It’s been a while since we reviewed any fantasy silicone on the blog. But when Twisted Beast reached out to me and very politely asked if I would consider reviewing something for them; I couldn’t say no. I mean, they did ask *very* nicely and I’m not a monster.

However Twisted Beast’s dildos are definitely monsters; in a good way, obviously. Trying to decide which one to review was a little tricky because; well look – let me lay it on the line. I’m not a massive fan of ‘huge’ dildos; it’s not something I personally enjoy and one of my issues with some (not all) fantasy silicone slingers; is that they specialise in just providing you with the biggest dildos you can possibly imagine. TB definitely cater to that audience too; but I am pleased to see that they have some more; er – average sizes. Like Bael The Bull. To be fair, even the small is erring on the larger side but it’s basically at my upper limit of what I find comfortable.

And so, Bael the Bull was on it’s way to me; and when it arrived – I was a little anxious that even with the small; I might have bitten off a little more than I could chew. There was going to be only one way to find out. Take a deep breath…

I would like to thank Twisted Beast for sending us Bael The Bull dildo free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have not been used in this post. 

First Impressions

The packages from Twisted Beast arrive in non-descript brown boxes with little to identify the contents on the outside (they are a UK company though; so bear in mind if you are outside the UK then this might be a little different). Inside, the dildo is packed in a soft velvet storage bag marked with the Twisted Beast Logo. The dildo itself is wrapped in plastic (the only throwaway packaging). You also get a little sticker and a trading card as well (a cute little touch).

Bael is made from platinum cure silicone and features a gorgeous colour way of blood red fading into a dark black. What I find quite endearing is the fact on close inspection, I can see that the dildos are poured from resin printed masters; if you look very closely, you can see the original print lines. It absolutely don’t not detract anything from the final product; if anything, for me – it just enhances the fact that these are not just white label monster dildos from ali express (not naming any brand in particular here). They clearly have been designed and manufactured in house – which is pretty cool.

I have the Bael in ‘small’ which has a total length of 7 inches, with an insertable length of about 6.5 inches. At the tip, it has a circumference of 4.5 inches at it’s narrowest point before widening to 5.5 inches. The middle widens further to 6.3 inches, before reaching a max circumference of 6.6 inches towards the base. It is in 00 30 silicone, which they say equates to feeling similar to a soft bad dragon dildo, slightly softer than a Hankey’s dildo or the same as Topped Toys. I cannot vouch for that; but if you own anything from those brands – I hope that gives you an idea!

In Use

Right off the bat, I will say that the Bael did challenge me a little more than I was expecting – but I think that’s down to me, rather than their being any problem with the dildo. I’ve had a lot on my mind recently and ‘relaxing’ hasn’t come easy! So it took me a few attempts – but we did get there in the end! And it was great. Despite looking (and feeling) bigger than I was expecting; the softness of the silicone actually makes this far more manageable than I thought. I still needed to warm up a little (and take my sweet time) – but once we did; I was fully impressed with the exceptional detail of the shaft.

It has a semi-realistic appearance; so it doesn’t necessarily look like it’s come from some sort of mythical creature; however there is a decent amount of exaggerated texture that provides lots of intense stimulation. The head of the shaft has a deliciously pronounced glans, which does give you that satisfying little ‘pop’ when you first insert it. But you don’t get too long to relax because almost immediately, the shaft starts to bulge out; there’s rippling veins – at this point it almost looks like a flexed arm, with biceps bulging. But as you slide it in deeper, it just starts to stretch you; but not in a bad way. The softness of the silicone helps keep things feeling pleasant.

Once it’s fully balls deep; it left me feeling incredibly stuffed. I don’t normally like feeling that full; but it just felt right. I attempted some minor thrusting and whilst I could; the sheer size was a little over-whelming for me personally. So instead, I took just grinding on it, maybe clenching around it. The length was perfect to be massaging my internal spots. I just let it do it’s thing whilst I stroked myself and… well you know where this is going.

Clean-up and Maintenance

As Bael is made from silicone, you can do whatever you choose to make sure it’s sparkling clean for your next adventure. Whether you wash it with just soap and water; clean it in a very mild bleach solution, boil it or toss it in the top rack of your dishwasher – it’s all good. And once it’s clean and dry, you can pop it back in it’s storage bag (or display it proudly; it’s up to you!). The silicone is a little bit of a dust and hair magnet so with 2 doggies running around; the bag is my best option!


Not really sure what else to say other than as fantasy dildos go; it’s always nice to find a new brand, especially one that’s UK based as the majority of makers I meet in my travels as a sex blogger tend to be US based. It’s nice to see some more home-grown silicone talent. I cannot fault the build quality; the dildo looks great and I absolutely love the ‘demon blood’ ombre design. They Bael comes in 4 sizes, and the larger sizes are all suction cup compatible.

As a brand, Twisted Beast have a fairly varied selection of products; and their prices (even when not on sale) are fairly competitive. They also offer some various apparel pieces like hoodies, t-shirts and underwear; as well as leather items as well. Their sizing is a little restrictive; so if you are huskier than a 36″ waist, not sure you’ll be able to find anything. Maybe we’ll see some proper plus sizes in the future? *hint hint*. But that aside, my first experience with Twisted Beast has been a positive one and I could see myself coming back for more in the future.

Where to Buy

You can order your Bael direct from Twisted Beast in one of four sizes: Small, Medium, Large or XL.

If that’s not your style, or you want more of a challenge; you can check out the rest of their toy range here.

I would like to thank Twisted Beast for sending us Bael The Bull dildo free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have not been used in this post. If you’ve enjoyed this review or think someone might enjoy it, please share it! We appreciate your support, and it helps me keep the blog running! 🙂

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