So as you have all come to realise, is that I really do love anal toys. Despite that, I have very few butt plugs in my collection – however this is slowly changing.

I now have several silicone butt plugs and one glass plug. However, I had been eying up some aluminium and steel plugs for a while, but they seemed so much smaller than what I was used too, I just didn’t see the point. However when this little beauty was sent to me by Lovehoney in exchange for an honest review, my perception of these smaller plugs was about to change.

First Impressions

When this arrived, I was surprised at how little packaging there was, in fact I was initially very underwhelmed that a product with a hefty price-tag is packaged so basic – but actually, it works perfectly well. The plug is presented in a velvet drawstring bag with the ‘Rosebuds’ logo. Inside, the plug is wrapped in bubble-wrap and placed inside a small plastic bag – which ensures that the plug arrives without a dent or scratch.

The first thing you notice when you get the bag in your hand, is how heavy the package is, despite it’s size. This is without a doubt, one of the heaviest plugs I have ever used (weighing in at about 322g) – this might not sound a lot, but when it’s inserted, it makes a huge difference (but more on that later). I was totally expecting something bigger (especially when it’s listed as Large) but this plug sits comfortably in the palm of my hand. This isn’t a toy about size and length – it is all about the weight, but for those interested, it has 3 inches of insertable length, a 3.5 inch circumference at it’s widest point. With that in mind,  I would still put this as an intermediate to advanced toy, purely for the weight.

Immediately after getting the plug in my hand, I was annoyed at the fact the smooth shiny surface was now besmirched with fingerprints! I found myself obsessively wiping it to remove them. The base has the Swarovski crystal set into it, giving the plug a delicate sense of class and femininity, but I wouldn’t have said enough to deter the most manliest of men – this is still a weighty beast!

In Use

Initially, it took a little bit of practice to really get the full benefit of this plug. The smooth steel surface and tapered tip make insertion incredibly easy and comfortable. The difficult part was keeping it in! This is where you really need to practice your clenching!

So on my first use, I just decided to try and get used to the new sensation of having this weighty bit of still inside me, and doing my best to stop it from slipping out. Thankfully it has a nice slender neck, so you can easily keep hold of it… if you are lying down. As soon as I stood up, gravity took over and before I knew it, it was making a loud THUD as it hit the wooden floor of the bedroom.

But never one to shy away from a challenge, I kept going. The cool steel inside felt wonderful, and each time I clenched to hold the plug in, it sent a little shiver of pleasure up my spine. I knew that when it came to using this during intercourse was going to be fantastic.

So when the time came, I was a bit more adept at keeping the plug in, and as we continued to play, the added constant stimulation from the plug inside felt incredible – but something was missing. I had all this extra weight down there – and none of it was working over my prostate. Is that such a big deal? Well it shouldn’t really – I already expected this to not do much for prostate stimulation based on the insertable length – but once you’ve got something down there, you just wish it was ever so slightly longer.

The good thing is, this plug has a T-Bar based, as opposed to the rounded crystal base the other Snelling plugs have. The T-Bar fits perfectly between the cheeks, meaning it’s comfortable to sit/stand/walk with the plug in place – and it’s big enough to prevent any unwanted travelling.

However, with all the heat we’ve been having lately, I’m not going to lie – having something extremely cold down there did feel incredibly nice, and for that reason, I can forgive it’s short falls.

Clean-up and Maintenance

As this is a steel toy, you can easily clean it with just warm water and anti-bac toy cleaner, and then dry with a nice lint-free cloth to keep it looking shiny and beautiful. As it comes with a cute little velvet pouch, storage is nice and simple.


I cannot fault the design and the look of the plug. It’s simply a beautiful piece and feels like it lives up to it’s luxury price tag. Definitely not suitable for beginners as even though it is relatively small when it comes to insertable size, the added weight does certainly make this more of a challenge to keep in. The weight does add something new, and if you haven’t tried any toys made of steel, you are in for a treat. I only wish it was just a little bit bigger.

This item was sent to me in exchange for an honest review by Lovehoney, where it has now been discontinued. 

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