I am so sorry we’ve taken SO long to get through these reviews; I swear it never rains but it pours! Always something against me… but here we are! Our final review for Uberrime, and once again we are on to another winner. Can Uberrime actually do anything wrong?

The Helios is the ‘chunkiest’ of the three dildos that I was sent; so i’ve taken a bit longer with that one. The Splendid really set the bar quite high for Uberrime; to me, that dildo was sheer perfection. But I have to admit, it was actually the Helios that originally piqued by interest. There was something about the swirling design of the shaft that had me itching to give it a try.

I’ve kept everyone waiting long enough, so let’s just get onto the review, aye?

The Helios Sun God was sent to us free of charge in exchange for an honest review by Uberrime Dildos.

First Impressions

You can check out our review of the Night King dildo for all the lowdown on the packaging deets. The Helios is a single density dildo, but one that’s delightfully squishy. It has a relatively realistic phallic shape, with a bulbous glans thats soft like a marshmallow. It’s quite a rounded tip, and doesn’t have much taper to it. The shaft is twisted, so the silicone spirals down to the flared base. This Helios features a bright blend of pink, purple and blue silicone. It’s certainly very striking, although out of the three dildos i’ve been sent; it’s my least favourite in terms of colour, but I don’t hate it!

The Helios stands at a little over 8 inches in total length, and is insertable for about 7 of those inches. The glans has a circumference of 6.5 inches around it’s widest point, and the shaft has a circumference of 5.75 inches at it’s widest, and 5.25 at it’s narrowest. It’s certainly not a beginner dildo, especially with that wide chubby tip. Let’s get down to business.

In Use

Admittedly, the Helios was a tiny bit of challenge for me; that tip is really at the peak of my girth threshold, so it did take a little practice to get there, especially with the lack of taper; it’s almost like trying to stick a golf ball up your butt; it’s a very rounded tip and required a LOT of lube (but that’s my experience. If you play with bigger toys, this will not be a problem!). Once I was able to navigate past the glans, there is a significant ‘POP!’ before the shaft starts to spiral, delivering next level sensations.

If you do not like your dildos heavily textured, this is not for you. Even though the silicone here is quite soft, the texture is quite pronounced, so you can really feel every twist. With gentle back and forth motions, I can feel each little bump and it feels exquisite. This is not something I can heavily thrust with. The size and texture dictates that this is for those slow days where you just want to lay back and focus on the sensations. If i’m wanting a dildo for a quick wank, the Night King or Splendid are what i’ll be reaching for.

The most fun was had with the Helios, but twisting the shaft as it was inside me. It kind of acts like a screw, so with each twist, I could feel the dildo moving deeper inside. This is the selling point of the Helios; that screwing sensation has my toes curling. The flared base does make this harness compatible, but honestly, this isn’t a dildo I was use in that way; the texture (whilst amazing) is too much when it comes to riding and thrusting. This is a ‘slow comfortable screw against the wall’ kind of a thing.

Clean-up and Maintenance

Like with most silicone dildos, the Helios is a dust magnet, so a good wash is recommended BEFORE and after each use. You can rinse with just soap and water, boil or bleach, or toss it in your dishwasher on the sanitise cycle; the world is your cleaning oyster!


So I tried to keep this short and sweet! The Helios is not your beginners dildo; that tip is certainly a challenge for me, and beginners will definitely have to work their way up to this one. However, if you can get past that and enjoy a good amount of texture; then Helios could be your new best friend.

All in all, I have been thoroughly impressed with the quality of all of the Uberrime dildos I have tried so far. For a long time, I was not really excited by a lot of the silicone offerings from other toy makers; designs have gotten boring or are just old models in new colours and new names; Uberrime are genuinely doing something a little bit more fun. Are they the most original designs? No, I mean, any fantasy dildo maker probably has similar models and similar ideas. But Uberrime have executed their ideas perfectly. The quality is incredible, the way the dildos are poured gives them some truly unique colours. I am so glad I’ve found this brand, and been privileged enough to try some of them out for you.

Where To Buy

You can pick up the Helios exclusively from PeepShow Toys

Edit: It seems this version of the Helios is now discontinued but a new updated model for 2022 is available from SheVibe . The difference seems to be in the head of the dildo; it’s less ‘realistic’ and is more smooth and bulbous – but it still contains the twist in the shaft towards the base.

I would like to thank Uberrime for sending us the Helios Sun God to us free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our opinions or experience with this or any other product we receive for review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. 

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