Whilst i’ve always enjoyed using sex toys, my scope of what was out there was based off of one site, that I would religiously visit. And then when I started blogging, my eyes were opened to some of the most amazing companies out there… and Tantus was one of those.

I spent many a day cooing over their wonderous silicone creations, and when I finally got to experience a Tantus product, it wasn’t difficult to see why they were one of the most popular and most coveted producers of sex toys. Two years on, my collection of tantus products have grown to the point where I could use a different one each day, for a whole month. So you can imagine, naturally, the sense of excitement when Tantus announced they were developing their own vibrator. I clutched at my imaginary pearls and began crying tears of furious joy. OK, perhaps it wasn’t quite like that – however as soon as their IndieGoGo page went live, I was there straight away, ready to pledge my hard earned dollars. And not just because it was Tantus.

I’m really inspired by how the whole marketing campaign was an emphasis on ‘this is not a toy for just one person, it’s for everybody’. So many companies (and this is abundant on most sex toy retailer sites) will split products up into ‘For Him’, ‘For Her’, ‘For Couples’ – and will usually put dildos in the ‘For Her’ category (even though they are not JUST for ‘her’). That’s just one example. Tantus were like, Nah – this is for EVERY BODY – and I applaud that. The agonising wait for the Rumble to arrive felt like an ABSOLUTE ETERNITY. And it was delayed a little bit… which is understandable, but also made me EVEN MORE IMPATIENT. But, eventually… just before my 30th Birthday… it arrived! HOORAY!!!

I’ve taken a bit longer to put this review together, because a) I wanted to make sure I gave it every opportunity to WOW me and b) I was waiting for the removable attachments to arrive as well, so I could conduct a completely thorough review. After assessing and reassessing, and several orgasms, I think we’re in a position to talk about how the Rumble made me feel….

First Impressions

As a ‘Super Pleasure Revolutionary’ pledger, when my package arrived, I tore it open, to see all of the wonderous goodies inside. Aside from the Rumble, there was also a T-Shirt, a Tantus Mug (which I am currently drinking out of), a LEISURE dildo in a gorgeous white/orange candy stripe swirl and a note advising that the Rumble heads were being shipped separately. Oh poo. I was a little disappointed, but these things happen – the main thing is, the Rumble was here. What’s in a name? As Juliet once pondered, the Rumble had me conjuring up images if something that would shake me to my inner core. So when I first turned on the Rumble… I thought there has to be a mistake. But more on that in a second.

The Rumble itself is packaged in a nice sturdy box, that’s printed with the usual Tantus multi-coloured orbs. Inside, the Rumble sits surrounded by foam padding, keeping it perfectly safe and secure. Inside is also the charging cable (under a removable piece of foam) and an instruction manual. The Rumble itself is rather pretty to look at. It has a unique design which completely sets it apart from other ‘wand’ style vibrators. In fact, it doesn’t even look like a vibrator. The actual handle/body of the device looks more like… well… a pair of hair clippers. It’s almost like something you would see in a high-end hairdressers.

And it’s light. I mean, really light. And it’s also quite compact. In terms of size, it’s around about the same size as the Desire Wand. It’s smaller than even the Smart Wand and much, much smaller than the Doxy. It has a flexible neck, and a large, round but mostly flat, head – which has a removable silicone cover – making it easy to clean and perfectly body safe. It’s easy to remove and put back on again.

Operation is simple, there is a power button towards the top and then the plus/minus buttons towards the base to control the 7 different patterns and speeds. One full charge gives the Rumble approximately 4.5 hours of play time. So, let’s get back to using the Rumble…

In Use

So a few paragraphs back, I had mentioned how I thought there must have been a mistake when I turned on my Rumble. I have to admit, initially I was completely underwhelmed and, i’m sorry to say it, disappointed. The vibrations were indeed… rumbly… but they were very ‘mild’. They aren’t weak, but they aren’t ‘super strong’ either. But you know the old saying… never judge a book by it’s cover… well after several experiences with the Rumble, my first initial thoughts were slightly unjustified.

