groan*).

 Where to buy

NOTE: This product has been discontinued.

I was sent this item to test in exchange for an honest review by Lovehoney. This is no way affects my review in any way – all my reviews are honest and my own (what’s the point in lying?). There are affiliate links within this post – if you want to help support the blog, consider using these links when making your purchases. 

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