I love having an orgasm. I really do. But you know what I love more than having an orgasm? Giving someone else an orgasm. Watching someone else twitch and moan because of what you are doing, is so unbelievably sexy to me; that often that leaves me satisfied enough. And as it’s National Orgasm Day, then I thought a quick post was in order.

Now the Mr. has been through it a bit lately. The last few weeks have seen him go backwards and forwards to job interviews and deal with never-ending phone calls. So it’s not difficult to understand why he’s been a bit stressed lately. Most recently, that stress appeared in the form of back pain. He took himself to the local spa for a massage, and whilst he felt better, it still wasn’t enough to rid him of his ache. So I offered to give him a massage as well.

Whilst he hopped in the shower, I got the room ready. Lay a blanket down and grabbed the PalmPower magic wand. I figured the smallish head and strong vibrations would penetrate those knots and help loosen him up a little bit. See, they do function as actual massagers from time to time! He emerged from the bathroom naked and still glistening a little, and he lay face down onto the bed. I wasted no time and got straight to work.

I pressed the head of the wand deep into his shoulder blades. His body jerked as I hit those aching points, and he would let out an exasperation of both pain and relief. It honest to god sounds like I was torturing him. And in some respects, maybe I was. I was kind of enjoying it… not entirely sure why though… but still. After a while, I decided to bring out the big gun as well (aka the Doxy) and threw that into the mix. The skin on his back was rippling with the intense double vibrations. Inside, the dirty cogs inside my brain were beginning to spin.

“How does that feel?” I said, after a good 20 minutes. “Yeah, much better”, he whispered into the pillow. As he continued to lay on his front, I ran the PalmPower down his spine and over his arse crack. He moaned and I pressed the wand a little further in between his cheeks, so the vibrations were firmly tickling his butt. He let out a small giggle followed by another moan, so I knew he was enjoying it.

I flipped him over and he lay on his back, legs slightly spread. Right, I thought. Let’s really work out some of that tension. Grabbing the full size Doxy, I placed it right under his testicles, pressed firmly against his perineum. I then moved the PalmPower to rest on the underside of his penis, against the frenulum. It did not take long for this to have the desired effect. His cock grew bigger, and firmer, and every now and again, it would jerk, pushing the PalmPower forward and I would scramble to reposition. I cranked up the power all the way to eleven and suddenly he began to almost convulse.

“OH MY GOD… I’M….” he whispered before thick ropes of spunk splashed over his tummy. His entire body was shaking, his eyes were closed tightly and I could see him grasping the bed sheets firmly. Without moving the wands, I just slowly powered them down until they were off. He lay there panting, but he had a huge smile on his face. “You are just too good to me..” he said, as I stood up to grab him a towel to clean himself.

“I know” I smiled coyly, as I went into the bathroom and closed the door.

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