This is a review that is long time coming. Then again, almost all of my reviews at the moment are long time coming! Fantasy lovers rejoice! Blush Novelties are encouraging some serious booty (and other orifice) plundering with their brand new range ; The Realm!

The collection consists of a sword handle; that has a vac-u-lock attachment, and a series of dildos that you can attach to it. Of course, being vac-u-lock, the handle is compatible with almost any vac-u-lock dildo, so the possibilities are endless. In the actual Realm collection, there is one ‘fantasy’ themed dildo (the Draken) and then 3 more ‘realistic’ models; meaning there is something for everyone. When SheVibe reached out to see if I would like to review some of the Realm collection for them, of course I had to say yes.  We have been kindly sent the Drago handle and 2 of the dildo attachments.

I would like to thank SheVibe for sending the Drago and attachments to us free of charge in exchange for an honest review. And i’m sorry it’s taken so long. 

First Impressions

First of all, can we just appreciate the packaging. The theming, the colour, the sturdiness… like 10 out of 10. Each product is nestled in a little ‘slide out’ tray which gives the boxes a solid feel, making the products feel that ever bit more luxurious than if they were just in standard cardboard boxes. We have been sent the Drago Handle, the Draken dildo and the 7.5 inch realistic dildo. we’ll go through each piece individually.


The undoubted star of the show, the Drago Dragon Sword Dildo Handle is an impressive piece of kit. I could totally see someone wielding a sword like this in the lands of Westeros. The hilt features 2 impressively detailed dragon heads, with a crossed sword surrounded by flames in the middle. It looks very majestic and honestly, probably wouldn’t look too out of place at your next LARPing session (if no one pays attention to the dildo on the end…).

It’s solid and very weighty; made from polyurethane and textured beyond belief. The level of detail is seriously amazing. I’m not sure I could get my pictures to truly do it justice. Oddly enough, it’s my favourite part of the collection, and it’s only the accessory! The Drago is NOT a toy; I just need to get that out of the way. Whilst the handle does look extremely phallic (and like it would be a lot of fun), the material is VERY hard and in some places, quite sharp; this would NOT feel good.


The Draken dildo is a tantalising and beautifully detailed dildo that aims to offer texture lovers a next-level experience, The dildo is in your classic phallus shape; but is completely covered in lots of ribs, bumps and textures. I feel it’s meant to make you think of dragon scales, but I will be honest and tell you it gives me serious xenomorph vibes. I think H R Giger would be seriously proud of this dildo.

|t’s made from a soft, satin-feel silicone, so even though it’s VERY textured, it doesn’t feel too rough. The Draken stands at 7.75 inches in total length, with 7.25 of those inches being insertable. It has a 1.75 inch width, which equates to a circumference of just shy of 5 inches. The Draken does have a flared base, so this could be used with a harness if you wished to experiment without the sword handle.

7.5 Inch Realistic Lock On Dildo

The more… safe… dildo that I was supplied with is the 7.5 inch realistic dildo. This is your classic slimline dildo, that features a realistic glans and vein detailing that starts out on the slimmer side, before thickening towards the base. It has a total length of 7.5 inches, which I guess could be fully insertable (providing it’s attached to the handle). It has a circumference of 4.25 inches at the tip and then widens to a sphincter-stretching 6.5 inches towards the base (yes, that’s a stretch for me!).

This dildo is made from the same smooth feel silicone, and still has a nice firm texture with a good bit of squish, There is no flared base on this dildo, so this is not harness safe and should be used with a proper vac-u-lock attachment for safety. So that’s the line up… let’s see how they worked!

In Use

When attaching your dildo to the Drago handle, you’ll need to use a little bit of lube or some cornflour (cornstarch) as getting the dildo back off the handle without it, could see you damaging your new toy. The plug is VERY firm and secure; and even with a little bit of lube, it’s still a bit tough to get the dildos off the handle; but at least I had confidence that nothing was just going to ‘pop off’ during use. But if you have mobility issues or don’t have the strength in the wrists, this might not be the system for you.

The first dildo reporting for duty was the Draken. With a loud ‘SPLOP’, it slipped onto the handle and was ready for battle. At this point, it’s quite difficult to stop yourself swinging and waving the dildo around like you’re some sort of sexy dragon slayer. The dildo flexes back and forth as you wave your sword around. Things do get a might heavier though, when attached, and after waving it around for like 10 minutes (all whilst giggling like a little child) I was like “hmmm… my wrist hurts… this doesn’t bode well”.

In practice though, my fears were unfounded because actually, this is the easiest experience with a dildo i’ve had for ages. Now, for full disclosure, i’m not quite as slim and svelte as I used to be; I like to call it ‘comfort weight’ – but the truth of the matter is, there is a belly and sometimes this does get in the way. It can mean just thrusting with a dildo by hand can be a bit… well, awkward. The handle added a good amount of length, meaning I didn’t have to blend, flex or stretch too much to allow me to thrust the dildo deep inside. I actually thought the bulkiness would actually do the opposite and make it more difficult. Well, how wrong I was.

As for the Draken; oh boy – you can really feel that texture! You’ll need to ensure you are using a liberal coating of lubricant, especially if you are using this anally. Those lumps and bumps can get a little too much if you aren’t slick enough (almost like sandpaper!). But with a good coating, the Draken does actually glide quite nicely, with a decent amount of girth. The various ‘knuckle’ like bumps along the shaft give these mild popping sensations, and the overall ribbed texture does feel very nice.

The 7.5 inch Realistic dildo was… well, it was alright. Not as exciting as the Draken in terms of design. It felt very typical; which I guess if you aren’t a fan of overly textured dildos, then this might be the dildo of your dreams! It does have some mild vein texture, but truthfully, I didn’t really notice it. But the slender tip does make this the perfect warm up. It also does have a slight curve, which meant that it could offer a mild bit of prostate stimulation.

Clean-up and Maintenance

The dildos, being made from silicone, are so easy to clean. You’ll want to take a little extra care when cleaning the Draken as there are lots of little ridges where lube and other bodily fluids could get stuck (as I said, it’s insanely textured!). As for the handle, this can be cleaned with a good rinse of soap and water. The silicone is a bit of a dust magnet, so I have taken to keeping them inside their nice sturdy boxes (although I do have the luxury of having the space for them).


So I am absolutely in love with the concept. It’s very much a novelty, but it’s a fully functional novelty which is the major difference when it comes to these oft-gimmicky ideas. The only downside is that the actual sword handle costs almost double the price of the actual dildos; that’s a lot to pay for something that’s essentially decorative. I mean, if it was engineered in a way that the actual handle part could be used as an insertable toy as well… sure! Still, the handle is beautiful and does actually improve on the whole thrusting experience, allowing me to thrust without having to bend and twist my body too much.

As for the dildos, the Draken is certainly a winner in my book. A good length, decent girth and lots of texture to have my toes curling. The 7.5 Inch Realistic is nice if you like to keep things simple, and as I mentioned earlier, makes a great warm-up dildo. Overall, I think Blush hit this out of the park in terms of design and functionality, and i’m curious to see if there are any plans to release any more attachments in the future, as the selection is currently quite slim.

Where to Buy

You can order your Drago (which is currently on sale) along with the Draken and 7.5 Inch Realistic Dildo from SheVibe. (Delivers to US/CA/UK/AU).

I would like to thank SheVibe for sending the Drago and attachments to us free of charge in exchange for an honest review. And i’m sorry it’s taken so long. Affiliate links have been used in this post. This does not affect our opinions or experiences with this or any other product we receive for review. You will help support the blog by making your purchases through these links. Thank you! 

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