This should be a very short and sweet review to tickle you on this hump-day. | do enjoy a product that’s so simple that it can be reviewed in minutes, not hours or days. So strap in because I’m going to go hard and fast.

This is the third and final review for BestVibe, and today we are checking out the Heating Vacuum Suction Spiral Stroker; an item I picked for it’s aesthetic that looks very similar to TENGA (to be fair, it’s why we chose this product to review). It seemed to be a simple masturbation sleeve; but it comes with a stand that acts as both a storage/display case AND it contains a heating element, designed to warm up the sleeve to ‘body temperature’. The idea of wrapping a warm sleeve around my cock was quite an exciting one; so as soon as I had it – I tore it from the box and plugged it in. Oh dear… Let’s get into why my excitement dropped.

I would like to thank BestVibe for sending us the Heating Vacuum Suction Spiral Stroker free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate Links have been used in this post. 

First Impressions

Like all of the other BestVibe products we have review, the packaging has been plain, simple and understated. Inside, you’ll find the toy in it’s case and a USB cable. At the time of writing the review, I couldn’t find the instruction leaflet – I’m also now not sure it actually came with one but I could be mistaken. The concept is simple – there is a TPE sleeve that feels really soft and spongy. Inside the canal is a series of lumps and bumps, designed to provide stimulation.

When you plug it in, there is a little blue LED that comes on and when left on the side, looks quite pleasant from a ‘mood setting’ perspective. Almost like a little ambient night light. This is also how you activate the warming feature; which according to the website will warm to a lifelike 40 degrees celcius in 5-10 minutes. Now, I will confess to being sceptical because we’ve used a warming rod before; The Fleshlight USB Sleeve Warmer also suggested it could do the same, but the results were… well go back and read the review and you’ll see. Still, I plugged it in and whilst I waited the 10 minutes for the sleeve to warm, I got comfortable with some choice entertainment. I was ready and raring to go.

In Use

Once the 10 minutes were up, I pulled it off the stand and stuck my fingers inside to see how warm it was. There was definitely a subtle warmth but it didn’t feel like the 40 degrees that it advertised. This is where I’m thankful that my husband is a proper geek; I scooted up to his office where he keeps his 3D printer and snatched the thermometer he has. Let’s get scientific and take some temperature readings. But we are going to do this properly. So I left the sleeve for a couple of hours to completely cool down, and we started again.

Before going onto the heating rod, the sleeve was registering an internal temperature of 23 degrees. We placed it on the rod and we left it for the 10 minutes that it states on the website. After this time, it was now registering an internal temperature of 28 degrees; a 5 degree difference over the starting temperature. But it’s still not quite close to the 40 degrees that they promised. So I decided to see how long it would take, and whether it would ever get to that temperature. For what it’s worth, the actual heating rod was recording a temperature of 42 degrees; so I was somewhat hopeful. We left it on for another 20 minutes (so 30 minutes total).

At this point, the sleeve was now registering an internal temperature of 33 degrees. It had only risen another 5 degrees in 20 minutes. But I could feel we were getting closer. Should I push it another half an hour? The rod was now recording a temperature of 47 degrees. So we stuck it back on waited another 30 minutes. Here we are. Did we finally achieve it?

Umm… try more like an hour!

Yes! We did. The rod was recording a temperature of 50 degrees, and the internal sleeve was just registering a temperature of 39.9 degrees. Hurrah! Finally! So yes, the sleeve can reach the stated temperature of 40 degrees… (well, give or take a point of a degree) BUT it did take an hour to get there. Not ideal, so if you do want to use this warm… you definitely need to do some pre-planning. I also note that the heat is mainly focused towards the base; which is odd because the tip of the rod was registering the most heat… yeah I don’t really know what’s going on *shrugs*.

OK enough about the heat… what does it feel like?

Well, it was alright. The sleeve itself is very standard; there is a decent amount of texture in the sleeve, and it’s very stretchy – so should encompass a lot of different sizes. The heat does indeed add a certain extra element that you don’t have if you aren’t normally accustomed to warming up your sleeves before hand. If you close your eyes and think *really* hard, there is a sensation of realism that’s quite exciting. Unfortunately, the heat doesn’t quite last as long as I would like. After just 5 minutes, there is a drop of around 7 degrees on the internal temperature. It’s not the end of the world; if I wanted to – I could always pop it back onto the stand to warm up again – but given the time it takes (and the fact everything would now be covered in lube… perhaps not the best idea).

As a sleeve though, it’s comparable in sensation and quality of a TENGA stroker; such as this one – and these retailed for a similar price and didn’t have a heating function. And to be fair, the heating stand also does double up as a cute little storage container AND with that lovely little blue LED light… it could almost function as a little night light.

Clean-up and Maintenance

The sleeve can be completely turned inside out for good, thorough cleaning. I would recommend allowing the sleeve to fully dry before putting it back on the stand; whilst there is a temptation stick the sleeve on to the warming stand and let it dry that way; I will say the stand doesn’t look totally secure and I would be worried about any moisture getting in there and messing with it. If you can towel dry it before hand; then any residual dampness might be OK but I definitely wouldn’t stick it on their straight from the sink.


Look, it’s not revolutionary or like, jaw-droppingly amazing BUT; even though it took 6 times as long to heat up as it’s supposed to… it did heat up and it does feel pretty nice! I think if you want a budget sleeve that can be warmed up (especially as we head into those colder nights…) then go for it. There are alternative ways to heat your sleeves; you could wrap them in warm towel that’s fresh from the tumble dryer (DO NOT PUT YOUR TOYS IN THE TUMBLE DRYER) or you could even rest them in a sink full of warm water for 10 minutes before pay. Although this does come with a slight downside of having a soaking wet sleeve… but at least it’s warm? The rod is definitely more convenient and fuss free; it’s just a shame it doesn’t work quicker!

Where to Buy

You can pick up your own Heating Vacuum Suction Spiral Stroker from BestVibe for £29.99 (at the time of publishing).

I would like to thank BestVibe for sending us the Heating Vacuum Suction Spiral Stroker free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. If you wish to help support us, please consider making your purchases through these links as it helps keep the blog running and my doggies rolling in treats! Thank you x

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