Shiver Me Timbers! What’s that I see off the starboard bow? It’s the next instalment of our reviews for Hankey’s Toys! Avast, ye land-lubber! You’d best be on your guard… or you’ll get a taste of the Captain’s Hook!

And in this case, it wouldn’t actually be a bad thing. Today we’re looking at another Hankey’s dildo and this one… let’s just say I could have been stranded on a desert island with just this for company and I would have been pretty happy. The Captain’s Hook has the most spectacularly curved shaft that is just begging to pound your prostate into submission. Available in 5 sizes; I played it safe with the XS version (yes, that’s extra small… ) but don’t let those words fool you because it was definitely a satisfying experience. So put down your sword and surrender to the wonder of the hook…

The Captain’s Hook Dildo was sent to us free of charge by Hankey’s Toys in exchange for an honest review. Some affiliate links have been used in this post. 

First Impressions

I’ve covered the delivery and packaging in our first review of the Perfect Penis; so go back and check that out if you want more information. Let’s just dive straight in with the details. Like all of their dildos, the Captain’s Hook is made from 100% platinum cure silicone; and each dildo is available in a selection of sizes and firmness. For my personal tastes; I chose the Extra Small Size in Medium Firm. Don’t ask me why but I chose the Bubblegum Pink colour but you know what? I’m not mad. Note: I’m not sure what happened, but my camera struggled to capture the actual colour of this toy. 

In terms of size, the XS Captain’s Hook has the following dimensions; 8 inches overall length, 6.63 inches of insertable length. Around the head, it has a circumference of 5.25 inches which widens to 5.70 inches towards the base. The XS version doesn’t come with an option to have a vac-u-loc hole installed, but it is o-ring compatible so you could still use it with a strap-on harness if you so desired. As I mentioned, it get’s its name because it has the most deliciously pronounced curve in it. I couldn’t wait to give this a try…

In Use

After warming up with the Perfect Penis (or PP), I was ready to slip onto the Captain’s Hook. For this, I found I was best positioned on my back or side, allowing me to control insertion with the curve pointing up towards my belly button. The CH (as I shall refer to it hence-forth) has a decent realistic girth to it so whilst it was necessarily a struggle getting it in, it did feel like it was stretching me ever so slightly. Compared to the PP; it’s about an inch wider which may not sound like a huge difference but when it comes to my butt; it’s very obvious. However once it was finally in place; I knew I was in for a really good time.

That curve makes short work of finding my prostate; and with each thrust; it was working it over. The length is a little long for me to just sit and rock with merry abandon but I was more than happy to be thrusting away, watching my cock bounce and dribble with every stroke. As this does have an o-ring compatible base, I was able to hook it up to my LoveArc – allowing me to get into a riding position. Oh lord have mercy… I made noises I wasn’t sure were humanly possible. It just felt so freakin’ amazing. It really didn’t take long for it to squeak an orgasm or two out of me. This one is definitely going to be seeing a lot of action.

Clean-up and Maintenance

As with all silicone dildos, clean-up is an absolute breeze. I don’t think I need to dwell on it too much; basically you can wash it with soap and water, boil it, use a weak bleach solution, pop it in the top rack of your dishwasher (sans plates and detergent, obvs) … you do you!


Well that was a nice short one wasn’t it? Sometimes there isn’t any need to waffle on about the virtues of a product. In this case, this dildo ROCKED my cock. And my prostate and my WORLD. For those who really want to enjoy some good p-spot play, but haven’t yet found a dildo to truly reach their fun spots… then look no further. The base is wide enough that you can really get good grip on it, even with lubey fingers.

It’s got a decently realistic design with some lovely details around the glans (which has lovely ridge, by the way). There’s a small amount of vein detail but ultimately it’s all about that curve. I am obsessed and I cannot wait to ride it again. In fact, can you excuse me a moment?

Where to Buy

If you would like the XS, you can grab that one here.

If you are after something with a bit more; then you’ll want the original Captain’s Hook

If you are in the UK, you can order from Clonezone Direct, where they have it in all sizes including the XS.

The Captain’s Hook Dildo was sent to us free of charge by Hankey’s Toys in exchange for an honest review. Some affiliate links have been used in this post. Some affiliate links have been used in this post. This does not sway our opinion of this or any other product we receive for review. If you wish to help support the blog, please share this post with someone you think would find it interesting!

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