When it comes to body safe materials, we have tried most. Silicone, Metal, Glass… The ones i’ve yet to try are anything wood or ceramic. And that’s about to change. We now have our very first ceramic piece, and it’s an absolute beaut.

I first heard about Persian Palm back at ETO last year. I had a very brief chat with someone from the company (and I mean, brief) as they were still a company very much in its infancy. However from pictures I had seen online of their wares, I was extremely impressed. They looked simply stunning.

Luvoqa have recently added the Persian Palm line-up to their site, and they dropped me an email asking if I would like to review something from the range. Well, I could hardly say no, could I? So I accepted and within a few days, a package arrived direct from Italy containing not one ceramic butt plug, but TWO! Yes! I’ve gone from having no ceramic pieces to TWO! Both were the Maddalena Butt Plug, but one was in the black and gold motif I requested (because I am a classy guy), and the other in a red and gold style. Both are simply stunning.

So how did I get on with these beautiful pieces of art? Well you’ll just have to read on and find out…

I would like to thank Luvoqa for arranging these items for review with Persian Palm. 

First Impressions

Well, one cannot deny the sheer work of art, that these plugs are. They are simply stunning in the flesh. Truth be told, I would imagine I could probably put these out on display as some sort of quirky art piece, and no-one would second guess that they were butt plugs. It’s almost a ‘is it? Isn’t it?’ kind of moment, where you look at them and go… no, you don’t put those up your butt… really? Well, at least that’s how I feel anyway. But yeah, they are simply beautiful to look at and hold. I cannot fault the craftsmanship here.

As for packaging, they arrive in boxes made from recycle cardboard. It’s weird, in a way, I feel the packaging almost does the product a disservice; considering how beautifully luxury the product inside the box is, the ‘cheap feel’ packaging almost feels disappointing. BUT, in some strange way, it also actually works to it’s benefit. For that exact same reason. As soon as you open the box, you are left with a ‘oh my god…’ moment. Touche. Persian Palm, Touche! But also, Persian Palm are committed to environmental sustainability; hence the recycled packaging – and that’s awesome too!

The Maddalena plug stands a respectable 7.5 inches, with a total insertable length of 5.75 inches. Around it’s narrowest point, at the tip, the plug measures 2.25 inches in circumference. At it’s widest point, it measures 5.75 inches in circumference. The stem is the same width as the tip. The Maddelena has your traditional butt plug shape, however instead of a smooth surface, it’s delightfully rippled, with rings of gold giving it that level of opulence that just looks stunning.

The Ceramic (which is incredibly popular in the Tuscany region of Italy, where these plugs are made) are painted and glazed with a completely smooth finish. Ceramic is sturdy and hard-wearing, so is perfectly safe to use internally. Avoid dropping them onto a hard surface, as this may cause fractures, but the inside of each Persian Palm product is coated with a special resin for additional durability.

In Use

When I first took the plug out of the bag, whilst it’s not the biggest plug i’ve seen or used, there was something about it that made me go… oh my god. It’s huge. And I definitely thing it’s that base. That is what I called a heavy, flared base. There was absolutely no way this was going to disappear up my arse. Which is always a good feeling to have when you are about to embark on something completely new. I didn’t relish the thought of having to explain why I had a ceramic vase stuck up my butt.

Jokes aside though, I was a little concerned that as the base was so big, it was going to hamper my enjoyment of the plug. But in the name of science, we have to put our doubts on the line and just dive right in (although not without a little warm-up first). Ceramic, unlike silicone, is not very forgiving. There is no squish or softness here. Therefore to an unprepared hole, it can be a little overwhelming. Once I felt I was ready to give it a go, I reached for my trusty Sliquid Sassy and gave the plug a little coating of lube.

The additional shine given to the plug by the lube, gave it almost an ethereal glow. The 24K liquid gold used on the surface has such a metallic sheen anyway, but once it was a little bit ‘moist’, and the light caught it; it just looked like it was glowing. Honestly, if you didn’t get it by now, this plug is BEAUTIFUL. Anyway, it was time to put the plug up my butt. The anticipation was killing me.

