When you are married to a guy who works pretty much 12 hours a day, making time for ‘us’ can be quite a challenge. And yet somehow, we just about make it work.

He’s been busy doing some freelance work, which has eaten into a lot of the time we could have for some personal relief, but I don’t hold that against him. After all he is helping keep clothes on our back, food on our table and allowing me to live the lavish life that I have become accustomed too. OK, well not quite lavish, but being able to spend a lot of my time masturbating and then writing about it.

Add to the mix, a new puppy that is going around and destroying everything; it’s surprising that we have any time for anything right now. Which is how I’ve learnt to look for those perfect windows of opportunity. There’s nothing quite like a little bit of spontaneous fun. And I think I’ve gotten pretty good at judging those golden windows.

So let’s go back to the middle of last week. We’ve recently had the garden re-landscaped, and one of the things that he absolutely needed to have in our new outdoor space, was a hot tub. I for one am not going to argue that. This particular evening, we’d poured ourselves a hearty glass of strawberry Pimms and Lemonade (I’m sorry, it’s the most horrible tasting drink EVER) and we relaxed under the clear evening sky, as the bubbles massaged away the days stresses and strains.

As we sat opposite each other, I stretched out my legs so they were either side of him. As I lay there, he started to work his hands along the inside of my legs until they stopped just under my shorts, at the top of my thigh. Despite the water being a warm 38 degrees, I immediately started to get goose bumps. Oh yeah… that felt REALLY nice. My head went back, eyes closed and I breathed out a deep, heavy sigh of happiness. The longer he did it, the more aroused I became. I don’t know if it was a combination of the heat, the alcohol and the heady smell of chlorine, but I was turned on.

I moved to be beside him and went in for a kiss. It was strong, forceful and I pressed myself against him, so he could feel what he was doing to me. We don’t have a huge amount of privacy in our garden, and I was annoyed. I wanted him to take me right there and then. But we’re in good standing with our neighbours, and I want this to continue. So I whispered in his ear that I was getting out, and I pulled myself up out of the tub, wrapped a towel round myself and dropped my soaking wet trunks down round my ankles. I gave him a look before disappearing back inside, totally wet and very naked.

Within a few moments, he too was inside, wearing nothing but a towel. I grabbed him by the hand, and dragged him into the downstairs cloakroom. I pressed him up against the wall and we kissed. Hot and heavy. Our towels dropped to the floor, and our glistening wet bodies were grinding against each other. He quickly turned me round and made me bend over. I leant against the toilet, not knowing what was about to come. I closed my eyes, and that was when I felt his tongue, exploring my hole. Shivers swept down my spine, the hairs on my arm were on end. He was really going for it.

I looked down between my legs and could see him crouched down, one arm holding on to my butt, the other stroking his extremely hard cock. Just the sight of him stroking is enough to get me going. I let out a loud moan and pressed myself harder against his face, feeling every bit of it on my arse. It didn’t take long for either of us to reach orgasm. He soon dropped a load on the cloakroom floor, and I leant all the way forward, and with a couple of strokes, I was too shooting onto the floor. What a mess. I was soaking wet still – and I couldn’t tell if I was still wet from the hot tub, or whether it was sweat. But judging by how much we were both panting, I was going to say it was a mix of both. For the next few hours, I was glowing and felt peaceful.

Which brings me on to today. He’s been say working for the past few hours, and I know deep down that he would rather be doing anything else, but this. He’s sat at the table, head in hand as he’s busy coding away. I feel he could use a distraction, even if it’s just for a few moments. So I slide under the table and position myself in front of him. I reach up and just start rubbing his inner thigh. I know this is working, because he positions himself better, with his legs slightly apart.

I lean forward and start to kiss the inside of his leg, through his jeans. I hear him blow a kiss, and give a small moan. I’m on the right track. There’s no need to be discreet now. I go straight for the crotch. I can feel it begin to tighten in the jeans, as he gets excited. I pull him slightly forward on the seat so I can undo his jeans – just enough so I can pull his cock out of his fly. At this point, I remember that I have a bag next to the table, full of wand vibrators from the recent guide that I wrote. I pull out one of them, along with a masturbator cup. As I stroke him with one hand, I attach the cup to the wand with the other.

I don’t have any lube to hand, so I use the next best thing, saliva. I lube up the inside of the sleeve with my tongue, and then place it gently over the tip of his twitching dick. I turn the vibrator on and get a positive reaction straight away. I crank the vibrations up to full speed, and continue to stroke whilst I rub his thighs again. His breathing becomes heavier and faster, and within a matter of moments, he’s telling me I need to calm down. But I don’t. Fuck that. This is about you, and my job is to get you off. So I keep going. His lower body begins to twitch, and then he cums. I watch it move around the inside of the cup as I let the vibrations carry on. He’s shuddering, grunting… He’s thoroughly spent, but happy.

I sit there for a moment, and admire what I have done. He pulls back on the chair slightly, and looks down at me with a huge smile on his face. “Can you come to my work and sit under my desk all the time?” YES. YES I can. I would bloody love too. After cleaning up, he gets his head back down into his work, and I get my head stuck into mine. Of course, there is a part of me that is still slightly sad that we aren’t always able to make time, but sometimes, it’s these small, stolen moments that are enough to sustain me, and at the end of the day, as long as he is happy, then I am happy.


So people have been telling me how they want more ‘true-to-life’ / personal experiences posts, so I thought i’d give it a try and see what you thought. It’s an erotic confessional…a  dirty diary, if you will. If you like reading this stuff, let me know and I will definitely consider writing more! 

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