As we are currently enjoying #MasturbationMay, I thought this might be a good time to try and flex my creative writing skills, and work on a little bit more ‘erotica’. I know it’s not quite Jilly Cooper, but you know… one day.

This is a complete work of fiction and contains frank and graphic depictions of male/male sex and sensuality. Not suitable for work!

I couldn’t wait to get home. I’d been on my feet for eight hours, in the blistering summer heat, and I was done. As soon as my shift was over, I hastily grabbed my shit and headed out the door. Even though it was late in the afternoon, the sun was still bright, and it was still incredibly warm. All I could think about was getting home, and slipping into a cold shower.

As soon as I walked through the front door, I slung my bag on the floor and headed straight up to the bathroom. My skin was glistening with beads of sweat. I stepped into the cubicle and turned the tap. The first jet of freezing cold water was a complete shock to the system, but it was welcome relief. With one arm up against the wall, I stood and let the cool water cascade over my body.

Feeling refreshed, I hopped out and lazily dried myself off. Still slightly wet, I made my way into the cooling darkness of the bedroom. I grabbed a pair of white boxers, slipped them on and then collapsed onto the bed. I lay there for a few moments, just watching my chest rise and fall with my rapid breathing. It was still extremely warm. I reached over and turned on the fan. The cool air brushed over my still wet skin – and immediately my skin prickled with goose bumps.

As I lay there, my hands began to glide over my body. Something about the warmer weather always gets me extremely turned on. Before I long, I was getting hard – my boxers beginning to bulge and stretch. My hand glided over the soft cotton material that was hiding my now fully stiffened cock. My husband won’t be home for hours…

Carefully, I slipped the waistband lower, until I burst free. For a second, I just lay there, admiring how unusually thick and glistening I was. Beads of pre-cum were already forming, and the veins were prominent and bulging. It had been a while since I’d seen a release, and I couldn’t wait any longer. I licked my fingers and began to caress the tip. The drops of pre-cum acted as a lubricant, as I closed my fist around my cock and began to stroke.

I closed my eyes and arched my head back as I slowly, but forcefully began to masturbate. Just as I got into my stride, there was a ‘THUD’ from downstairs. He was home. I slipped my still throbbing dick back into my boxers, turned over and lay face down on the bed, pretending to be asleep. I heard him call from downstairs. I said nothing. A few minutes later, the door to the bedroom opened. I carefully opened an eye just a touch to see where he was. He was stood there, in the doorway, with a smile on his face. I still said nothing.

I heard him slowly walk over to the bed. My cock was pressing into the mattress. It was painful, but pleasurable as well. I felt the bed lower as he knelt on the bed. I soon felt his warm breath on the back of my neck. Once again, my skin prickled with excitement, and my cock twitched against the bed. I couldn’t help it, and I let out a soft moan into the pillow. “You awake?” he whispered slowly. Still without saying a word, I nodded into the pillow. “Good” he said. He spread my legs, and knelt in between them. He leant forward and pressed his groin against my butt. I could feel his cock through his trousers – a solid 7 inch, thick shaft – pressing against my cheeks. Sensing my excitement, he arched up and began to run his tongue down my spine.

As he reached the waistband of my boxers, he gently pulled them down, slowly exposing my buttocks – and his tongue kept going. He was soon gently licking at my hole. At this point, my head shot up, I scrunched my pillow between my arms and I let out a deep gasp. “OH GOD… yeah… just like that”. My cock felt harder then ever, and I began thrusting my hips gently – and as his tongue went deeper, I thrust harder – and a wet patch was now forming where my cock was rubbing the sheets. I was aching for more. He could sense it as well, as he stood up from the bed, and began to undress. I turned my head and snuck a peak. He was already down to his underwear that were barely able to contain him. He was still sweaty, so his skin twinkled as the late evening sun caught the drops of moisture on his skin, as it started to bleed through the gaps in the blinds.

He reached over to the bedside table, and pulled out a bottle of lube. “Are you ready?” he whispered deep into my ear. “YES…” and I continued to lay there, now completely naked, spreadeagled. I felt the familiar cool sensation of the lube being dripped onto my hole, and I arched my hips up as he began to work it in with his fingers. “Fuck me…” I whispered, and he obliged. He moved quickly, and before I had time to react, he was on top of me, sliding his cock into my ass. I gasped loudly. “SHIT…” It hurt, but at the same time, I didn’t want it to stop. “Ease off a little…” I said, my eyes watering slightly. “Oh, sorry” he muttered, and knelt down and kissed me softly on the cheek. “Sorry, didn’t mean to get carried away”.

“It’s OK” I said. He slowed up his pace. As all of his weight was pressing on me as he thrusted, this was putting extra pressure on my cock, that was now fit to burst. With each thrust of his hips, I thrusted mine – the soft cotton sheets rubbing firmly against my cock. My head was feeling fuzzy. His face was buried in the back of my neck as he pounded me. His breathing became rapid, deep – it was almost animal like. The sweat was pouring from him. “I’m gonna cum…” he said. “Good” I whispered. “Now REALLY fuck me…”. He picked up the speed, each thrust deep, hard and intentional. He was working my prostate over like no one had ever done before. I could soon feel my whole body begin to tense up.

With one final thrust from him, I felt myself explode underneath. I let out a huge cry. “OH FUUUCK!” This spurred him on. “OH SHIT… Yeah… I’m gonna cum…”. His whole body trembled, and I felt his cock twitch inside me as he unloaded. I pushed myself up against him, taking it all deep inside. He kissed me firmly on the neck, and then collapsed, rolled off me until he was resting against my side. “OH… I really needed that”. His face was red, glistening with sweat but he had an enormous smile on his face. “Tough day at the office?” I said. “You have absolutely NO idea”. He winked.

“Right, I need a shower” he said. He stood up, slightly shaky on his legs and headed to the bathroom. I heard him turn on the water, and slide the door closed behind him. I rolled over, still wet and sticky and admired the mess we had just made. It’s lucky I had some clean sheets ready to go. I looked down at my cock, and I was still rock hard. “Hey, You know what?” I said loudly as I got up off the bed. “I’ve had a pretty stressful day too…”. I walked into the bathroom and stood in front of the shower. He peered through the steamed up windows, and a smile spread across his face. He slid open the door.

“Ready for round two?”


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