Who doesn’t love having a quick wank in the shower? If you didn’t put your hands up, you’re a dirty liar! I’m just kidding, of course. But giving yourself a THOROUGH wash whilst your all soapy and wet is nothing short of completely satisfying.

These days, companies are realising people like to do more than just ‘freshen up’ in the shower or bath; and you’ll now find it’s fairly commonplace for your new sex toy to be waterproof for some aquatic fun. And that’s awesome. As I am one of those who enjoys having a sneaky fondle in the shower, I was of course immediately drawn to the PDX Elite Hydrobator. When I saw it on SheVibe, I was like ‘YES! We need to try this.’ And like the angels they are, SheVibe kindly shipped one over to me.

Now I do want to preface this review with a little bit of an apology (again, I know). With the state of the world, I haven’t really felt all that ‘sexual’ lately. And whenever I have, we’ve been more drawn to just enjoying each other, rather than digging through our box of toys. It’s been a very trying few months. For everyone. I’m doing my best to try and get back on track, and I want to apologise for the lack of content over the past few months. I’m sorry to SheVibe for taking so long! But I do also want to thank your your continued support. I have been furloughed since 23rd March, and your purchases through my affiliate links has helped keep me afloat. So thank you. Thank you so much. I don’t deserve the audience I have, but I am so very grateful to have you. Anyway… let’s get on with the review.

I would like to thank SheVibe for sending us the PDX Elite Hydrobator free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

First Impressions

The PDX Elite Hydrobator arrives in a pretty sleek (for Pipedream standards) black box. Inside, you’ll find the HydroBator, a USB Charging cable and a selection of 3 silicone cock rings (ranging from 1″ in diameter, to 1.5″). The Hydrobator is made with sleek shiny ABS plastic and skin-safe silicone. It has 3 different stroking speeds, 7 different vibration settings. The first thing I couldn’t help but think when I actually held this in my hand was… why does this look like a hair dryer? It really looks like it’s stepped out of the future. I suppose this could be an advantage if you accidentally left it lying round.

The Hydrobator is fully waterproof, and is ultimately designed to be used in the bath or shower. Although you can use it dry with a standard lube. It’s quite a sizeable unit, and is heavier than most masturbators (perhaps as heavy as a Fleshlight – maybe a bit heavier?). I do however feel that if you have limited mobility in your hands, this might be a bit tricky to use. The buttons to operate are located at the bottom of the handle and are quite stiff to operate.

The penetrable tube is made from silicone and is lined with little nubs to offer additional sensation. The length is around 7.5 inches. The diameter of the canal is around 1.75 inches.

In Use

The first time I took the Hydrobator out for a spin, I used it dry with some lube. I had some concerns that the tunnel was going to be a little too wide, and that I wasn’t going to feel much. I need to stop selling myself short because that turned out to be an unfounded fear. But it did lead me to my first clue that I wasn’t going to wholly enjoy the experience. It wasn’t a disaster, but it also didn’t have me clutching at the sheets in ecstasy.

With a liberal coating of lube, I slipped the Hydrobator over my penis. I turned it on, starting with the stroking. The sensation was mild, but pleasant. It wasn’t gripping me tightly, but I could certainly feel the stroking. There are 3 stroking speeds, and I spent the majority of my time on the 3rd and highest speed, and was certainly wishing there was at least another 2 speeds above that. Once I was certain it wasn’t going to rip my dick off (its a very real fear, folx), I decided to incorporate the vibrations – to see if we could really get the party started.

I must have either turned up too early or I arrived fashionably late and missed everything; because we did not get to go to the party. The vibrations (if you can even call them that) were so… lacklustre; it honestly did not make a difference. The box refers to them as ‘7 patterns of intensely satisfying vibration’. I think y’all need to look up ‘powerful’ and ‘intense’ in the dictionary because… no. So as I lay there, I could feel myself getting limp. I appreciated the effort, but I was getting bored and decided to move on to something more exciting.

We decided to give it a couple of days before we tried it again; and this time we would of course try it in the shower. My main thought was that I obviously didn’t enjoy it the first time, because I wasn’t using it in the shower – it is called the Hydrobator after all…

The shower was on, steam was filling the room and I managed to rope in my husband to provide some assistance during this test. We spent a few minutes getting ourselves all… soapy and slippery… god I love a good shower. Once things were… ready, I got onto my knees (which is very difficult in our shower cubicle) and slipped the Hydrobator over his dripping wet member. I started with the stroking function first, and with the Hydrobator in one hand, I used my other hand to take hold of the shower head, and direct the water down the other end of the toy.

Now this was where things got interesting. As soon as that water was flowing down the shaft, he mentioned how it seemed to create a sensation of suction, like there was a warm wet mouth, softly teasing the end of his shaft. Now we’re getting somewhere! I turned on the vibrations, to see if this would help improve the overall feeling. Like myself, he felt the vibrations were just too soft, too subtle to really add anything, and that he was getting more enjoyment from the stroking than anything else.

It was time for me to try it myself. So I stood back up (which again, in our shower is a feat of strength in itself), and handed the shower head to my husband. I positioned the Hydrobator over my cock with one hand, and used my other arm to hold on to my husband (the shower floor was getting a bit slippery at this point). As I stood there, he directed the flow of water down the canal; and he was absolutely right. The warm water, combined with the stroking created this odd sensation of suction – something that wasn’t there when using it dry with just lube. It actually felt pretty nice. As I started to moan, he began to hold me tightly, nibbled on my nipples and my knees started to buckle.

The problem is, ultimately, I was enjoying THAT more than I was enjoying the Hydrobator. Sure, the sensation was nice. But it left me wanting MORE. I needed more pressure. More speed. More vibration. It just didn’t take me all the way. It certainly got me in the mood for some more serious stimulation once we were out of the shower; but on it’s own, the Hydrobator just wasn’t doing it for me. Which is a real shame, because the concept is actually pretty cool.

Clean-up and Maintenance

The clean-up process is incredibly simple. You can just rinse the Hydrobator under the shower (add a spritz of toy cleaner if you wish) and then let it try before storing it away. There isn’t a storage bag provided, but it’s perfectly safe to store amongst your other toys without one.


I’ve been trying to really consider what would make the Hydrobator a better experience. I initially thought the canal could be just a tad tighter; but then realise this possibly could cause a problem with the motor that creates the stroking (unless you made the canal out of a softer material than the silicone?). I certainly feel the vibrations could be looked at. They seem to only work at one end of the device (the opposite end to which to enter) and not all of us have a dick that’s 7.5 inches in length (I wish. If the vibrations were stronger, and focused throughout the entire length of the device; then this might make things a little better.

As it currently stands, it was a nice little bit of foreplay – but at over $100; that’s a lot of money to spend on something that isn’t going to take you all the way. Have you tried the Hydrobator? I’d love to hear your thoughts – leave a comment down below.

Where To Buy

You can pick up your PDX Elite Hydrobator from SheVibe for $99.99* (£79.96**). SheVibe ships internationally. You can find a full list of shipping destinations here.

I would like to thank SheVibe for sending us the PDX Elite Hydrobator free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our opinion of this or any other product we receive for review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. If you wish to support the blog, please consider making your purchases through these links. (*price correct at time of publication. **Exchange rate as of 29th June ’20)