The additional shine given to the plug by the lube, gave it almost an ethereal glow. The 24K liquid gold used on the surface has such a metallic sheen anyway, but once it was a little bit ‘moist’, and the light caught it; it just looked like it was glowing. Honestly, if you didn’t get it by now, this plug is BEAUTIFUL. Anyway, it was time to put the plug up my butt. The anticipation was killing me.

The tapered tip made for incredibly easy insertion. The ribbed design of the shaft felt delicious as each ripple past through my sphincter with a gentle pop. We were almost to the bottom, where that last ring gave me a little bit of trouble. But only a little. With a little gentle stretching and a last final ‘POP’, the plug was in. What’s great about ceramic, where it’s firmer and has a good weight to it, it really does leave you feeling full. So if you like wearing plugs more for the full feeling, than for say, prostate stimulation, like I do, then this was definitely working a treat.

But we need to talk about that base (i’m all about the base)… It’s HUGE. Enormous. A bit on the large side… and yes, as I predicted, it did give me a little bit of an issue. And this will basically determine whether the plug is for you. See, I know some people like to pop their plugs in and then carry on about their daily business (and i’ve done it, and it is quite fun). However, the base here does not really sit very comfortably between the cheeks, nor is it really discreet! I’m pretty certain you would see a bulge in the back of my trousers if I had attempted the weekly shop with it in.

Was it a deal breaker for me? Well, honestly, not really. Whilst wearing plugs out and about is fun (or even during sex), most of the time, I just like to pop a plug in and just have a good wank. And for that, the Maddalena plug works quite well. It rests far enough inside, that with some gentle clenching, it can just about reach my prostate. Alternatively, the larged rounded base does give it a good grip, so using it like a mini dildo wasn’t too bad either.

Clean-up and Maintenance

Ceramic is quite a durable material, so can be cleaned using a bleach solution, or with soap and water and can withstand temperatures up to 50 degrees celsius. You can use water-based, silicone or oil-based lubes without any issue. You need to avoid sudden temperature changes, and they are best not put in the freezer or microwaved. Each Persian Palm product comes with a storage bag, allowing you to keep it nice and safe in between each use.


So despite the issues with the large base, I am prepared to forgive Persian Palm, because what they have created here, is a stunning work of art. You can really tell each piece was hand-made, and with a real passion for the material and it’s end goal. Of course, with all this decadence, it comes with a price. The models I have would retail for $169. But let’s put that into perspective:

  1. It’s handmade in Tuscany, Italy – ON DEMAND. So when you place the order, the folks over at Persian Palm will then handcraft your order, and then ship it directly to you. So each one will be completely unique and made ‘just for you’. Now that, is in my opinion, pretty awesome!
  2. It’s painted with 24K liquid gold! OK i’m sure that won’t have a massive bearing on the price, but look at them! They are just stunning. These aren’t just any old butt plug. They ooze luxury in every sense, and therefore commands a luxury price tag. And who doesn’t want a little luxury now and again?

The size is definitely something to consider; ceramic is not a beginner friendly material, but for those who are a bit more experience, the size, weight and shape of the Maddalena is bound to bring a sense of pleasure that a silicone plug just can’t give you. Did I mention they are also just simply beautiful to look at? I did… well, you know… I just had to make that perfectly clear.

Where to Buy

I was sent the Maddalena Plug through LUVOQA, who stock a wide range of Persian Palm products. This Maddalena plug retails for $169 (and includes the cost of international shipping, so ensure to select FREE GROUND SHIPPING when ordering to save being charged for shipping twice).(Please NOTE: Luvoqa currently only ship within the United States only. A CA and UK store will be opening soon, but for now, please bear that in mind when placing an order). 

The Maddalena Butt Plugs were sent to me via Luvoqa  in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion or experiences with this or any other product we review. Affiliate links have been used within this post. Please consider supporting the blog and making your purchases through these links! Thank You! 

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