The bulk of this review will be based on using the Rumble to stimulate the penis and anus – if you want to look at a review based on vulva/clitoral use, check out the in-depth review from fellow Brit reviewer Emmeline Peaches.

So, what do I like about the Rumble? Well, the size and weight are a big plus. It’s much easier to hold than any other wand vibrator I have ever tried. The angle of the neck/head make it extremely comfortable when using it to stimulate, as the handle now sits at a more ergonomic angle, causing less strain on the wrists. The size of the handle and the placement of the buttons allow it to be easily controlled during use, and means you are less likely to accidentally hit a button and change the setting during the heat of the moment.

The first time I took the Rumble for a test drive, I lay on my back and pressed the Rumble against my crotch, over my jeans and turned it on. Again, my initial thoughts of disappointment popped into my head, but I pushed past them, and carried on. It didn’t take long for the vibrations to illicit a favourable response, and as things started to get a little tighter in my jeans, I hastily unbuttoned and applied the Rumble head directly to the frenulum. This is where I personally found the Rumble’s larger, wider and flatter head to be of great use. The vibration range is much broader. This allowed the vibrations to be felt over a larger area of the penis. With a little bit of lube, I was able to glide the head of the Rumble over the length of the shaft, before returning and softly moving it around the frenulum.

As I increased the speed, the vibrations were being felt much deeper through the shaft, and although they were nowhere near as strong, I was soon beginning to feel myself close to an orgasm. On the maximum speed, I kept circling the head of the Rumble around the tip of the penis. It had me on edge for ages. After around 20 minutes, that familiar feeling was rising and with the Rumble pressed firmly down on my penis, I let out a gentle sigh and I came. I was exhausted. For some reason, it had totally drained all my energy. I was also surprised that I had lasted that long – most wands have me orgasming in under 5 minutes. So, is it a bad thing that this took me longer? No, not at all. In fact, it’s almost a blessing.

The overall more gentle speeds of the Rumble mean that I can thoroughly enjoy and explore my body during use. The Doxy is incredible, don’t get me wrong, but it’s the type of product that can just leech an orgasm out of me without even trying, and that’s great for when you just want to ‘get off’ (which, to be fair, is around 90% of the time anyway) – but for those times when I actually want to take it slow, the Rumble could be what i’ve been looking for. Each experience with the Rumble has been the same. It’s a nice, slow build up and then a fairly satisfactory orgasm afterwards. All my orgasms have come from using the Rumble on it’s constant speeds. The patterns are nice, and there are four of them, all ranging from various pulses and waves, but it’s the constant speeds that always work the best for me.

Around 2 weeks ago, I ordered some awesome Retro Tantus toys, and on the day they arrived, I had a second Tantus package. When I opened that up, inside were the three removable heads that I had been waiting for. Now I could really put the Rumble through it’s paces.

Spoon Head Attachment

The first attachment I tried was the Spoon Head – this is an insertable attachment, designed to massage the G-Spot/P-Spot. It’s made from the same smooth silicone as the original Rumble head and features an insertable length of 3 inches and a maximum circumference of 3 inches around the tip, which is rounded. Dependent on the use, you may have to experiment with the placement of the head, in order to get the best usage from it. The best way of placing it for anal use, in my experience anyway, was to have the Spoon Head attachment face the opposite way to the buttons. This meant that when I lay on my back, when inserted the Spoon Head tip would point towards my belly button, and the blue side of the Tantus Rumble would be facing away from me.

Admittedly, in this position, it’s harder to see what you are doing, but it was the most comfortable for insertion. Holding it the other way round meant ‘things’ got in the way and it was just awkward. Unfortunately, that’s not the only problem with this attachment. The length was just too short for it to provide any direct prostate stimulation for me, and the vibrations internally were far weaker in the shaft. In fact, I could barely feel them inside which was a real disappointment. Instead, the Spoon Head might be better for those who want pin point stimulation, but don’t necessarily want the full power from the head. But as an insertable attachment, it did absolutely nothing for me.

