Another thing I haven’t really reviewed on the blog (even though I have a fair few of them) is cock rings.

Again, I’m not entirely sure why – but as the good folk at sent me this one in exchange for a review, I of course was more than happy to do a quick write up – and after using the ring, I definitely felt compelled to spread the word.

This will be the second product from US-Based company Tantus that I have tried (the first being the Twist Butt Plug) and I have to say, the quality of Tantus products continues to wow and inspire me. No, I’m not just trying to inflate anyones ego, and I’ll explain why when I get into the review.

First Impressions

In terms of packaging, there’s not much too it – the ring sits in a basic plastic clam-shell with the Tantus Logo and some basic information on the card insert. But to be fair, it doesn’t need to be anything special. At it’s unstretched dimensions, the ring has a diameter of 1.5″ (about 3.8cm) which should comfortably fit a penis with a circumference of 4.7″ (approx 12cm). I myself have a circumference of 5.5″ (14cm) at the base so this fit nicely with a little bit of squeeze. To get the best results, you’d want to slip both the penis and the testicles through.  The ring is supposed to have a max stretch diameter of 4.5″ (11.5cm) which should fit most people.

The ring itself is made from ultra soft 100% ultra-premium silicone, and like the plug, it does feel incredibly soft, silky and squishy. This means that stretching it to fit is relatively easy, although I found it much easier with an extra pair of hands.  Despite that, you’ll still want to use just the smallest amount of lube to help apply the ring.

In Use

So I used the ring two different ways – just as a penis ring, and then again as a ring to fit around both penis and testicles. As a penis ring alone, it did offer some extra support and it applied some gentle pressure on the penis, which did make it feel a little bit firmer, but not enough to make a huge difference – but to be honest, I expected that, so I wasn’t disappointed.

When used round the penis and testicles, that’s when I noticed a significant difference. I don’t think I’ve ever felt quite as hard as I did with this ring. Everything felt firmer… larger even. The veins rippled and bulged like my penis was transforming into the incredible hulk (although thankfully it wasn’t turning green). Everything felt just that little bit more sensitive – the tip of my penis was darker, and reacted to the lightest of touches. It didn’t just have a physical effect, it almost had a mental effect as well. Whilst I am certainly not at all unhappy with the size of my penis – there are times when I do think to myself “if only…” but seeing my cock with this ring on it made me go “Oh yeah…”.

I do need to warn you though; the ring is quite elastic – so if you are stretching and you let go by accident, and it pings back on your little boys… yes, it is indeed going to hurt like hell. I speak from experience. It’s why an extra pair of hands comes in handy. You also want to make sure you are either as hair-free as possible round the old testicles, or use a good amount of lube because as the ring tightens, it WILL pull hairs and it will be uncomfortable and unpleasant. I don’t necessarily think this is a shortfall of this particular ring, more cock rings in general. I own several other style rings that are made from TPE (mostly by Tracy Cox/Bathmate) and they also have the tendency to drag/trap hairs and again, it’s not very nice!

Clean-up and Maintenance

A good wash with water and sex toy cleaner is all that’s needed for this little silicone ring – and then I just chuck it back in it’s packaging to try and keep it dust free until next use. It doesn’t take up a lot of space.


Tantus have produced a good little ring that should fit most men comfortably, and it does indeed help strengthen and prolong erections, to ensure that you definitely have a memorable session. I personally prefer these style rings to vibrating ones anyway, as generally you are restricted by how much they stretch – also, as my husband doesn’t have a clitoris, the vibrations don’t really do much for either of us. So if you are looking for a good quality, basic cock-ring – then I would definitely recommend this one.

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I was sent this c-ring in exchange for an honest review by This in no way affects my opinions on this product, or any other product I am sent. All opinions and experiences expressed in these reviews is my own. Affiliate links are used within this post. 

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