You cannot deny, that stainless steel ‘jewelled’ plugs are just gorgeous. I lusted after one for ages, and then last year, Lovehoney allowed me to review a cute little Julian Snelling plug. It was gorgeous, don’t get me wrong, but I personally thought it was too small for me (even though it’s called a Large), and it comes with a hefty price tag.

There are some cheaper alternatives out there – and these ‘Precious Metalz’ plugs by Loving Joy are just one example. I requested to review this for, and they kindly agreed. This will be the 2nd steel plug I’ve reviewed for the blog, but I now have 3 steel plugs in total (review for the third one to come later). This was much larger than the Julian Snelling plug I previously reviewed – will this provide me with what I felt was so sorely lacking from the Snelling plug? Well let’s find out.

First Impressions

I thought that this plug was presented beautifully – it comes in a velvet-like ‘jewellery box’. Just flip up the lid, and there lies your new plug, surrounded by some soft foam padding. Realistically speaking, it’s very simple but it makes it look a little bit more elegant, and you do feel that you are about to use something really special.

The plug is made from Nickel-free stainless steel with a chrome plated finish. It appears well made, and there is no flaking or deterioration of the chrome-plating, which can be found on some of the really ‘cheap’ versions. It weighs in at a chunky 358g, making it 130g heavier than the Julian Snelling (and boy, you can feel it). In terms of size, it’s got an overall length of 4″ (approx 10cm) and an insertable length of 3.5″ (approx 9cm). At it’s widest point, this plug has a circumference of 5″ (approx 12.5cm) and the stem has a circumference of 1.5″ (approx 4cm). Towards the bottom of this review, there is a side by side comparision of this plug and the Julian Snelling, just so you can see the difference.

In Use

The first thing I should really mention here, is that this plug is definitely not for a beginner or the feint of heart. The weight alone was fairly intimidating, but as I was about to discover, going from 5″ circumference to almost nothing can be quite a jarring experience if you are not quite prepared for it! But I’ll get to in a moment.

Even though in terms of other things that I’ve shoved up my butt, this is quite small – I still felt the need to do at least a little bit of preparation before hand – steel can be unforgiving. So I started out just warming up with the JS plug. When I felt a little braver and ready to give this metal beast a try, I applied a copious amount of lube – so much so, the thing slipped out of my fingers and went CRASH on the floor. Whoops… let’s NOT do that again…

I slowly began to insert the plug, and thanks to it’s smooth tapered tip, entry for the most part was incredibly easy. As the plug widens, things started to get a little bit intense, but with one last push – POP, it slipped in. And I may have screamed just a teeny bit – I wasn’t quite prepared for the sudden change of being stretched to almost nothing – but was still feeling completely full. It was completely messing with my mind. At this point, I am not ashamed to say that I may have had a minor ‘panic’ and wanted to get the plug out – and it wouldn’t budge. I tensed up and I couldn’t pull the damn thing out. Going against every natural instinct, I yanked that think out so hard, I made my eyes water. OK, so not the best first attempt. But I’m not one to be deterred. So I gave myself time to recuperate and would try it again another time.

The next time I tried, I was ready and just got straight down to it – this time, I was fully prepared for the POP, and it went straight in with ease. The steel was cold and sent a tingle all through my lower extremities. The thin next made holding onto the plug incredibly easy. The rounded base will sit between the cheeks, but isn’t the most comfortable – so it’s not really ideal for walking around with – although I did and was throughly titillated by the mixture of the coldness and the weight as I carried on about my regular daily duties. I think because of how heavy the plug is, it feels like I’m being filled up by something much bigger than it actually is – it’s a really weird sensation to describe, but one that is completely and utterly divine.

I also gave the plug a try in the bath – and this was a great experience. I warmed up the plug in the warm bath water first, inserted and then just lay in the bath and carried on as usual. The plug really holds on to the temperature nicely, and as the base was continuously in contact with the warm water, it kept the plug nice and toasty.

On the downside, the plug doesn’t really do anything for me in terms of providing any specific anal stimulation – I still think it’s just a little too short to do anything for my prostate, but the weight and feeling of fullness is still somewhat erotic, and if you get down to other things, it can make all the difference – a regular wank session turns into something a little bit more special. And I have to admit, now that I’m used to it, that ‘popping’ sensation gives me goosebumps.

Clean-up and Maintenance

Clean-up is really simple – just a good spritz with some toy cleaner and some warm water will get it sparkling in no time. You could also put this in the dishwasher or your boil it if you wish. Storage is simple – I keep mine in the original box, as it just looks nice and will definitely keep it safe and clean. To help keep the surface of the plug looking really shiny and crystal clear, I use just a small bit of baby oil on a bit of paper towel to really bring up the sparkle – I do the same on my steel extractor fan in the kitchen and always makes it look good as new! (Just remember to rinse it before you use it again!)


If you are a fan of the Julian Snelling plugs, I think you will definitely love this. Is it as nicely made as the Julian Snelling? Well, in some respects, no – the ‘jewel’ is very obviously plastic – but at the same time, the chrome finish is spotless, incredibly smooth and shiny and it looks and feels great – both in the hand and in the butt (and that is what is most important).

My only concern with the plug, is I do think some people may find the sensation of going from 5″ circumference to just 1.5″ circumference may just be a bit too intense for some people – especially if you are not used to playing with heavy plugs like this one – which is why I would say this is definitely not a beginners plug – in fact, I would definitely be tempted to say this one for more advanced plug users – but with a bit of a warm up, I would say even an intermediate player should get on well.

Where To Buy (don’t forget, you can save 10% off your order when you use code BIGGAY10).

Silver not your colour? Well you can also get the same plug in gold, if you prefer something a little bit more elegant.


This item was sent to me in exchange for an honest review by This in no way affects my opinion of this or any other product I review for this blog. All experiences and thoughts are 100% my own honest thoughts and opinions. Affiliate links have been used within this post. 

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