Convertible Head

I have to admit, after feeling how powerful the Rumble was, and knowing what Vibe-compatible Tantus toys I had, I could already see this not being a huge success. This attachment sits on top of the Rumble and then allows you to attach any of their dildos / plugs that have space for a bullet vibe, onto the Rumble and enjoy vibrations that way. Like the Spoon Head, it’s easy to remove and attach, and as it was on hand, I grabbed the LEISURE that I had received as part of my pledge reward, and stuck it onto the Convertible. The LEISURE is not exactly a big dildo – it’s pretty narrow, short and very light. But even so, once attached to the Rumble, the vibrations did not transmit very well through the shaft. Not at all.

It’s also slightly more awkward to use the Rumble with a dildo attached. Trying to find a comfortable position was tricky and in the end, I gave up. It’s a nice idea, but the Rumble needs to be MUCH more powerful in order for this one to work as it should.

Dorado Head

Now, oddly enough, this is the attachment I loved the most. It sort of looks like a flipper – the idea being that when it’s on the Rumble, the vibrations cause it to ‘flicker’, creating a nice sensation that’s perfect for those sensitive erogenous zones. With the Rumble of full speed, I glided the Dorado over places like my nipples, and sure enough, the tip was flickering and created a delightfully pleasant sensation. It was like a tickle and this suddenly got my mind racing. Ultimately, what we have here really is a tongue. Could it… would it… would it be good to use round my butt, to simulate being rimmed? Well, there was only one way to find out.

With a little bit of lube round my butt and some on the Dorado, I lay on my side and brought the tip to my butt hole – OH MY GOD. The way it flickered and tickled around my anus was just WONDERFUL. It really did feel like a hyper-sonic tongue was eating me out. It’s been a long time since someone tossed my salad like that, and I was lavishing EVERY minute. Out of the three Rumble heads, this is definitely the one that has leaped to the top as the best of the bunch, and will definitely see some repeat action.

Clean-up and Maintenance

So one of my biggest annoyances with the Rumble, is the fact it’s NOT waterproof! In this day and age of luxury, high-end sex toys, I kind of expect them to be waterproof – not just because I might want to play around in the bath or shower, but because clean-up is so much easier. However, that said, the heads are removable, so they can be sanitised like you would any other Silicone product from Tantus. The handle itself can be carefully cleaned with a mildly damp cloth. A storage bag would have been lovely to include, but you can safely store this with other silicone product or vibrators without issue. The silicone on the attachments do attract a fair bit of dust though, so I would either keep them in their packages or just make sure to give them a rinse before use.


So Tantus have set out to create a vibrator for Every Body. Have they succeeded? Well… I would say, almost. The vibrations are not the best, but to be honest, is that really such a bad thing? Not everyone craves or needs power. The Rumble is a mid-range vibrator that is perfect for exploring your boundaries and limits in a gentle but still pleasing way. If you’ve ever been curious about wand vibrators, but have been too fearful because of their all encompassing power – then the Rumble could be your gateway. As I said, as much as I am a ‘power queen’, under the right circumstances, I still got a lot of pleasure from it. It’s not my favourite vibrator, and probably never will be – but I can see the merit and I understand what Tantus have tried to achieve.

It’s lighter size and ergonomic shape should be good for those who maybe suffer from mobility issues, or struggle with holding the larger, full size wands. I personally still found that to be an advantage – even I would complain of wrist strain holding a full size wand for 20 minutes – but here, it’s an absolute dream. Unfortunately, the attachments let it down slightly (except for the Dorado – oh my god, yes!) but ultimately, I have other products for that sort of usage. I only wish it was waterproof, and had maybe an extra level or two of power – then I think it really would have been a vibrator for everybody. But credit where credit is due, for the first product of it’s kind by Tantus, it’s got potential, and if it helps open up sex toys to more people, then that can only be a good thing, right?

For another penis perspective, check out what the Carnal King thought of the Rumble.

Where To Buy

You can order the Rumble directly from Tantus for $59.00


I purchased the Rumble through the IndieGoGo Campaign. Affiliate links have been used within this post. Please consider using them when you next make a purchase, as it helps support the blog. 

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