Vibrating cock rings are something that we don’t really use all that often. Truthfully, for the simple reason that they are generally designed for PiV intercourse; with the vibrating element designed to stimulate the clitoris. But something about the design of the Atom Plus made me feel that this could be different…

A year ago, I would generally have turned down any offer to review a cock ring; they just don’t really find use in our bedroom at all; vibrating or otherwise. But I am a huge fan of the products that Hot Octopuss put out, and so when the opportunity arose to review one of their new cock rings with SheVibe; I thought it was worth a shot. Within a few days, the Atom Plus had arrived and I was eager to have a little play…

The Atom Plus was sent to us free of charge by SheVibe in exchange for an honest review. The model sent was previously used for photography purposes, so arrived without the standard packaging. 

First Impressions

Long time readers may know Hot Octopuss as the company who brought us the ‘PULSE‘, the self-styled ‘guybrator’. Since then, they’ve launched 2 additional updated models (the PULSE II and PULSE III respectively), along side a ‘Pocket‘ version. They even dabbled in creating sex toys for the more vulvic-ally inclined (the Queen Bee). It’s good to see the brand branch out and create a more diverse range of products. The most recent additions to their pleasure line up are the Atom and Atom Plus.

The Atom is your standard vibrating cock ring, the Atom Plus is a slightly more interesting beast. This ring boasts dual powerful motors; one aimed at giving stimulation to your partner, with the other motor resting snuggly underneath your testicles, to give your taint a little tickle. The Atom Plus is made from body-safe silicone, is completely waterproof and has 5 different vibrating patterns. Each setting has (and correct me if I’m wrong) 5 different speeds. The Atom Plus utilises new technology, allowing both motors to be powered together, using the same wiring. In order to put on the Atom Plus, you need to stretch it; the wiring stretches too. This means that both motors offer the same amount of power. The Atom Plus is USB rechargeable, for convenience – although SheVibe do offer the ability to add-on an adapter for wall charging, if you prefer.

In Use

The Atom Plus can be used solo or during couples play. I thought I would give it a bit of a test whilst the husband was at work, just so I could get a feel for what it could do. Now, I am familiar with the delicate song and dance that one must do when applying rings; unfortunately, it feels I have no rhythm and 2 left feet. For the life of me, I just could not get the darn thing on. I’m stretching the ring as much as I can (although fretting i’m going to break it) and I get one of the chaps through the hole… but I just can’t seem to encourage the other one to pop through. I spent a good 30 minutes trying to do this, on the verge of passing out because it’s 30 degrees celcius outside and I am melting.

Eventually, I had to stop, where I lay panting on the bed, completely soaked through with sweat. Bugger, I thought to myself. This isn’t a great start. I tried again on 2 separate occasions, before turning to Twitter for help. It would seem that the Atom Plus needs an extra pair of hands; one to hold the ring open, whilst the other pair squishes things through the hole. Well, I thought to myself, that kind of rules it out for solo play… “Darling, can you help me put this on and then… bugger off?”.

At this point, I have to be honest, it got put to one side and then forgotten about; this was during the time of my recent trip to hospital, my family member in hospital after a heart attack and various work stress. Once we were back on the wagon, I decided to enlist the help of my husband, and see if we could finally put the Atom Plus to good use. The first time we tried to put it on him, we also had a similar issue, even with both of us stretching and squishing. The second time, we were fresh out of the shower and things were a little… looser. This seemed to make a bit more of a difference, and with a few giggles (and some yelps because of tugged pubic hair), the Atom Plus was finally on someone and was ready to go.

“It’s very tight” he said to me, with a note of trepidation in his voice. “Is it uncomfortable?” I asked. “Not really, but it’s tighter than I would have thought”. It did seem to be cinching his groin rather snugly. “If it gets too much, let me know and i’ll take it off”. “If things start turning blue, you cut the damn thing off”. Once he was comfortable, I turned on the vibrations so he could just focus on the sensation of the ring. The Motor at the top was sending vibrations through his shaft, whilst the bottom motor was tickling his perineum (although on subtly, he would remark). I wanted to admire things from a distance initially, so I began playing around, by teasing him all over, and I watched his cock grow and become engorged by the ring. In terms of making erections thicker and stronger, this Atom Plus certainly succeeds.

I marvelled at how thick and veiny it had become; I had never seen his member look so… angry before. Is that right? Can a penis look angry? I don’t know… all I know is, I didn’t want any trouble. As I stroked it for him, I could really feel how hard it was making him. As far as that side of things goes, it worked. As he lay there, I climbed on top off him, I wanted to see whether I could feel the vibrations. I lowered myself onto him, until the vibrations from the top motor were tickling MY taint. The vibrations were pleasant, but I had to really press myself into his groin to really feel them. I would imagine that this certainly works better for PiV intercourse.

I soon had him turn to me and ask me to take it off, as it was starting to feel a little uncomfortable. Taking the Atom Plus off was far easier than putting it on; and once it was removed, his testicles were a very rosy shade of red. Now my husband isn’t endowed like a pornstar; average 6 inches in length, with a good 5.75 inch girth… but he found it was just a little *too* tight, and it was far more difficult to put on, and to some extent, it was a bit of a mood killer; it’s certainly not something you decide to use ‘on a whim’ – it needs thought and planning before hand, and I kind of prefer things that allow me to be a bit more… spontaneous.

Not one to completely ‘poo poo’ something, I decided to see whether i could attach it to one of my many dildos, to offer a little extra stimulation. The Atom Plus fits onto almost all of my dildos with ease, and the top motor offers a tiny bit of perineal stimulation as | thrust. It’s nice, but it’s not really rocking my socks off.

Clean-up and Maintenance

The Atom Plus is completely waterproof, so clean up is as simple as rinsing it with warm water and then drying it off. As with all Hot Octopuss products, you do get a nice little storage bag, which will help keep it nice and clean in between uses. The Atom Plus is quick to recharge, taking around 2 hours to achieve full power, and we’ve seen it running for more than an hour without losing much power.


Reviews like this are hard. Especially because I love the brand – Hot Octopuss have been very supportive of us in the past, and i’ve enjoyed watching the company grow into the diverse brand it is now. I don’t think that the Atom Plus is a bad product, by any stretch of the imagination. It certainly is one of the more unique designs, and I do think this is a step in the right direction in creating a cock ring that’s more inclusive. The technology inside is impressive, and it is certainly one of the more powerful vibrating cock rings i’ve felt.

Maybe our genitals are just weird; I don’t know – but it was a huge struggle to put this on, and i’m really sad that I myself didn’t really get a chance to use it properly. Hot shower or not, I just couldn’t get the darn thing on me! My concern is, if you were to make it a bit more… flexible, then it may not provide enough grip afterwards and I guess that kind of defeats the point. I don’t know. I still love Hot Octopuss and my PULSE… but the Atom Plus, sadly, has not converted me to cock ring use. Not this time.

Where to Buy

You can pick up the Atom Plus from SheVibe for $99 (at the time of posting). Ships to US/CA/AU/UK.

I would like to thank SheVibe for sending us the Atom Plus free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our thoughts or experiences with this or any other product we receive for review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. 

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