To round off today’s batch of reviews – we’re just going to take a quick look at the new and improved Tantus Suction cup. I haven’t experienced the ‘original’ suction cup – but the little promotional piece that came with this suction cup says it’s new and improved – so take that for what it is.

This arrived along with the Prostate Play recently, and it was almost wasted as I never had any compatible products – however after rescuing the ‘Goddess‘, and now had the perfect toy to try with the cup. So how did this little gadget fare when put to the test? Well let’s find out…

First Impressions

The Cup is packaged very simply, much like the rest of Tantus products. The cup is made from their 100% ultra-premium silicone – so it feels soft, luxurious and you know it’s good quality. The cup is designed to stick on almost any surface that would safely hold a suction cup – in our house, suction cups tend to get used in the bathroom as we have all the tiled surfaces.

The Suction Cup is designed to fit inside any dildo that takes a bullet vibrator. To use, simply affix the suction cup to the surface you wish to stick it to – then slide the dildo onto the peg of the suction cup and it will hold it nice and secure.

As I mentioned earlier, this suction cup is ‘new and improved’ – I’m not exactly sure what has changed, but on the product page, you will find the following:

**Newly improved: No more uneven bottoms or occasional wobbles. These Suction Cups are smooth, perfect, and damn sturdy when you stick ’em!**

The suction created by this cup is very strong indeed – in fact, it takes a LOT of effort to prize the cup away from whatever surface you have attached it to – which is great, especially if you prefer things to be a bit more ‘vigorous’. It also stays up for a VERY long time – I’ve had a dildo attached the the whiteboard next to my desk for the last hour and it hasn’t lost suction at all.

In Use

Upon using the suction cup with a compatible dildo, I did notice that things weren’t 100% perfect. When you have the cup attached to a flat surface (like a floor or a table/chair etc) – then there’s isn’t really an issue – the dildo sits nicely on top of the suction cup and then you can go to work like you would normally.

When the suction cup is attached to the wall, things are a little different. As you place the dildo onto the suction cup, there is a tendency for the dildo to now droop and point toward the floor. It’s firmly attached to the peg and the cup is attached firmly to the wall (It’s not going anywhere) – but the weight of the dildo on the peg is enough to cause droop, which can make backing up onto the dildo a bit trickier than using a regular suction cup dildo.

Now it could just be the weight of this particular dildo, but I know someone else who also reviewed the suction cup also reported a similar issue. Does it really effect the overall usability of the cup? Well, I suppose not really as the sagging does not affect the actual suction – so it’s still stuck to the wall nice and firmly – which is the main thing. When using it on a flat (and vertical basis) – this was not even an issue.

Clean-up and Maintenance

This little cup requires very little in the way of looking after – just a good rinse will get it nice and clean, and then you can store it away safely until next time.


There’s not much to say about this cup really, other than if you have Tantus toys with bullets, then you need to get the suction cup – it will open up a new world of play possibilities, meaning you get so much more out of them. All I need to do now, is to get my hands on more compatible Tantus products! And that’s not a bad thing.

If you want to get your hands on the Suction Cup, you can get one directly from Tantus

The Suction Cup was kindly sent to me by Tantus in exchange for an honest review. As always, this does not affect my opinions or experiences with the toy in anyway, and all experiences presented here are all my own, and 100% honest experience. Affiliate links have been used within this post. 

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