No, your eyes do not deceive you; another review! Posted so soon after the other? OK, who are you and what have you done with TBGR?! But in all seriousness, we’re making up for lost time and coming back at you with another review from our block of Mr Hankey’s Toys. And today we have something for your texture enthusiasts! 

For many, the idea of a heavily textured dildo just doesn’t do it for them – and that’s absolutely fine. But there are some (myself included) who do thoroughly enjoy the extra intense sensations that a heavily textured dildo can provide. So when I was browsing the extensive catalogue of Mr Hankey’s Toys; I was immediately drawn to the curious curves of the Scimitar. It ticked a lot of boxes; curved? Check! Textured? Check! Available in a size that I could possibly manage? Er…yeah, Check! I think?! So I guess we should dive right in to see what happened!

The Scimitar Dildo was sent to us free of charge by Hankey’s Toys in exchange for an honest review. Some affiliate links have been used in this post.

First Impressions

As before, we’ve covered packaging; we’re just going to get straight into the details. I chose the ‘Small’ size which is the smallest size I could see currently available. In terms of firmness, I felt the Med Firm would be good for this kind of textured dildo. Whilst I enjoy the texture, I also want to be comfortable! You can choose any colour from their selection (but some colours do come with an additional surcharge). I went for the classic black, as truthfully, I don’t own many dildos in this colour so it’s nice to mix things up.

Dimensions wise, the Scimitar stands at a total length of 8.5 inches, with 6.5 inches of that being the insertable length. The tip has a beautiful tapered tip, that has a circumference of 4.75 inches. It widens out to 5 inches just under the tip, and then widens further to 6 inches in the middle. Towards the base, it widens again to 6.75 inches. It’s not the biggest dildo I’ve used, but I will admit, I was starting to have doubts. But we weren’t going to let those thoughts win – we were going to warm up and give it a bloody good go!

In Use

The size was a little intimidating, so I turned to the Captain’s Hook to help get me all warmed up. To be fair, the med firm texture of the Scimitar can often make these larger sizes less daunting in use; as they have a decent amount of squish. But even then, I still wouldn’t attempt anything this size without at least using a good plug or a smaller dildo to pave the way for a smooth insertion. Once I felt like I was sufficiently warmed up, it was time to try the Scimitar.

Thanks to the tapered and somewhat ‘realistic’ shape; the initial insertion was a breeze. There’s a nice little pop and I can feel the ‘muscly’ texture for sure. As we get a little deeper, I can feel my hole stretching ever so gently. I take it nice and slow; always the important thing to remember. Slow and steady wins the race. The scale texture down the ‘spine’ of the dildo created another little popping sensation as I took it deeper. After a few moments, we were approaching the middle and I could really feel it stretching me; but because of the softer texture – it wasn’t painful. It wasn’t painless but it was manageable.

We got the half-way point, and now I was feeling that first curve come into play. It was nestled against my p-spot and providing an excellent massage. We were now reaching the widest point at the base and it was feeling quite tight; but with a few deep breaths and some gentle pushing; I soon let the base rest against my perineum. I was feeling very full, so had to take a few moments just to take it all in. Literally. Carefully, after a while I began to slide it out; feeling those satisfying pops again. I was sweating but it was all good. Was I feeling brave enough to try and thrust?

I began to try and thrust; and whilst I could – it’s not something I could thrust with particular vigour. This is the kind of shape and size that I would turn to when I want a nice, slow edging session; just slowing working the Scimitar so that pointed tip works over my prostate. The base is really heavy and solid, giving me a really good grip. I can just lay there, slowly sliding it in and out; my cock dripping and twitching. And then, when I’m ready to go over the top – I can slide it all the way in and then sit on it and grind my hips, allowing me to reach a satisfying and explosive orgasm.

Clean-up and Maintenance

Due to the heavily textured nature of the Scimitar, just a little extra attention should be paid to all the little nooks and crannies to ensure everything is clean. But as with all silicone dildos; your options for cleaning are entirely down to your personal preference. If you are reading this, I would highly suspect you are well versed on silicone maintenance. Boil ’em, mash ’em… put ’em in a stew… wait, no that’s not right. Boil ’em, Bleach ’em or wash ’em in the sink (with some warm soapy water) before allowing it to dry fully before storing away.


So with this being the 3rd Mr Hankey’s dildo we’ve reviewed; I can certainly see why they are quite popular. The quality on everything has been impeccable and such a fun variety of sizes, shapes and colours. The Scimitar is another fantastic edition to my dildo locker. It’s absolutely not a beginners dildo, but if you have been experimenting and feel you are ready to take the next step into something a little more…exotic… then this might be singing to you.

Fans of texture will rejoice as there is a lot here, and whilst I’ve only used this anally – I would imagine anyone with a vagina will also find this texture to be quite tantalising. Personally, if I was to make one suggestion, I would love to see this in an XS size. Whilst I do enjoy this in the small; the size and texture isn’t right for me for thrusting; but I would say a smaller size would be perfect for that. But once again, another fantastically made and designed dildo.

Where to Buy

You can order your Scimitar from Mr Hankey’s Toys direct. It’s available in 4 sizes.

Shopping from the UK? Clonezone are the official UK stockist of Mr Hankey’s and you can pick up all four sizes, including the Small.

The Scimitar Dildo was sent to us free of charge by Hankey’s Toys in exchange for an honest review. Some affiliate links have been used in this post. Some affiliate links have been used in this post. This does not sway our opinion of this or any other product we receive for review. If you wish to help support the blog, please share this post with someone you think would find it interesting!

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