Here at The Big Gay Review, we are big fans of TENGA products. We saw this little contraption back at the ETO show way back in June. I was curious as to how on earth it could possibly improve on an already pretty solid concept.

Luckily, it became available for testing through the Lovehoney tester scheme, and it was soon winging it’s way to me through the post. So just to clarify, Lovehoney sent this to me free of charge, in exchange for an honest review.

First Impressions

Generally, TENGA products have always felt special – there is something about the way they package them, that makes them feel almost as exciting as opening an Apple product. OK, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea. The Vacuum Controller set isn’t quite up to the same standard I usually expect for TENGA, but it’s still pretty nice.

Inside the pack, you get the Vacuum Controller, 2 adapters and an ultra size cup allowing you to play pretty much straight away. You will need to ensure you have 4 AAA batteries to hand as these are not included. You need to remove the battery compartment, pop the batteries in and then re-insert into the controller. The 2 adapters are designed to fit the regular and ultra size cups.

In Use

So what is the Vacuum Controller and why would you need it? Well, in short, it’s a pump designed to increase the pressure inside the TENGA cups, creating a more intense sensation. At the top of every cup, there is a hole which when covered with your finger, creates a suction. This controller is designed to eliminate that, and give you greater control on the amount of suction you get.

It’s incredibly easy to use, you simply remove the sticker from the top of the cup, exposing the vacuum hole. Attach the relevant adapter to the top of the cup and then attach the controller unit. If you are using the disposable cups (like the one included) then you don’t need to apply any lube, as they are already pre-lubricated. If you are using the re-usable Air-Tech cups, then apply the desired amount of lube to the cup before beginning.

To operate the controller, you simply press the round button on the side. This turns the controller on and increases the pressure (and suction) inside the cup. If you then want to release the pressure, there is a smaller button just underneath, which when pressed, quickly and effectively reduces the suction and pressure. To this end, the cup works similarly to a penis pump.

When you first turn it on, if you hover your flaccid penis just around the entrance to the cup, the suction soon ‘draws you in’. As the pressure decreased, it pulled me deeper into the cup and before I knew it, the cup was getting me nice and hard. The compression of the textured sleeve around the penis as well, also enhanced the sensation of all the lumps and bumps that go along the entire length of the canal.

Pressing the release valve reduces the pressure and this then allows you to slide in and out through the soft but arousing canal. Quick presses of the pump allowed for sudden bursts of suction which just further enhanced the sensations I was feeling.

If you alternate between the two, you definitely get a distinct ‘sucking’ sensation as it draws you in deeper into the cup before letting you go. If you increase the pressure whilst you are inside the cup and then just hold it, the textured sleeve is enhanced and you can slowly stroke. However for me, this was too intense and had me feeling far too sensitive and over-stimulated.


The U.S TENGA makes it sound like a navy warship, but it actually means ‘Ultra Size’ – which simply means these are larger versions of the existing cups, meaning those who are luckily more blessed in the penis department can now enjoy this TENGA cups, as the originals may not have been so comfortable for those who are ‘packing’ down there.

This particular cup is supposed to be a ‘Deep Throat’ sensation, and whilst no product can ever truly mimic any human sensation, the texture in this cup still felt incredibly nice. Even with my modest size, the cup still felt quite snug, but I could feel that there was definite room for expansion for those who are bigger.

When used with the Vacuum Controller, the U.S cup draws you in deeply, the texture is snug around the shaft which further intensifies everything. As I mentioned earlier, when starting out, I used the controller to just draw me in, and before long it helped me get a firm and decent erection.

But, and there’s always a but with something like this – whilst the intense suction can be quite fun and pleasurable, I still struggle with the practicality of the device. First of all, whilst the suction is quite intense, it’s only marginally stronger than what you can achieve, simply by pressing your finger over the hole at the top.

Secondly, it’s incredibly loud – not ‘deafening’ but I certainly wouldn’t call it ‘discreet’ – so if you are sharing a house with other people, you’ll most likely only be able to use this when you have the place completely to yourself.

Also, I can’t lie – whilst the Controller isn’t necessarily ‘heavy’ – it just adds a ‘bulk’ that just makes it ever so slightly unyielding and slightly annoying to operate. On the U.S size cup, admittedly it’s less noticeable as the cup is about the same size as the controller, but when using the smaller, regular sized cups – it makes them feel slightly top heavy and the wider circumference of the controller just makes it slightly more awkward to hold, so those people who don’t quite have enormous bear paws like I do, may struggle to hold on to it.

Clean-up and Maintenance

In this day and age, there really is no excuse for not making things that are a) rechargeable and b) waterproof. Having to root around for batteries is so frustrating, and if you are going to pay the price for a toy like this, they should at least be included!

So as the Controller is not waterproof, you’ll need to take care and just wipe it over with a mildly damp cloth before storage. I would always ensure the batteries are removed prior to cleaning and storage, to ensure they last as long as possible.

The provided cup is disposable, so can be thrown away after use. I would not recommend trying to get more than one use as you cannot clean the inside of the cup – it’s basically sponge underneath the opening that contains all the lube, so getting this wet will just prompt mould and bacteria to grow. You could, at a push, prolong use IF you decided to use a condom… but to be honest, you’re better off getting the re-usable TENGA Air-Tech cups, if you are planning on going for long-term use.


To that end, I think this is quite an expensive investment, if your plan is to use the TENGA disposable cups. I think the set would be better value for money if it was actually supplied with an Air-Tech cup, rather than a regular cup. If you don’t have any TENGA cups, then this just means more expense further down the line.

The sensations provided by the cup are nice, and fairly pleasant. My husband didn’t really got on as well with it, but he’s not a massive fan of strong suction in his masturbators. My biggest problem with this accessory is that it’s very loud and cumbersome. I can only really recommend this if you find using your finger alone is just not providing enough suction, and I have to say, my finger is more than enough for me.

Where to buy

The TENGA Vacuum controller set was sent to me by Lovehoney where you can pick this up for £54.99 and get FREE UK Delivery when you spend over £20.


The TENGA Vacuum Controller Set was sent to me by Lovehoney free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This in no way sways my experiences or opinions on this product or any other product we review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are 100% honest and my own. Affiliate links have been used within this post. 

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