The recent spout of hot weather has had my mind working overtime when it comes to ideas of some more erotic content. And this little story is inspired by very real events and thought it was a perfect little story to kick us off into the weekend.

My face is pressed firmly into the bed. My back is arched and my arse is up in the air. I can hear the sound of muffled footsteps as paces around the bed; taking his time admiring me from all angles. I can hear the sound of wet lips; as his tongue surreptitiously moisten them. The room is hot, and the sweat is running down my back towards my neck. I feel a firm hand grasp my cheek, squeezing it tightly. I turn my head slightly, and I whisper softly, “Harder”. 

He takes both hands and caresses my arse, playfully pulling my cheeks apart to expose my puckering hole. My body tingles as he delicately traces a line around it with his finger. “Spread your legs” he commands. Without hesitation, I open my legs a bit wider for him. “Good Boy” he purrs. I smile, and my cock twitches. 

His firm hands grip my cheeks once more, exposing my hole. “Yeah…” he mutters, and the next thing – my hole is splattered with warmth, as he spits on it. This is immediately followed by his finger very gently circling before softly inserting the tip. 

My cock is rock hard and I make a motion to start stroking but he catches sight of this, and pulls my hand away. “No” he barks. He leans down and whispers in my ear. “Not until I say so”. “Yes Sir” I mutter. He positions himself firmly behind me. My body is twitching with anticipation. I’m aching for him to do something. Finger me. Fuck me. I don’t care. I just need him inside me. At that moment, I feel his warm, wet tongue at the tip of my crack. He slowly works it down until I can feel it probing my hole. His tongue is firm and forceful, but he’s working it frantically. 

I can feel his coarse stubble as it brushes against my cheeks. He takes a moment to circle my hole a few times before plunging the tip inside. With each thrust of the tongue, a wave of pleasure shoots up my spine. My cock is beginning to drip onto the sheets and the urge to jerk my cock is becoming unbearable. I make a motion to grasp it again but he senses it and immediately stops me. “I didn’t say so” he says. “Sorry Sir” I whisper. He stands up and I feel his throbbing dick press against my now sloppy hole. “Fuck me” I say. He spanks my arse with a firm open palm. “Ask me again”. 

Fuck me, please” I say again. Grasping his hands firmly on my hips, he presses his cock against my hole. His dick meets no resistance and slides right inside. I gasp as his girth fills me up. I make one final attempt to grab my own cock and he thrusts deeply, his entire length filling me up. I gasp as he grabs my wrists and puts them behind my back. I’m now completely powerless as he pounds me relentlessly. “I told you, only when I say so”. 

He picked up the rhythm, still holding onto my wrists firmly. Beads of pre-cum were hanging off the tip of my exposed cock. It felt like it wanted to burst. He loosed the grip on one of my wrists so he could reach under and take my cock in his hand. “Perfect” he whispered. He took my wrist back into his hand and continued to fuck me. “Do you want me to cum inside you?” he says. “YES” I gasp. “Please…”. His pace picks up and I can tell he’s about to shoot his load. His grip tightens and I feel the familiar warmth inside as his load drenches the inside of my arse. His thrusts become shallower and then he collapses on top of me for a moment. I can hear him panting, and beads of sweat from his brow drip down my back. 

He slowly pulls himself out, and he buries his face into my arse once more. I cannot contain it any more. The sensation of his hot loads in my arse is enough. I can feel myself approaching orgasm. “Oh god… I’m cumming” I cry and without even touching my dick; I begin to spray my hot ropes of spunk all over the bed. The sensation of a hands-free orgasm is one that I can’t really describe but it feels incredible. And it’s very rare that it happens. But here we are. My body is shaking and I collapse onto the bed. He collapses next to me and takes me into his arms. I softly turn to face him and we kiss. His face is glistening with a mixture of sweat, spunk and spit… and I didn’t care. I could taste him. I could taste myself. 

For a few moments, we just lay in each other’s arms. He rolls over and climbs off the bed. He walks softly round to my side and reaches out for my hand. Pulling me slowly off the bed, he leads me into the bathroom and into the shower. I turn it on and the cool water immediately hits my skin and I feel refreshed. I feel him grip my shoulders, and turns me to face the wall. He kneels down behind me before whispering “Round 2…”’

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