What’s in a name? Perfect by name, perfect by nature? We put the one of the latest offerings from US company Tantus through it’s paces.

Unless you are only discovering the blog now, you will know that during our anniversary giveaway, one of the prizes on offer was the Tantus Perfect Plug Kit. At the time, I hadn’t published my thoughts – mainly due to the fact things have been crazy and i’ve had a teeny bit of a health scare that has caused me to re-evaluate certain aspects of my life, and have therefore not been in the ‘mood’. However, things are getting back under control (hooray!)

So now i’ve had plenty of time to gather all of my thoughts and feelings, I am able to finally release this review – much later than I had intended – so please accept my apologies. So without further ado, let’s crack on and see if the Perfect Plug Kit lives up to it’s name….

First Impressions

As always, packaging is kept very simple with the standard plastic clamshell case. Inside, you get not one, but TWO butt plugs for your dollar. These can be bought individually, should you wish – however as a set, it’s better value. The plugs are made from the usual 100% ultra-premium silicone, and are delightfully soft and smooth to the touch. The small of the plugs is completely bendy and flexible, whilst the larger one is firmer (in part due to the inclusion of a vibrating bullet). However, the tip still has a bit of flex and squish to it.

The smallest plug has an insertable length of 3.75 inches, and a circumference of 2.75 inches around it’s widest point, and just 1.5 inches at it’s thinnest. The larger plug has an insertable length of 4.5 inches, and a circumference of 4 inches around it’s widest point, and 2.75 inches round it’s thinnest point.

In Use

So this kit is designed for the beginner anal player, although that’s not to say someone who is intermediate won’t find something to enjoy here – but those more advanced anal players who really want something girthy to fill them up, you can look elsewhere.

I like to consider myself as an intermediate – I still struggle with toys that a much larger than the 6 inch circumference (or rather, it takes a LOT of preparation) – and as i’ve said before, you don’t always want to go through the whole hassle, especially if you just want to get your jollies off fairly easily. So a smaller butt plug is a great way of enhancing just a regular wank session, or intercourse.

The smaller butt plug is definitely one for beginners only. I didn’t really get much enjoyment from this one as it is so much smaller than what I am normally used to, it just left me feel unfulfilled and wanting something much more. However, if you are new to anal play, it’s definitely the perfect size and shape. It flexes nicely with the body, and the neck and base fit comfortably in-between your cheeks.

I walked around with it in for a little bit, and don’t get me wrong, it felt mildly pleasant – but it just really wasn’t doing anything for me. And it’s OK – I was kind of expecting this. My ass has been spoiled lately, and is slowly becoming accustomed to some of the slightly larger toys in my collection – so it’s definitely got more of an appetite (it’s just not ready to be completely stuffed).

Now the larger plug – this is where I had the most fun. And it’s not too difficult to explain why. This plug is almost the same size as the base of the Vibrating Progressive Beads – and that hit the spot just right. This has a much more satisfying girth – the length was just enough to be teasing the elusive p-spot, and like the Twist and the smaller plug, it fits perfectly between the cheeks, so I can move around much easier, and it’s comfortable.

Oddly enough, I wasn’t overly upset at the weaker vibrations the included bullet provides. See, when i’m using a butt plug, i’m mostly doing other things (so I am masturbating, or having sex or just giving myself some good feelings whilst I sit here and write a review….) so I don’t always want the vibrations to be ‘distracting’.

During a good old self-fondle, the plug created a nice sense of fullness, whilst the vibrations created a nice little tingle. It definitely enhanced the overall feeling. Times when I may just want to use it whilst walking around, the vibrations were best left off, as it’s not the quietest, and I reckon someone would notice if I was stood there, buzzing away. But for long term wear, I managed to last about 45 minutes before I felt I need to take a few moments to relax and reapply.

And should you want to crank up the vibrations, then as always, the Tango fits in nicely and provides some KNOCK YOUR SOCKS off vibrations inside the plug that will have your teeth a chattering and your balls twitching in delight.

Clean-up and Maintenance

Both plugs can be boiled/bleached/put in the dishwasher/rinsed in the sink (just remove the bullet if you are going to boil/bleach or put in the dishwasher). The silicone here doesn’t seem to attract dust as much as it normally does, so can be stored safely without a storage bag, or you can keep it in it’s original packaging – whatever you’ve got the room for!


As a beginners kit, I think it is pretty much perfect. The smaller plug is a non-threatening size for first timers, and then you have the slightly larger one all ready for when you want to progress further. The vibrations from the supplied bullet, add a little something extra – but thirsty power queens will want to swap it out for something much stronger. The larger plug was definitely the highlight for me, and turned an ordinary wank into something just a little bit more interesting, and was also very titillating when worn during my regular activities, thanks to it’s snug, comfortable fit.

If you would like to try out the Perfect Plug Kit, you can pick them up directly from Tantus for $68.00 (£44.60 at today’s exchange rate).

I would like to thank the wonderful peeps over at Tantus for sending this out to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review! All thoughts, opinions and experiences expressed here are 100% genuine and my own. Affiliate links have been used within this post.

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