I knew it wouldn’t be long before problems would arise, that would derail us from our daily challenges. And the last 7 days have been a bit topsy turvy to say the least.

Ranging from the Mr dealing with some interesting developments on the work front, to me coming down with a suspected tummy bug, which threw me off for a couple of days. But still, we had to pull ourselves together and try and work through our challenges as best as we could; because ultimately, this was what the whole thing was about.

Day ten promised to be something exciting…

It’s all gone dark! Seclude yourself together in a completely dark room… and let your minds wander.

Unfortunately, the Mr was going through some things at work, and he arrived home late, exhausted and just very much wanted to rest and relax. And so I granted us a ‘night’ off, so he could focus on his mental wellbeing. We still snuggled and watched TV together, which was still nice.

I work up early the next day, and this was my full day at my ‘real’ job. I got myself dressed, took myself downstairs and reached into the ‘Jar of Mysteries’. Let’s see what Day Eleven would bring…

Risqué SMS! Send each other a cheeky text, describing what you are going to do to each other later.

Aw, well that’s a nice simple one – and it almost fit perfectly because I could tell him what I had wanted to do with him the night before. I left for work and had a mildly enjoyable day. On my lunch break, I headed downstairs to craft my message, as I knew he would be at home working. Truthfully, i’m not the best at writing these things, but I think people tend to worry too much about writing things like this. Still, I gave it my best shot:

His reply came back a little while later:

That night, after a soothing shower to refresh myself after a busy day, he led me into the darkened bedroom. The teasing had begun in the shower; he was rock hard and ready for it. I tried my best to block out as much light as possible; and we succeeded. I could barely see a thing. Slowly, my eyes adjusted and I could just make out the faintest of outlines; but for the most part, I had no idea what was going on. Our bodies touched and everything felt different, new in the darkness. I was aching for him; and I could tell he was enjoying himself too. He fucked me hard, every sensation heightened by the fact I couldn’t see anything. Eventually, we both collapsed, dripping in sweat. The temperature in the bedroom at risen dramatically and we were out of breath. It had been a long time since he’d taken me like that, but holy shit…

I had work the next day, and unfortunately, I was going to be at an event in the evening, so I was late back. Day Twelve saw us draw:

Sex Toy Voyuer! Pick your favourite sex toy, and then use it on yourself while the other watches.

The next day I was feeling a little… under the weather, but I headed to work as normal. Day Thirteen was not looking all that bright for me, still, we had another challenge to look forward too:

2 for 1! Pick a sex toy that you can use together! At the same time…

Unfortunately, by the evening, I was not feeling terribly well. I had come down with a tummy bug! No! To be fair, we are at that time of year when these things are running rampant, and when you work in retail, a lot of the time it cannot be avoided. Day Fourteen and I was still feeling a little squiffy and I was conscious now that the challenges were building up and we had a bit of a back log…

Such a tease! Using feathers (or any other implements you choose), tease the other all over whilst they lay blindfolded.

Saturday arrived, and I was feeling much better. I was determined to get caught up today, especially as we now had ANOTHER challenge to add to the pile on Day Fifteen:

Put the feelers out there…! Blindfold each other and then just let those hands wander.

And so, that evening, preparations began. I decided to hook up some restraints (mainly because I knew that was going to come up in a challenge soon) but as I was going to be blindfolding him and tickling/teasing him, the restrained element just seemed right. We both showered (it really is the perfect foreplay) and before I strapped him down, I asked him to choose the sex toy he wanted to use on himself while I watched. After much deliberation, he settled on the FleshSkins Grip. Knowing we had to use a toy together, I thought back to our very recent experience with the banana, and decided we would use that again. I strapped him down, dimmed the lights and placed the blindfold over his face. Using a tickler, a pin wheel, my tongue and mouth… I moved all around him, licking, tickling, sucking… all while he couldn’t move. It was in that moment that the nights plan was changing. The sex toys were cast aside; instead whilst he was chained up, I had my way with him. Damnit. Don’t get me wrong, it was another truly amazing session, but we were still behind!

Day Sixteen saw another easy challenge pop out:

Role Play! Discuss a sexy scenario together. If feeling brave, act it out! Bonus points for any props!

I showered and the Mr took this opportunity to massage some lotion into my back and my butt (the way he massages my butt, gets me going SO MUCH!). I asked him then to describe his ideal sexy scenarios. It soon became apparent we both had similar ideas. Generally they involved being caught by surprise. His favourite suggestion comes from experiences we’ve had in the past; he envisions being on a skype call with colleagues, and as he’s chatting away, I am under the desk servicing him. As he finished rubbing the lotion into my skin, I softly purred “Well that can be arranged…”.

As we were now both feeling sufficiently aroused, I decided we would tackle those outstanding challenges. So with him naked on the bed, and myself happily sat on a chair at the side, I watched him pleasure himself with the clear masturbator; paying close attention to the tip of his penis poking out the other side. I moved around to see things from a different angle; to listen to the sounds of the frantic stroking, and his deep breathing.

Eventually, I stripped off and stood by his side, watching and stroking. I reached for the other toy and slipped myself inside. He watched me thrust into my toy whilst I watched him stroke with his. I then got onto the bed, and kneeled before him. I offered the other end of the masturbator I was holding and we held each other as we both fucked the same toy. I came, and almost fell over as I lost my balance on the squishy mattress. He pulled the toy away from him and looked at me with a sheepish grin. “I’m sorry, but I finished earlier when I was watching you”. I smiled. “That is absolutely fine by me..”

And so we move onto week 3… The last week was a bit of a disaster in terms of completing the challenges every day; BUT… what I can say for certain; the sex we’ve had has been some of the best sex we’ve had in the 14 years we’ve been together. More on that another time…